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  1. What did you use to mount the IMG files? I tried Nero Burning ROM (to burn a CD of the IMG), but it didn't recognize the IMG as being in ISO format. I also tried to mount the IMG in DOSBox (of course that's really fairly useless, as the files in the IMG have long filenames), but ran into the same thing. I also tried Microsoft's Virtual CDROM Control Panel, but it didn't recognize them as being ISOs either.
  2. I've noticed for some of the built-in games that rewind (START+DPADleft) is disabled. Is it possible to disable specific combinations similar to this for specific games on the SDCard with some sort of INI or CFG file when updating the firmware? In Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank, the START+DPADup and START+DPADdown combinations are used to speed up and slow down the tank (the throttle). Of course, this causes the game to be unplayable, as the built-in combinations are for menu and insert coin. Is there any way to completely disable these combinations for just one specific game? Thanks for any info
  3. Just to confirm and prevent (my) confusion: The Sega Master System (.sms) and Sega Game Gear (.gg) games only function with the firmware discussed in the message thread here -> https://gbatemp.net/threads/custom-firmware-for-atgames-legends-flashback-with-support-for-arcade-games.527550/; but not the firmware for Sega Mega Drive/Sega CD/NES games discussed in THIS thread, correct?
  4. So, you are saying that the latest official firmware update enables SDCard access? If so, cool!
  5. Yeah, MANY THANKS! It works great! Side Note: I didn't get a notification email from ATGames LOL.
  6. Per one of my previous posts, I just got a reply email from ATGames... Apparently they think that the problem is on MY end, which IN ACTUALITY, IT IS NOT <aarrgghh!>: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hello Richard, Would you be able to download again the firmware on our site currently and try to install it? It's possible the original download got corrupted. If it does not work this time, I will be able to provide it directly to you, once I have touched base with our development team. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My reply... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The one on your site is still the same bad version (file description "V. 20181016" released on Dec 20, 2018, file name "capcom_20181016.img", file size 112,679,384 bytes). I re-downloaded the file and did a binary file compare with the original that I had downloaded several days ago... they are exactly the same bad file. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I swear, I feel like I'm dealing with Microsoft or Valve/Steam.
  7. BTW, I should have mentioned in my previous post: MANY THANKS to Flojomojo for the custom firmware that enables the SDCard option! I'm having a blast running a bunch of Sega Genesis games Side Note 1: Man, I sure wish that I could do the same with my Intellivision Flashback from a few years ago Side Note 2: That cobbled up firmware "update" over at ATGames' web site is STILL online... you would think that they would have enough common sense to remove that download (until a PROPER version is released) so that other folks don't temporarily brick their console (especially around Christmas time!).
  8. Just to confirm, and a heads-up... I too had the same problem with the latest firmaware update for the Legends Flashback from ATGames (from https://firmwareupdate.atgames.net/registration, file description "V. 20181016 (released on Dec 20, 2018)", file name "capcom_20181016.img", file size: "112,679,384 bytes"), and I just bought mine <aarrgghh!>. I sent the following email to their tech support: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OK... I purchased a Legends Flashback the other day at WalMart. I downloaded the latest firmware update from your web site, and followed the update instructions. The update progress bar goes up to about 50%, the console reboots, and then it goes back to the 50% progress bar, and then reboots again. This happens over and over in a loop. I removed my SD card and restarted the console, and it says "Error". If I put the SD card back in, the console goes back to 50% progress bar/reboot loop thing again. NOW WHAT? Note: I tried to find a technical support phone number for you, but couldn't find one. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ...and I received the following reply: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hello Richard! Thank you for taking the time to contact customer support. This is Newton from AtGames Sales and Marketing. We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue was brought to our attention earlier today as well and has been forwarded to our development team to troubleshoot the issue. When a solution is found, I will notify you via email. Regards, Newton Garner -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Anyhow, I was quite pissed. I just bought the console, and now it's temporarily bricked! BUT... I downloaded the older version firmware mentioned previously in this message thread (post #47, http://cds.i2e7g6m3.hwcdn.net/afz/arcade_update_v2.3_1114.img), and was able to downgrade to that version successfully. I did notice that with that older firmware (than what originally came on my console) didn't have any of the pretty "bezel" background wallpapers (other than the stock black one), BUT AT LEAST I can play now until the BONEHEADS at ATGames sorts their problem out. P.S. I too had to jump through hoops signing up at ATGame's firmware update site. I had to "confirm email" about a half a dozen times. And then try signing in a bunch of times before I was successful signing in. After that, I couldn't even "register" my unit... every time that I enter the serial number of my console it says "uid invalid".
  9. I'm not near the PC that I have it installed on right now, and unfortunately my memory is a bit hazy about the compatibility settings. If I remember correctly, I think that I had to check the box in Windows XP's compatibility settings for 256 color mode. I'm not sure if you can do that in W10-64bit, or if your PC even supports that. But, if so, give that a try.
  10. P.S. Proof of concept... and NO, I will *NEVER* be that good LOL! Clicky for pic -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16723
  11. You're quite welcome! Glad to hear that you still have a running DOS machine I finally gave up my old DOS PC a few years back due to lack of space. But, like you said, DOSBox has been a real lifesaver As far as the Win95 port of T2K, I'm not sure about the newest incarnations of WinDoZe, but the game runs fairly stable on my Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit rigs. I have to set various compatibility settings, but otherwise it runs well. That being said, I LOVE the DOS version over the Win95 aberration of the game
  12. Folks, To save me some typing, the following are cut 'n' pastes of several messages that I posted on another message forum: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Does anyone have any idea as to what "streaky" does in the PC CD DOS version of Tempest 2000? I've NEVER found or read about ANY cheats whatsoever for the DOS version of T2K throughout all of these years, but was recently browsing the executable with my trusty hex-editor (as I've done numerous times over the past two decades). In the executable is the text line "FLOSSIE WANTS TO CHEAT", and immediately following that, the following hex: 1F 14 13 12 1E 25 15 I just thought to myself, hmmm... That SURE looks like keyboard scan codes (and only JUST NOW thought that they looked like keyboard scan codes... RE: "as I've done numerous times over the past two decades" above - with age comes knowledge LOL!). Hehe, and YES indeedy, they are KB scan codes, and they spell "streaky" LOL (see linked pics)! I fired up the game, and then during gameplay typed "streaky" in. The web flashes colorfully (like when you obtain an extra life), and the female voice sound effect says "Yes!", but nothing appears to have changed (?). It MAY be just me, but gameplay seemed a bit easier after doing this, but I'm not sure (?). BTW, you can enter the "streaky" code several times, with the same results (the web flashes colorfully). Anyhow, has ANYONE ever heard of this before (and have any idea as to what it does), or have I found a totally hidden easter egg/cheat in this game that NO ONE has ever came across since the game's release in 1995 LOL (wouldn't be the first time)? Pic of DOS version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16691 Pic of Keyboard scan codes -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16692 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OK, I JUST figured it out! After starting a game, enter "streaky". THEN press F11 to enable the bonus level warp, or F12 to skip to the next level. Hehe, the way I figured this out... F11 and F12 are cheats for the MACINTOSH version of the game (and are NOT normal keys for the PC DOS version of the game)! Hehe, I'm thinking "YES" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P.S. I HAVE just now confirmed that the"streaky" cheat code ALSO works for the Interplay Windows 95 version of the game as well Note that you will need to type in the cheat code fairly quickly in order for the game to recognize it. As in the DOS version, the web flashes colorfully, and you'll hear the female voice sound effect "Yes!" if you have successfully entered the code (and the game recognizes it). P.P.S. The keyboard scan codes for the "streaky" code were sitting all by their lonesome in the Windows version executable <GRIN> (see linked pic). Pic of Windows version TEMPEST.EXE in a hex-editor -> http://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=16719 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ENJOY!
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