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  1. I seem to have the same issue with my Odyssey 2, but it has been a while since I tried. From what I recall, controller 2 was fine. I believe mine does not have the removable controllers, but I would have to check again. Let me know if you figured out your issue.
  2. I just came across this thread as I recently started collecting for the Wii U and noticing more and more issues with the games. This is the first disc based system I decided to collect for (grew up in the Atari/Nintendo age) and specifically avoided disc based games because of media issues. I love the physical library aspect, as browsing through all the games to decide what to play is part of the fun for me, but man, this has me bummed. I am definitely not opposed to backing up the games to play that way, and since I rarely play online I can't imagine that would be an issue.
  3. Here are the pics, it keeps flipping them, sorry about that. I am going to clean it and tighten it up a bit before modifying the cart.
  4. I finally received my 7408 last night so I was able to make mine and get it working. I went with Realsports Baseball as well, but I followed a different guide (originally posted here: http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/eprom.txt) Document written by Jeffry Johnston. With help from Eppy, kevtris and AlanD. Thanks!! Atari 28-24 instructions ------------------------ 1) Remove screw from back 2) Push in dust door with screwdriver or needlenose pliers. 3) Hold the cart, puttting one hand on each half, have a left grip on far end of cart, thumb on close, other thumb pressing the dust door. Push up with left half, squeeze down right half, push left with right thumb. Wiggle & twist it till the first notch comes loose a bit (you'll know). Get the 2nd notch, the 3rd will come much easier & suddenly the cover will pop off. 4) Remove the RF shield, dont lose screw, spring or 2 pieces of dust door. 5) Desolder any chips from the pcb. 6) Cut the trace between Socket A, pin 28 (+5v) and Socket A, pin 27 (A14). 7) Cut the trace between Socket A, pin 22 (/OE) and Socket A, pin 20 (/CE). 8 ) Cut the trace above the hole on Connector, pin 9 (in the middle of Socket B, see above, 80/AF Enable). 9) Soldier a 28 pin Socket into Socket A. 10) Run a wire from Socket A, pin 14 (GND) to Socket A, pin 22 (/OE). 11) Run a wire from Socket B, pin 20 (40/7F Enable) to Socket A, pin 27 (A14). 12) Run a wire from Socket B, pin 20 (40/7F Enable) to 7408, pin 4 (in1?). 13) Run a wire from Connector, pin 9 (80/AF Enable) to 7408, pin 5 (in2?). 14) Run a wire from 7408, pin 6 (out) to Socket A, pin 20 (/CE). 15) Run a wire from 7408, pin 14 (+5v) to C1, wire B (+5v). 16) Run a wire from 7408, pin 7 (GND) to Outside Trace, hole (GND). 17) Insert 27256 EPROM. 18) Break off unused 7408 pins. Stick to board with 2-sided adhesive foam. 19) Reassemble with EPROM facing the cartridge label. I will post pics later tonight, but tested with 2 different 32kb roms and both worked, at least from my initial tests (Xevious and Meebzork). I did not have any 27128 eproms available for testing so I need to order a few to try Xari Arena. Hope this helps!
  5. Help me out, last game I need to complete the 5200 set!
  6. Just completed a trade with Stupus for some Atari 2600 games and Atari 5200 manuals/overlays. The trade went fantastic, Stupus is a great person to trade with, very fair and great communication. Would not hesitate to trade with again!
  7. I emailed with the seller last week. I was very interested but I think he is looking to get a few hundred for it, and missing the monitor kills it for me at that price. He said if they didn't get a good enough offer they were going to keep it and fix it up...
  8. I am in MN. I will have to check it out.
  9. I kind of agree, he did say if they didn't get what they were looking for he would keep it and fix it up. Not sure what number he had in mind, but if someone was in front of him with cash things could change quickly. I might reach back out to him today and see if he is available to take a look at it.
  10. I did reach out to the guy, but not sure what a fair offer on this would be considering the condition. It is missing the monitor which does certainly hurt the value. I looked up a couple that sold on eBay and the prices were much lower than I would have expected. Any thoughts on what something like this should go for? What about in very good condition?
  11. I am very interested and local as well, but what would something like this go for? In this condition?
  12. Zylon, thank you for you help with this, sorry if this is a dumb question, but you mean U29 correct? Would that just be a CD4013BE? I am not 100% familiar with all of this, so I hope you don't mind me asking questions. Thank you!
  13. I have 4 port 5200 that is only displaying snow. The system powers on, and when a game is inserted with and the system powered on, you can see a change in the snow, a little color, but nothing discernible. I have been pouring over posts relating to the same things, first recommendation I came across was to replace the LM393N IC in the switchbox. I ordered up a couple from digi-key and replaced it, no change. The next process I came across was re-seating the chips on the motherboard, I did that and the colors in the snow became a little more vivid, but nothing drastic. Finally, I received a working 2 port and I decided to try swapping out the larger chips (I do not have the schematic, but I know that would include the CPU, GTIA, can't remember the other two offhand), I started one at a time, and with no change swapped all of them at once, still no change. I am sure there is more to do, and perhaps the chips from the 2 port would not work in the 4 port (not sure why that would be), but thought I would come here. So, what should I try next? Thank you in advance for your help!
  14. I have just a couple remaining harder to find Atari 5200 games on my list to complete the collection: 1) Meteorites - Last game I need to complete collection, help me out! <PENDING> Also looking for the following overlays: Countermeasure Space Invaders Space Shuttle And looking for the following boxes (mostly interested in Atari/Parker Bros): Astrochase Ballblazer Berzerk Buck Rogers Choplifter! Dreadnaught Frogger II Gremlins Gyruss HERO Joust Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Keystone Kapers Mario Bros Megamania Miner 2049'er Monetzumas Revenge Moon Patrol Ms Pac Man Pengo Pitfall! Popeye Rescue on Fractalus Space Dungeon Star Trek Star Wars The Arcade Super Cobra Vanguard I do have just a couple duplicate 5200 games or I do have some 7800 games from loose to NIB. Beyond that I have duplicate NES, N64, SMS, and common 2600 games. Otherwise paypal works too. I am fine with loose carts, just looking to complete the set! I do not have much feedback here, but I have lots on nintendoage or ebay.
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