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  1. Nonsense Paul, you didn't let anyone down, and you gave me some advice at the time that I really needed to hear. Yes, that would be awesome. I can't remember if we added an extra life or not but it's there in the A8 version too.
  2. Hi guys, Very sorry for the delay in answering. I started a side business last fall. Between that and my day job I have zero free time 😪. Fantomas seems interested in finishing up so I will hand off what I have to him. Ute. Edit: I'm attaching a beta version here - It's a hard game and needs tweaking, but the infinite lives option should help. The end screens are not complete, so no complaints. Paul, thanks for all your help and feedback! ROF.xex
  3. Hey guys, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is still in development, but not very actively. I haven't worked on it since November, but I do have hope of finishing soon. I did let an individual play test back in November and received some good feedback. The game is fairly difficult as it is now so there will be some tweaking of various aspects on certain screens. Most everything is complete gamewise except for some colors on a couple of screens needs tweaking and the last two screens need some animation and collision detection fixes. We've also included an infinite lives feature in the title screen for now. There is also a flesh/green option for the Yamo, although I need to pick a better PAL color for it. To keep memory low the Tix sprites and traditional sprites will be separate builds. Address spaces have been changed so this should be loadable from DOS as there were a few complaints about Eel Ecurb. There is still no music and no intro screen yet. Fantomas nor I want to compose the music, so volunteers would be appreciated. Although music may push this over 48K(Probably not). Some screen shots are attached some PAL some NTSC, so people can get an idea. Thanks for your patience. Ute.
  4. Yes, I purchased it from AmigaStore: https://amigastore.eu/638-laser-upgrade-kit-for-atari-stm1-mouse.html It's pretty easy to do the upgrade, it's just a matter of removing some screws, then removing the ball housing and inserting the laser housing in its place. I cannot recommend it for a couple of reasons: 1. The 3D printed ball cover(now laser cover) barely fit(really loose) and came off during normal use. I did manage to get the original ball cover back on with some fiddling. 2. I tried all three of the configurations and the only one that worked swapped the vertical movement (up was down and down was up) - so I had to cut and modify the header pin connectors. When I did get the movement fixed any vertical movement temporarily went the opposite direction before the mouse would right itself in the correct direction. This made it very tedious to select dialog buttons, or to have any accuracy with the mouse. So imagine trying to play Lemmings or Sundog with an inaccurate mouse. This effect was noticeably worse on my STE, but was much better on this 1040STF. Perhaps a firmware issue with the laser upgrade - I don't know. I much prefer the Tom and Jerry solutions, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Great-Amiga-Atari-XE-XL-ST-C64-C128-Mouse-Gamepad-Joystick-USB-adapter-TOM-Rev2/233834776173?hash=item3671a3866d:g:rXAAAOSwr7ZW6~aI I really liked the idea of keeping the original mouse as I'm sure we all do, just a shame it doesn't work that well. On the other hand, maybe I just got one that had a damaged IC and other people have had better luck.
  5. Ute


    Wanted to see if anybody could use them before I donate them to an electronics retailer. Just pay for shipping and you can have them - I'm only shipping within the US because of C19. I believe these can be used as replacement memory for latter A500 Motherboards as well as some variants of Atari ST - there is 24 of them. I believe these are similar to the above These are also memory chips for A500's but for earlier models - I don't remember which ones exactly Rev.6a and before possibly? Spare socket for Atari ST Blitters(Possibly the GLUE and MMU too). Known as the 'Funky' Socket according to Exxos(Chris) Two chip UK Rainbow TOS 1.04 Six chip US Rainbow TOS 1.04 The holy grail! The rare 2 MB Fat Agnus for A500(and I think A2000 as well) 2 - 1MB SIMM's for Atari STE's Various chip converters.
  6. Bump. Fixed up some stuff.
  7. Well if eBay is allowed to be used as a gauge: https://www.ebay.com/itm/amiga-500-computer-w-power-supply-video-cable/393109305109?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Mine is a bit nicer than that offering in my opinion, but I would prefer to give someone here a more reasonable deal.
  8. The Good: Amiga 500 Rev.6A MegAChip upgrade - 2 MB Memory Rom switcher 1.3 & 2.1 Gotek Drive with 8GB usb stick with some things on it – PM for more info Trap Door cover Side door cover – Rare these days New, modern power supply The Bad: The Rom switcher – It changes the rom every time the power is turned on, or reset. The Ugly: Nothing too bad here, looks good for it’s age. There was a battery leak at some point on the memory expansion, but it hasn’t affected the board. The rom switcher doesn’t function how it was originally intended and switches every time there is a soft reset(Ctrl+ left A + right A) or any time the power is switched on. Some games like Star Wars only work with the 1.3 rom so to use the Gotek you must be using the 2.1 rom before selecting a rom dependent game – a pain I know. I’m including some spare chips(Gary, Paula, Denise, and a CIA) keep them or sell them. I’ve tested the keyboard as best as I can(See picture). I'll consider any reasonable offers.
  9. The Good: 1MB Memory Blitter Chip Gotek Drive with an 8GB usb stick, has some things on it – PM for more info Switchable ROMS - TOS 1.04(Rainbow) and TOS 1.02 Original mouse with laser upgrade installed Original disk drive included(not attached to the Atari) Power cord A scart cable for video Not as Good: Missing the key for the Numpad 0 Has the badge of a 1040STE but this is actually a 1040STF The case has been painted The Keyboard was retrobrited badly, and now has hair like scratches on every key – A good case against retrobriting This has been a great computer for me, but I’m scaling back. I’ve tested the keyboard and everything seems to work ok. I can’t confirm if all of the function keys are all working, I can confirm F1, F7, and F8 are working – those are the only ones I use. I’m also including the guts of the ball mouse in case someone wants to put them back and replace the laser. I'll consider any reasonable offers.
  10. Ute


    I know most everyone probably has 10 copies of each of these, but maybe there are some folks who don't. Anyway, free just pay shipping - I'm guessing for most places in the US it would be under $4-5 Ute.
  11. Interesting. We could make the enemies always spawn near Bruce - Maybe that should be an option in the settings menu....
  12. On a separate topic, we would like recruit some volunteers for help with the music and intro screens. Philsan had a nice conversion of the C64 screen as long as we had permission from Spark the original designer. Or would Philsan or others be interested in creating a whole new intro screen? Thoughts or ideas?
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