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  1. Thanks to Björn and all other people for the great gathering! It was total fun to talk to you all again and play some good ol' games. Checkered Flag tournament was thrilling, too! I hope next year I can join eJagFest for two days.
  2. Just want to weigh in and if I could only have one wish it would be certainly a Giana Sisters/Mario Bros clone!
  3. Count me in for the second run with 2 units please
  4. Johannes

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Hi, just come across this thread. A multi cart is great!! Keep on the good work and count me in for one, too. Johannes
  5. How did you managed to emulate the ST on the PSP? Greetings Johannes
  6. Johannes

    Lynx 3d demo

    this is the Demo from the S-I-M-I-S Cartridge, this one is from Matthias Domin, look his page for details http://home.t-online.de/home/Matthias.Domi...in/lynx_eng.htm Greetings Johannes [/img]
  7. Johannes

    Lynx 3d demo

    Do you mean the Demo of the "Dungeon Master" Engine, showed on the S-I-M-I-S Cartridge? Greetings Johannes
  8. Unfortunately i cannot give you a hint, but im interested in this topic heavily . But I think it sound like hard work Greetings Johannes
  9. hi Mike, yeah the vector-pad is really nasty, espacially when it's broken. Greetings Johannes
  10. ok, here is my falcon (yeah it is) in a Rocke Tower 14 MB ST RAM, 700 MB HD, 105 MD Syquest, CD-ROM, Ethernet Rom Port Adapter. Yes, i know ethernet is not connected - due to lacking of an old hub w/ BNC Connector Greetings Johannes
  11. Hi there, yeah, Bubble Bobble was a great ST Arcade Port. And don't forget JOUST, still played yesterday with a friend of mine. Great Gameplay, much better than the Lynx version for example. Greetings Johannes
  12. Hi, there is no more independent St-Computer magazine any more. It is published for the remaining subscribers within a pc mag. Greetings Johannes
  13. Another great role playing game is SUNDOG by Bruce F Webster, released through FTL (same guys as DungeonMaster / CSB). Greetings Johannes
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