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  1. Arcade

    Asteroids 19

    Asteroids Deluxe 20

    Centipede 14

    Dig Dug 12

    Galaxian 10

    Gaplus 12

    Mappy 12

    i played them all on my ps one. All fun. 

    Berzerk 55 HSC

    Demons to Diamonds 11 

    Eggomania 32. Happy to score over 90,000. First time recently. 
    Millipede 18 HSC. 
    Solar Fox 219

    Venture 31 HSC

    week 1 of HSC was Berzerk and Venture and I am off to a horrible start. Millipede for week two should be better. 




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  2. On 2/1/2021 at 9:23 PM, wongojack said:

    Well, all those fans can't be wrong - lol. 


    I personally really like Asteroids.  

    I remember the first time I played Asteroids. My favorite arcade game ever. I bought the 2600 Asteroids before I bought a 2600 console. I bought the ps one asteroids before I bought a ps one.  Asteroids was the only reason I bought those systems. After 40 years playing ,my scores are still terrible.  After reading these posts, I turned on my ps one, popped in my asteroids. Played twenty or so games and my scores are still terrible. 


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  3. On 1/30/2021 at 1:16 AM, Nintendo64 said:

    It is relaxing to play for me as well, but again it must have taken a while to be able to get up to anywhere near a million points, right?

    Over 30 years ago, every Saturday morning, I got my coffee, my cigarettes (since quit), my Metallica and would sit and play this game and only this game for hours.  I've been playing consistently ever since.


    On 1/29/2021 at 7:48 AM, Atarian7 said:

    I made it past a million again yesterday.     Rack 58 which I think is higher than the first time I made it.

    Congrats again Atarian7.  Nice score.  Pretty soon you will be getting over a mil consistently.

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  4. Times for the week are:



    Mappy - 11 mins PB of 43,810 (Those five PSone Namco Museum discs have so many great games)


    Atari 2600

    Demons to Diamonds - 77 mins (not a popular game but fun and challenging)

    Eggomania - 89 mins

    Fast Eddie - 10 mins

    Solar Fox - 114 mins

    Video Pinball 50 mins for FB HSC (lot of fun playing this again)

    Zaxxon 52 mins for FB HSC (didn't care for this game too much)


    All fun, almost.

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  5. On 1/12/2021 at 11:17 AM, Atarian7 said:

    We played this game for the HSC and I liked it from the beginning.  I continued to play long after the HSC week. 


    That’s what is great about the HSC. You play a game for the HSC and it’s so good you’re still playing the game all the time years later. Happens with me especially with Eggomania. 

    times for the week are all Atari 2600:

    Berzerk 43 for FB HSC

    Fast Eddie 36 mins for FB HSC. 
    Solar Fox 21 mins


    all good. 

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