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  1. "Magazine" advert for Pitkat
  2. Feel free to play it, the download is on the 3rd post and works well in Stella.
  3. If you find any bugs then either mention them here or email us at [email protected] Hope everyone read the README.TXT and looked at the manual. Any feedback you have for that would be most appreciated too
  4. Jamtex


    Apart from Best Electronics is there anywhere to get a NTSC TIA chip?
  5. Is there any freeware vector versions or fonts of the controller symbols that appear on the back of Atari 2600 game boxes (the Joystick, Paddles, etc)? Making a manual / box for a freeware 2600 game and I want to make it as easy as possible.
  6. Most PDF programs (and printer drivers) will allow you to print the pages as a booklet and if your printer doesn't support dupplex printing then it will tell you to take out and refeed the pages back in to print on both sides of the page.Most PDFs should be in 5x7 inch format so either print to Tabloid / A3 paper without scaling or on letter / A4 with scaled to fit the paper. If you have the single images then there are several PDF creators, although I am not not sure whats on the iPad or Mac.
  7. As the title says, what is the paper weight of the paper used in the Atari game 2600 manuals?
  8. If you are getting it for the "better" picture quality then you would be better off saving money and AV modding a 7800 as it is not pure RGB but rather RGB from S-Video. You can find NTSC mod instructions here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/186254-atari-7800-s-video-mod-with-pics/ or for PAL here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/173828-7800-pal-b-composite-vout-scheme/ it does give a better picture then the Peritel machines too.
  9. Any regulated PSU that outputs 9V at least 500ma on a 3.5mm Jack positive tip will work. Radio Shack sell compatable ones for $15, you need Adaptaplug™ F Old Atari PSUs do have a smoothing cap and they are likely to be quite dry by now, so may end with hum bars.
  10. The middle east was all PAL (B if you want to use RF).
  11. I am after 3 or 4 working Atari 2600 machines (NTSC) they can just be console only, would prefer Jrs but will take anything, Also wanted the following loose cartridges Combat Warlords Adventure Pitfall Pitfall II Indy 500 Super Breakout Freeway
  12. Mainly. Will consider others if cheap.
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