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  1. Adding some times: NES Tetris 41 Minutes Atari 2600 Allia Quest for FB HSC 13 mins - good game.
  2. Atari 2600 Circus Atari for FB HSC 48 - did good, fun game. Eggomania 34 mins Pooyan for HSC 56 mins - did bad Solar Fox 66 mins -did good Strategy X for HSC 32 - did real real bad Subterranea 32 also for HSC - just getting started - think I will like this game I may add some NES Tetris later.
  3. Arcade Dig Dug 26 Atari 2600 Circus Atari 29 for FB HSC - fun game Demons to Diamonds 15 Eggomania 13 Millipede for HSC 28. Coming in last this season. still having fun. Popeye 36 for FB HSC Solar Fox 151 All fun.
  4. Arcade Asteroids 19 Asteroids Deluxe 20 Centipede 14 Dig Dug 12 Galaxian 10 Gaplus 12 Mappy 12 i played them all on my ps one. All fun. Berzerk 55 HSC Demons to Diamonds 11 Eggomania 32. Happy to score over 90,000. First time recently. Millipede 18 HSC. Solar Fox 219 Venture 31 HSC week 1 of HSC was Berzerk and Venture and I am off to a horrible start. Millipede for week two should be better.
  5. I know this forum is for real pinball machines but I’ve had this really nice electronic pinball machine from fisher price for 40 years and I need a new plug/charger. Where and what type should I get if anyone knows. Thank you.
  6. Arcade: Asteroids 35 mins. Great game, bad scores. Atari 2600: Berzerk for HSC 16 mins - Hard level, bad scores - Not sure why this game is so well liked by many, but it is. Solar Fox 92 mins - pretty good scores - pretty fun game Video Pinball - 73 mins - For FB HSC - Great game, really had fun with it. Very respectable score. Good gaming week.
  7. I remember the first time I played Asteroids. My favorite arcade game ever. I bought the 2600 Asteroids before I bought a 2600 console. I bought the ps one asteroids before I bought a ps one. Asteroids was the only reason I bought those systems. After 40 years playing ,my scores are still terrible. After reading these posts, I turned on my ps one, popped in my asteroids. Played twenty or so games and my scores are still terrible.
  8. Over 30 years ago, every Saturday morning, I got my coffee, my cigarettes (since quit), my Metallica and would sit and play this game and only this game for hours. I've been playing consistently ever since. Congrats again Atarian7. Nice score. Pretty soon you will be getting over a mil consistently.
  9. Times for the week are: Arcade Mappy - 11 mins PB of 43,810 (Those five PSone Namco Museum discs have so many great games) Atari 2600 Demons to Diamonds - 77 mins (not a popular game but fun and challenging) Eggomania - 89 mins Fast Eddie - 10 mins Solar Fox - 114 mins Video Pinball 50 mins for FB HSC (lot of fun playing this again) Zaxxon 52 mins for FB HSC (didn't care for this game too much) All fun, almost.
  10. I find it very relaxing to play. I like to play for a couple million until I switch to tougher games that I’m not good at.
  11. Times for the week Atari 2600 Demons to Diamonds 26 Eggomania 33 Solar Fox 30 all fun
  12. That’s what is great about the HSC. You play a game for the HSC and it’s so good you’re still playing the game all the time years later. Happens with me especially with Eggomania. times for the week are all Atari 2600: Berzerk 43 for FB HSC Fast Eddie 36 mins for FB HSC. Solar Fox 21 mins all good.
  13. Arcade using ps one Namco Museum Vol. 2 Mappy 22 mins Atari 2600 using the original 2600 from 1980 or so: Demon Attack for FB HSC 51 mins Demons to Diamonds 34 mins. Fun game i play to get ridders of the jitters on the paddle controllers prior to playing Eggomania. Eggomania 84 mins. Solar Fox 123 mins. All 5 games are fun games.
  14. Great stats Carlsson. I really enjoy reading them. Thank you for all the effort you put into this.
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