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  1. My advice is don't be disappointed if you get zero replies. I have offered items for trade a few times and got zero replies myself.
  2. Seriously wouldn't it be cheaper buying what you need from local sources. There are lists online of caps for the PS1.
  3. Over the last few years I have been playing handhelds more than consoles and why not a handheld section.
  4. Amazing job of programming
  5. Seriously my only real complaint about the 7800 is sound. As in the music and etc for games that run on it, it's terrible.
  6. So far I know of 3 nude figure mods for 3 games. This pandemic needs to end soon.

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    2. carlsson


      Oh, nude Tic-Tac-Toe. Somehow I can see there is a market for that.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      Qbert isn't shy of nudie runs :)

    4. cedropoole


      The Nude Mario Bros. mod. You cannot unsee Mario naked.

  7. I own a Master System and there is one game where the controller doesn't work as it should. I literally had to rewire a 2600 controller to play that game. Before you write of your console you should check another game. Actually any standard Genesis controller should work fine. As for Woody Pop give it a try, you might find out it actually works. Basically anything that works on a 2600 and should work on a Master System. Bent Pin, I know there is a specialized tool. I just don't know what it's called.
  8. It seems recently I sparked a little debate on Facebook recent when I commented, "I heard a 5200 controller will break even if you look it at". Really 5200 controllers have got a bad rep, it hard not to run in to repair kits when searching for 5200 controllers on Ebay. Even though I like to get a 5200, it is the issue of the controller being so terrible that has stopped me from getting one. Then there is what the owner of a local retro game shop told me recently. That the reason most people don't buy 5200s is because of the controller issue. I still wonder to this day, why hasn't someone made a more reliable 5200 controller that is self centering. So I leave this out for debate. Are the 5200 controllers as bad as they say?
  9. The optical drive can be replaced but keep in mind if your doing it yourself that there are a couple of different models and you you really have to check which one.
  10. I don't even own a Microvision and I think it's totally awesome!!!
  11. After I actually looked up on how to set up wifi I found it. It was buried deep within settings.
  12. I am giving away Little Deviants PS Vita Cart it does include a case but with no cover. Game works perfectly, who wants this?
  13. I am new to this whole PS3 scene I have only had my PS3 since Nov of last year and even then the Blu ray laser has been dead most of that time, until I recently got it fixed. With it now working perfectly and finding 2 excellent racing games GT5 XL and GT Prologue, I tried to looking in to more about the console I have and frankly I ran into a lot of unknowns, the reason for this post. So I have a slim model that is a fact, it matches ones I have seen online. But here is what confuses me I have a 300GB HDD, which doesn't match anything. It also does not have WiFi
  14. Videogames Then and Now fixed my Blue GBA SP and the screen which hasn't worked since I bought it looks incredible. No wonder this model is so much in demand.


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