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  1. First of all, I am using an SIO2SD connected to my Atari 130XE to load BobTerm. A few more details: I am using a WiModem232 to telnet to Atari BBSes from the 130XE I can connect fine, but when I try to download a file just to test it out, Im getting a Disk Error 163. I am trying to save this to the SD card. Any help would be appreciated. Michael
  2. Thanks for the reply. How do I get Taz on a floppy?
  3. I have a serial port WiFi modem on order so I will be able to call telnet bbses on my ST. My question is this though. How do I go about getting TAZ? Do I need to get some sort of SD card reader? Thanks, Michael
  4. Can someone take a look at these photos and tell me what this is? I picked this up in a trade and would love to know something about it. Thanks
  5. I ran a BBS back in 1983 and 1984 using a highly modified version of FOREM XL. This was always my favorite software and offered a lot of flexibility to people with a slight knowledge of BASIC to really do some custom things. Underground systems at this time were really starting to do great things with ATASCII. As I started transitioning out of the 8bit world and to the ST, I do remember Carina and BBS Express started to become popular. It did seem in the later years that people did less customizing and just would put up a system without putting much thought or design into it. That's what really made the earlier years so great. This artwork variant would eventually happen in the PC world when ANSI designs became so popular.
  6. I wondering if anyone knew why Atari didn't eventually offer ATASCII in color? I remember growing up with friends who used Commodore systems and I was always jealous that their Bulletin Board Systems offered color options and the Atari did not. Some of the ATASCII art drawings that would eventually be produced, especially those on systems that were primarily "warez" related, would have been even more amazing if in color. Just curious, Michael
  7. I'm more impressed with the box than the unit. Take care of that box. What a great find!
  8. I was able to pick up a nice Atari collection in my area yesterday for $35. It included a pristine Atari 800, Atari 810, and 1027 Printer, The coolest thing though it had in my opinion was an almost perfect Atariwriter box complete with manuals. I used this program on a daily basis for at least two-three years to make charts, school reports, table, you name it. I always thought it was an extremely well designed word processor. Anyhow, call me a nerd, but I was happy with the find. (Attached Photos)
  9. Before I order a SIO2PC, I just wanted to make sure that it will work on an 130XE? Thanks, Michael
  10. I was an avid Atari user from 1983-1990. My first computer was an Atari 800 with an 810 drive. My life forever changed when my dad brought home a MPP 1000C Modem (blue) and the rest is history. I'm ready to start playing games again and using it. I was hoping I could get some recommendations from users on what accessories that I need to get to help with this. An SIO2PC? etc. Any upgrade advice? I will be using a brand new Atari 130XE if that helps. Thanks for your comments and suggestions in advance, Michael
  11. This is so amazing. Thank you for all the hard work that was put into this. I still remember a Q-Bert style game I played back in the 1980s called Pharaoh's Pyramid. The main draw for me to this game was the promise of a free shirt if you finished it. In fact, if you load up flyer in Altirra, you'll see this promise in the top right corner. To make a long story short, I finished this game one afternoon when I was probably 12 years old. It took you to a screen with a phone number to call. I called and unfortunately they never sent me my free shirt. I'm guessing if you were to play it now you would see the same screen. Scarred for life.
  12. I am looking to purchase a MPP 1000C Atari Modem (Blue) hopefully complete with the Smart Terminal cartridge. This was my first modem that I ever used back in 1983 on my original Atari 800. Just looking to complete a small collection. Hope someone has one available. Michael
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