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  1. I'm still #2. In Sweden. No news. Feeling kinda depressed over this. Had hoped for so long.
  2. I'm currently #2 in line, which would be awesome if it weren't for the fact that I am in Sweden. I do have a US mailing address, though. Would it be possible to change my shipping address to the US address, @SainT? Or is there any way to get it to Sweden directly? Soo close... Full of love for this community that has formed over the years.
  3. Pre-order Position: 1 in front of you Fingers crossed - crossed so very hard - that "a few more" includes me.
  4. Hmm... my pre-order (should be #2 right now) may or may not still be listed to my old US address... I have since moved to Sweden... Still, fingers crossed and all that... Happy on behalf of all Jaguar fans who will get theirs soon! Cheers
  5. Well, that means that someone ahead of me cancelled as I was - and still am - #3. And to be frank, I don't mind waiting. I would never have enjoyed the JagGD if I knew it came at the cost of SainT's health. I have enjoyed following this journey for the past few years with updates and insights and posts by some truly great people. Getting the JagGD will not be the end of the journey - it'll be a nice wrap up of the first chapter of the ongoing story!
  6. As much as I would have loved to get it (just two numbers from my turn on the now cancelled list), I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it knowing it would have been at the expense of your health. You are doing the right thing. Take it from someone who's been close to burn out - you NEED to think of yourself and make your wellbeing your only priority. Take some time off. Spend time with friends. Breathe. Laugh. Take long walks. Make sure you feel better. Ask for help - and people will help you. I hope you will be able to get back to what you love to do eventually. Take care.
  7. I started at 72 and by the time PayPal came through for me I was at 84. Lucky I checked on my mail while waiting for my kids to wrap up the first day of school. The other parents wondered why I was cursing my mobile browser first and then all of a sudden shouting "Yes, baby! YES!"
  8. Please add me to the list as well. Down for 1x cased unit for my trusty ol' Lynx II. Int'll shipping (Sweden). Thanks - and keep up the great work! So happy to see this development.
  9. Cool! Any chance that you'll ever restock the standard boxed edition? Cheers
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