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  1. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

    1. GoldLeader


      Or...Ya could give me the Motherboard to fix one of mine... :)

  2. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

  3. The Blu ray drive in my PS3 died

    1. Crazy Climber

      Crazy Climber

      bet your atari 2600 still works though :)


    2. pce_collector


      They don't make 'em like they used to, whether it be cars, consoles, or women.

  4. Got a couple of games for free, been thinking about making them available in the Free Games. Frankly it doesn't make any sense to charge for these games that are worth $10 or less.

  5. Nice review: Looks amazing on the 7800
  6. I got a different issue, I clicked on the link and I was part of the group. But when I fired up my Discord software, the group was nowhere to be found. The best I can figure out is I need an invite link to the actual group on Discord. To clear things up to me Discord is a separate login.
  7. Had a weird little problem when trying to join AtariAge on Discord. It says I am a member but I can't access their Discord channel on Discord software. Now what?

  8. It's really getting to a point where I can't even stand watching the news without feeling like throwing something at my TV

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    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Anyone that "watches" their news isn't getting facts.

    3. ls650


      The only news I've been watching is the local news reports for about the first 15 minutes, just to see if there are issues with closures, etc.

      I've been reading a fair bit of news online, but as Joe writes above you really need to shop around different sources and not expect any one of them to be reliable.

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Reading is the way to go, different sources as well.

  9. Spyro Season of Ice GBA Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy 3DS Discworld PS1
  10. I have had mixed results with official ones. There is this one game I got new still factory sealed and apparently cracked on my way home from the store.
  11. A Coleco Gemini which I got on closeout at Sears I think I picked that up with 2 games Seaquest and Keystone Kapers for $40
  12. About a year ago when I got my FAT PS2 I thought adding a Hard Drive should at least be simple. Except I am just as confused as I was when I started this mess. Yes I seen the video on how to add one. Which is why I decided to buy a Free Mc Boot instead. I did get the right kind of hard drive, and managed to do what everyone said had to be done in Windows, making it active and etc. Plugged it in to the Network Card and I used the MISC tools in Free McBoot to format it. My question is what is next? I don't even know how to add games, or why can't the PS2 transfer games save to it. Really I need some friendly advice.
  13. I still think to this very day Centipede on the 7800 is the best port. Controls are perfect, and that co-op mode is just plan cool.
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