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  1. Looks like something made by Activision with that water reflection. Looking forward to finished version!! (subbed)
  2. Sean Kelly is pretty well known for multicarts and runs a game store. I doubt he'd sell the sign I sold to him. All I can say is check eBay and maybe set up saved searches with email notification.
  3. ^^ bump ^^ Still looking for correct connector
  4. $2k wow... I should have kept mine that I sold on eBay about a decade ago. Sean Kelly was the winning bidder if that matters.
  5. Atari Lynx, used qne working, seller didn't mention Hyperdome was included in the title and didn't show in thumbnail picture so there weren't many people bidding for it. Ended up paying a smidge over $100 for the Lynx and the game. Compared to average ebay price for working Lynx, I got the game nearly free! (kinda sucked anyway)
  6. FWIW blue ray players are no longer offered with anything out but HDMI. No more composite (for DVD), no more component, just HDMI. Been this way for a few years.
  7. If dentist makes money off people with bad teeth, then why would I buy toothpaste that 4 out of 5 dentists recommended?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Your an Anti-Dentite!

    3. Atarian7


      Next thing you'll be saying is they should have their own schools.

    4. DZ-Jay


      But they *do* have their own schools!

  8. 7800fan

    Wyvern Tales

    NEs can do something like 50 colors at once but it's limited in sprites. C64 is fixed to 8 sprites and 16 colors but it's not impossible either. TG-16 might be the best one to port, over 500 colors and 16 sprites. I don't know what Apple IIGS is capable of, I only used older II and IIe with green monitor.
  9. 7800fan

    Wyvern Tales

    Lynx is based on 6502 so it is possible to port the code to other consoles including NES, TG-16, C64, and Apple II. (Atari 2600 as well but the limitation of TIA would ruin the game)
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    2. deepthaw


      Art Fleming originally hosted Jeopardy, although for nowhere near the time Alex has. Still - the show isn't built around Alex and another host with a quick mind could step in well.

    3. atari2600land


      I was wondering if the guy who hosted Sports Jeopardy would be good at hosting the original Jeopardy.

    4. frankodragon


      Maybe Mike Meyers dressed as Dieter should host?

  10. Worth as much as you are willing to pay. The price guide are sort of dumb as it's easily influenced by unusual stuff like prank bidding ($500 for loose ET?), ignorant seller ($100,000 for a Lynx game?) and often do not reflect current trend.
  11. Just a tip, when playing Starflight 2 don't pick up any endurium. It's banned and getting caught with them can get very expensive.
  12. With 3D printing, replacement guide is easy but where would I get a suitable 12/24 pins card edge connector? The ones I've looked at all has short pins which meant the game PCB will not reach the connector inside. I can't seem to find a connector that has long pin that would fit 2600 cart and still be able to connect to PCB. Also does someone have a 3D printable file that I can use? Something like the one used on common 4 switch console? I am trying to recreate a 2600 board from scratch with built in AV support (no more useless RF modulator), built in pause, and with option for built in controller for portable use. And built in lipo support to run it as portable or with external 5v source via USB. PS another quirk I ran into when I was designing a new 2600 board: oscillator. Atari 2600 uses 3.579575 but this is incredibly hard to find anywhere outside of Atari 2600 spare part source like Best Electronics. However 3.579545 MHz is very easy to find. After some digging, this should be fine because the difference is only 10 PPM and a typical crystal has tolerance of 20-30 PPM. Seems Atari went with the odd frequency because: 3.579545 MHz is for NTSC interlaced, and 3.579575 MHz is for NTSC noninterlaced. http://www.rennes.supelec.fr/ren/fi/elec/docs/tvnum/i852_c.pdf Atari choose noninterlaced and doubled the scans to fake 480 resolution, FWIW someone was able to produce a test ROM that can do true 480 but it used too much processing power to be of use so (AFAIK) it was never used even in newer homebrewn. Modern TV tended to be more picky about old standard, maybe using the internaced frequency crystal would make some TV work while still staying with 2600's spec?
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