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  1. Thanks! The labels are just as informative as the comments. It helps out a lot. Did you get my reply? Is the magazine what you were looking for?
  2. What I was looking for was the source for the calculator with hopefully very good notes. :) This is what I have done with your calculator program so far, but I broke some of the buttons. The idea is to have any numbers entered to print out on the printer, and have the printer paper scroll up each time a function or calculation is required. That way one can keep a running tally of what was entered. And even save all the entries to a text file. It is mouse controlled, which is working very nicely. The printer can be turned on and off. The "2nd" and "HexDecBin" buttons work, but the "Degrees/Radians/Gradians" button doesn't. And a few of the scientific buttons don't. Having the source would save quite a bit of work. BTW, I have a Compute magazine with Picture Maker. It is not mint and the cover pages are faded, but there are no ripped pages. I have the .pdf for it as well, so I can use that to read or type in the articles. I would just send it to you since I have no use for it as I don't consider it a keep-sake or of any value.
  3. Come on, let's be real. Anyone playing on an Apple II computer doesn't have a life outside their man den and probably don't even know they own a coffee table, let alone own a home bar or kitchen island. :)
  4. I have the Skyman software for printing graphics if none can find it online
  5. I had to re-organize all my magazines. They were mixed in with Nibbles in order of importance to revisit and type in. I couldn't find Cosmic Caverns on first pass, but I have quite a few pdf's and magazines, as well as disk images to go through, as well as go through my stack of Nibbles in case I missed it, but I know I saw the type-in article somewhere.
  6. Where is your utilities folder, J.S.? I see a few utilities with your name behind it. A calculator, fractal sketcher. Do you have a disk of those?
  7. I have quite a few of the Compute magazines, but I found quite a few of them already scanned on the internet. So they are out there. I would like to get a hold of the disk for the Best of Compute. And more of a list: Games: Tug-a-War; Hickory, Dickory, Dock; Miami Ice; Hex War; Tightrope Utilities: Mousify, Disk Duper, Hi-Res Graphics Aid, List Enhancer, Better Branching, ESCape Upgrade, Automatic Typist, ProDOS Speedscript File Converter, ProDOS Catalog Sorter, Guardian Angel, ProDOS Protector, DCONVERT and DHGRSAVE. Here's the second disk set, covering issues 76-80. The contents: Games: Beehive, Prisonball, Laser Strike, Chain Reaction Utilities: Jacket Lister, PowerKey, Turbodisk, EDIT, Apple Math Graphics, Printer Master, DOS Wildcards The third disk set is up, covering Issues 81-85. There was so much on here I couldn't fit it into just two disks! Here's the listing: Games: Wari, Euchre, Rememory, Laser ChessUtilities: SpeedScript 80, Quick ProDOS Catalog, Applecoder, Diskcheck, Menu Planner, Apple's Built-In Music Program, Magazine Indexer, ShapeMaker for Apple II, Solving Alphanumeric Puzzles, Hi-Res Text, Catalog Saver, Printing Special Characters, Full-Screen Editor, Font Loader for ImageWriter Games: Climber 5, Monte Carlo, Marbles, The Hermit Utilities: Weather Wizard, Disk Expander, Print Shop Converter, Auto-Display Hi-Res Pictures, Compress and Decompress, Chaining Programs, Audio Recorder, Applesoft Line Lister, Chrome, Double-Duty DOS, Chrome II Games I have typed in so far: Rat Race, Triad Not yet tyed in Mosquito Madness Things in the Dark Spiders Paratrooper Vulcan Mines Cosmic Caverns Snail Race
  8. Nibble magazine also had Double Stuff and Apple Compute had 16 colors. I found Double Stuff the most complete with Draw and Xdraw in dbl hi-res and a move routine that moves in and out of Aux memory.
  9. CiderPress will let you add files to a disk image from a Windows folder.
  10. I am baffled why $C004.C005 won't copy from Main $2000 to Aux $2000 with the move routine, but works fine if the data being read from main memory is from an address other than $2000.3FFF. I will have to play around with this some more. What computer or emulator are you using?
  11. My understanding of what $C004.C005 controls may be off. Try this move routine 6000:A9 20 85 3D A9 40 85 3F A0 00 84 3C 84 3E A2 20 6010:B1 3C 2C 55 C0 91 3C 2C 54 C0 B1 3E 8D 05 C0 91 6020:3E 8D 04 C0 C8 D0 E9 E6 3D E6 3F CA D0 E2 60
  12. As I already stated, you cannot use $C054 and $C055 for page 2. Change those 2 softswitches to $C004 and $C005 instead. You can remove the code 6006.600E and just replace with 6006:A0 00 My page 2 viewing code assumes you are already in 80-col mode and Hi-res is set with HGR so a lot of the softswitches can be eliminated. From applesoft: 10 ? CHR$(4)"PR#3": HGR : POKE 49246,0: POKE 49234,0 : REM $C05E & $C052 20 ? CHR$(4)"BLOAD GRAPHIC1,A$2000,L$2000" 30 ? CHR$(4)"BLOAD GRAPHIC2,A$4000,L$2000" 40 CALL 24576 : REM MOVE ROUTINE 50 ? CHR$(4)"BLOAD GRAPHIC1,A$2000,B$2000" 60 ? CHR$(4)"BLOAD GRAPHIC2,A$4000,B$2000" 70 CALL 768 ; REM DISPLAY PAGE 2
  13. A bsave to /RAM is only mapped to $2000.3FFF of Aux memory for the first file. After that the memory map is not contiguous for /RAM, so the second file is not saved to $4000.5FFF. So that technique won't work for screen #2. You cannot view dhr screen #2 from applesoft. Viewing a dhr screen requires an 80-col card to be in effect. The problem is that to view screen #2, one of the softswithces for 80-col card access has to be temporarily disabled. Applesoft does not like this configuration and resets the softswitch for normal 80-col use. You can view screen #2 from ML with this call, it waits for a keypress, but when it returns to applesoft, screen #1 is re-enabled. CALL 768 300:8D 50 C0 8D 5E C0 8D 00 C0 8D 55 C0 2C 0 C0 10 FB 2C 10 C0 8D 1 C0 60
  14. To view on dbl hi-res screen #2, you could BLOAD the entire graphic starting at $4000. The end of the graphic will be at $7FFF. Then use a memory move routine to move the graphic to Aux memory. The huge disadvantage of using both dbl hi-res screens is that is takes up just about all available memory, so there is very little room for an applesoft program. You can pack a lot of programming into the $2000 bytes starting at $4000, where screen #2 is.
  15. The Prodos buffer has nothing to do with being loaded to dbl hi-res screen #2. The problem is that the $C054.C055 softswitches only work with the memory range $2000.3FFF. Therefore, different softswitches are used to display screen #2. These new softswitches switch in the entire 48 kb except page 0 and page 1. When Prodos "BLOADS" a file it has to read and write some information from/to its buffers. The problem is that it cannot find its buffers when Aux memory is switched in. So a BLOAD can only be made to Main memory at $4000.5FFF and not to Aux memory at $4000.5FFF. The Apple IIc's graphics are the same as a IIe with 80-col card, but the VBL (vertical blanking) is not the same. The VBL is used for timing. Our electricity is 60 Hz, which is 60 cycles per second. The screen on your monitor is therefor refreshed 60 times per second. To play a movie at 30 fps, the VBL is checked for 2 passes before the next frame is drawn. I think I know how to program the VBL for a IIc, but my IIc is in storage and cannot test yet. So haven't written the video player for the IIc yet.
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