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  1. I know it's been talked about my hard copy fo the sams computer facts is pretty beat up so heres a pdf from sams I bought it so my torn original is sooooo bad enjoy cc_2_texasinst_ti99.pdf
  2. this may have been asked before ti disk controller has 2 eproms hi and low was this because of memory costs at the time or what ?
  3. i know finalgrom bins cannot be used on flashrom but can flashrom bins be used on finalgrom it may have already been posted and i missed it thanx
  4. where can i order your finalgrom ? thanx
  5. try arcade shopper they have a splitter designed by jim fetzner
  6. rich i missed out years ago on rich xb can i still buy it in ti format thanx
  7. i have tried one a friend had i it just used cpm disks i had through the p box disk drive as far as cpm disks go my collection by now may have deteriored over time
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