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  1. 1 hour ago, Atarian7 said:

    I didn't post one for Subterrania.  I ran out of time.


    What are you doing on 18?   I thought you always got "skip a rack".  

    Rack 13 is tough because the timer is faster.  I can be patient on 18 and get it, but I find that on 13 I have to take more risks.

    I can often go 60 racks without seeing an even number rack but my goal each rack is to finish the rack and be able to read "Skip A" and I can never do that on rack 18.  I often do on rack 13.


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  2. 27 minutes ago, Atarian7 said:

    Atari 2600

    Kaboom! - 129 minutes

    No Escape! - 10 minutes

    Solar Fox - 169 minutes

    Subterranea - 67 minutes


    I got a new high on Solar Fox : 1,372,400  Rack 69  

    My previous best was Rack 58.


    I have trouble with getting skip a rack on rack 13 but I am starting to figure it out.



    Nice Solar Fox score.  I always find rack 18 to be toughest getting a skip a rack.

    I didn't notice your Subterrania scoe on the HSC list this week.

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