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  1. The truth is when I got my Sega Nomad a few years ago, it didn't come with a battery pack. Frankly after checking eBay and seeing what they go for, I really don't want an original. I heard the stories of how the Nomad can suck the life out of a new battery in less than 2 hours. So I am wondering has anyone figured out a modern solution to the battery pack issue? Such as some sort of lithium power pack?
  2. Don't get me wrong there are some great games on the 7800. I often say that co-op mode in Centipede is one of them. But the 7800 suffered from a lot of bad games and I won't go over which ones as we all know what they are. Scrapyard Dog which really isn't a terrible game in my opinion suffered from 2 issues, which Atari back in the day could have very easily solved. Like giving your character a sound when they jump. But also that sewer level, I never beat it until I saw something online that showed me where I could jump to. It really isn't that clear to some of us. It's a Sewer Level why so many chances of dying?
  3. The 16 bit era had begun, it just could not compete with the Genesis or SNES
  4. In a word "YES" I have seen boxed copies of Super Mario Bros NES going for $3,000. Believe me I understand when things are actually rare, but selling something super common for an insane price is either pure greed or insanity.
  5. Went out yesterday with friend to check out yard sales. Then encountered heavy rain and a tornado warning. I think we all are pretty lucky, we did get some nice bargains.

  6. This actually makes sense as plastic grows old sometimes it can be brittle and having a replacement case makes a lot of sense.
  7. I know this owner of a small used game store and they told me it's like Atari does not want the VCS to be sold retail. There order was outright cancelled several months ago, and have refused to allow them to order ever since. I don't know what is going on, but to me this is very strange.
  8. Don't get me wrong it's a great series...but I found some of the mazes in Phantasy Star SMS confusing. So between the 1st time I ever played it to my second time I found maps and was able to get to the final boss.
  9. From my understanding this PS3 firmware update on adds Blu ray CODECs and like you said messes with the hackers. But really how many are going to do this firmware update? Speaking for myself I think my answer is no.
  10. I have actually played the 3DO once and he is right on all counts
  11. How about the Game Boy games that stood the test of time. Besides Link's Awakening and deserve a Switch remake. The 2 I think deserve it are Super Mario Land 1 and 2. They are both great games, even though 1 can be a pain sometimes it's ending is great.
  12. I know you could argue about games, but doesn't it really comes down to the number of games you actually want to play? Otherwise they will be sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Both do have a limited number of good games, unfortunate for the 32X they got a lot of Genesis games with an amped up color scale and little else, and there are less than a handful of games that actually use the hardware to it's advantage. On the other hand the Homebrew scene on the Jaguar is fantastic, there are some great games. The rest comes down to you.
  13. I have used a Genesis controller on the 2600 and 7800 with very little issue. Namely the 7800s 2 button games.
  14. I did see in a video recently someone had a good idea. Sony could issue a patch wherein being connected is not an issue.
  15. With the PSN store shutting down, will this mean more people are going to mod their PS3?
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