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  1. Yes I know it's an old game Grim Fandango, but I played that remake. Why would anyone in their right mind include a section where you have to find a secret tunnel where your On Screen character is the size of a Pixel? It's a good game, but that one part makes it unplayable.
  2. Had a chance to play both the CDI and the 3DO once they both are equally bad.
  3. What is wrong with YouTube? 5 unskippable  ads before a video

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    2. MrMaddog


      Ad block extensions work great on browsers, but not on phones and other streaming devices.  And I couldn't even get a ad blocking DNS to work either...so I bite the bullet and got a Premium subscription.  Money well worth spent on never seeing any damn political ads!

    3. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      If you have an Android phone, then there's Youtube Vanced.

    4. frankodragon


      Yeah, YouTube has gone down the toilet with ads and they don't care.  I use Chrome so I use a combination of adblockers such as Adblock Plus, Adblocker Ultimate and Adblock.

  4. I decided even when there is a vaccine available for Covid, and I do get it. I am still wearing my mask 

    1. AAA177


      I've decided that as well. When you think about it, shouldn't we always have been wearing masks in crowds, during holiday shopping-season, in doctor offices, etc., just to avoid influenza and regular respiratory infections? Not in a mandatory sense pre-pandemic, but I'm surprised the use of masks wasn't simply a recommended tip for daily life. I'm also considering a face shield at this point, too...

  5. You might have seen my unanswered thread saying I got stuck during this whole process. With a bit of dumb luck I finally figured it out: 1st HDD once you get it so your PC can see it, you need to unallocate it. I know there is a newer program, unless someone has a better explanation on how to use it. I have been using Win Hip, which has to be run as an Administrator, or the program won't see the HDDs. Which was my main problem in the first place. Once you get the HDD for your PS2 formatted, you can use Win Hip to do it. Transferring ISOs to the HDD is super easy and super quick, rarely takes over a minute. I guess my only issue currently that some of the places you find these games. The games sometimes don't work, sometimes you have to download a couple of copies to find a working one. One last thing is settings for your drive I use Free Mc Boot, plenty of videos that explain how to in the Settings, but be sure to save. Loading games from your Drive use HD Loader. A couple of videos frankly got me confused, which one actually booted the games. But HD Loader works.
  6. To me the absolute worst conversion was 10 Yard Fight from arcade to NES The arcade version is a rather fun football game. The NES version on the other hand is as much fun as watching snails race. Which is faster than what the games moves.
  7. To talk about PS2 DLC you're talking about PS2 / PSP Connectivity something that to say it rarely talked about is an understatement. There is almost nothing on this save for here on my own blog and 1 post on Reddit which gives a list of 13 games. So far after checking 7 of them I only found 4 which has this rare DLC ATV Offroad Fury 4 PS2 / ATV Offroad Fury Pro PSP Crash Tag Team Racing PS2 and PSP Jax X PS2 / Daxter PSP Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast PS2 and PSP Not only does it unlock hidden vehicles, in some cases new tracks, characters and hidden features in both titles. I have since learned that this extends to a very limited number of PS3 games, so far I only heard of possible connection to Gran Turismo 5 PS3 but due to my optical drive issue I am unable to check this for now. I want to make this very clear I am talking about US releases, none are imports. If you know of any additional titles and what it unlocks please message me.
  8. Turns out the optical drive in my PS3 went bad, now it needs to be replaced.

  9. Had an expert look at my PS Vita after it got water damaged, their verdict... It's toast and I should think about getting a new one.😥

    1. ClassicGMR


      THAT sucks...

    2. English Invader

      English Invader

      Did you leave the Vita for a week or so before turning it on again after it got damaged?  I've heard that the real killer from water damage is shorts on the motherboard from not letting it dry out properly.


      I'm sorry that's not much help to you now (if it could have even helped at all) but hopefully you'll be able to get another one.  The Vita is a system I've been interested in but I wonder how much of a future it has once Sony drops online support for it.

  10. I will admit I am new to all of this and maybe I missed something, but given what I saw on Reddit I am not the only one. I have a phat PS2, with a compatible HDD, I also have a Free McBoot Memory card. Here is my issue even though I have done everything recommended with the HDD, and Free McBoot can format the HDD. My big issue is getting the ISO files on the HDD. I tried using Win Hip, it can't detect the HDD. Am I missing something, a step I skipped? I have no idea.
  11. This whole problem began about 4 weeks ago, when my PS Vita got soaked. It was so bad I was pouring water out of it, so I did the rice thing, and let it dry. It wasn't until a couple of days ago I tried turning it on. Nothing was the result, then yesterday I had this idea to take the back cover off and wait a day to see what happens. Still nothing, until I got this idea of unplugging the battery. I figured it might be a short, as soon as I plugged it back into its motherboard. It instantly turned out, and it fully booted as normal. Minus the Memory Card which I stored in another location. This was when I discovered that the Power Switch didn't work. I pressed it a couple of times and nothing. The switch does not work, so I am asking the experts here. Do you think the power switch went bad during all of this or what?
  12. I love action adventure/ puzzle games I hate strategy and FPS
  13. You got a really nice collection and from what I can see some of those boxes are worth some $$$
  14. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

    1. GoldLeader


      Or...Ya could give me the Motherboard to fix one of mine... :)

  15. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

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