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  1. Ute


    I know most everyone probably has 10 copies of each of these, but maybe there are some folks who don't. Anyway, free just pay shipping - I'm guessing for most places in the US it would be under $4-5 Ute.
  2. Interesting. We could make the enemies always spawn near Bruce - Maybe that should be an option in the settings menu....
  3. On a separate topic, we would like recruit some volunteers for help with the music and intro screens. Philsan had a nice conversion of the C64 screen as long as we had permission from Spark the original designer. Or would Philsan or others be interested in creating a whole new intro screen? Thoughts or ideas?
  4. As it is now, it's more challenging than the C64 version. We are tweaking it for a better balance. We will probably need a few play testers in the future to get some feedback. Of course we'll keep everyone posted when we're near that stage.
  5. Yeah, DMX was very cool to let us have the levels and let us copy his ideas. Fantomas also wanted to do a Bruce Lee 2 Atari port. So that will probably be the next effort, again time pending and that will probably require much more coding.
  6. This one is most certainly harder. For example, The C64 Bruce actually jumps a tiny bit further than the A8. The game screens translated directly to the Atari so the jump gaps are the same size pixel wise, but since the A8 Bruce does not jump as far, you have to be on the very last pixel possible to make certain jumps. Another example Normally the 'Fires' or whatever you want to call them disappear on this screen when the lamps are collected. In this version they do not, so timing has to be perfect. I can beat the original game without losing a life. I can't win this game, hence above why I have two videos(And that's with cheating starting on that screen). So it should be plenty challenging.
  7. There are many elements still missing, but the main game is now playable all the way through. ROFAA.mp4 ROF2AA.mp4
  8. If I remember right, one side of the pins are ground - Odd pins IIRC, the rest just need to be matched up as TGB1718 suggested. Attached are diagrams I used to make them. Connector2.tiffRibbon2.tiffRibbon1.tiffDin.tiffConnector1.tiff
  9. Yes I was planning on asking Tix if we could use his sprites, thanks for asking for me, lol.😀 Yes thank you Tix, we were wanting to include them in our ROF as well as having a version with the original sprites too.
  10. No extra time off, but we just started working on ROF. Hopefully we will have something to show in a few weeks, and a complete game before the end of the year.
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