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  1. This topic just evoked a related memory and a thought. I remember back in the day, using the CRT tech of the time, that my friends, acquaintances, myself and pretty much anyone I ran across pretty much always lusted after the ever more crisp, clear, and resolute displays. In other words, the results we get with modern display tech would have been the envy of all back in the day. I think it's a bit ironic how now some people long for the convex shape, loosely fit together scan lines, and sometimes bloomy displays of old.
  2. What about strings? I'll tell you about strings. They're just one character after another. 😀
  3. How well does Altiirra run then under Windows 10 running on a raspberry Pi?
  4. If available, an Incognito would be my suggestion.
  5. If you're resourceful and handy, an Atomic Pi might be a good fit, plus it's a lot of computer for the money. I say resourceful and handy because you would have to devise your own solution for mounting or enclosing the thing, and work out supplying power to it.
  6. Replacing air spring suspension is fun. 🥵

    1. Keatah


      Did you have a bouncing good time?

    2. GoldLeader


      I'll bite.  An air spring suspension in what?

    3. fujidude


      In my Trailblazer SS.  The hardest part was getting old ones out, though none of it was exactly comfortable and pleasant.

  7. Don't assume even that is not accessible to the government, hackers, or whomever. The only thing you can really put any faith in is good encryption, and that is not even absolute.
  8. I was never much of a "Commie" so I mayy be all washed up on this but... for some reason I'm thinking that on the C64 the "DOS" and "BASIC" were part of the same over-all program. I think CBM called it the "kernal" (yes with an A L).
  9. MyDOS: The best Atari DOS besides the "Sparta" types! 😎
  10. Jon, scolding someone for deleting files, especially when you know they already acknowledged it was unwise; well it's hard not to see that as either an attempt humor through subtle sarcasm, or an attempt to humiliate. I thought it was about humor, but it's honestly looking more like humiliation after this. I don't know, you tell me. Generally I'm fairly clever and careful, but I'm not perfect and I do sometimes make mistakes. I'm not ashamed to admit it, and don't feel the last bit humiliated. I guess what's concerning me is where you might be coming from on this; it seems a bit off. I invite you to follow up via PM if you are so inclined.
  11. Looks good Philson. Quite some time back I had created a Notepad++ language set for Action! and it worked out okay. It's not really possible to use the language add in facility in NP++ and have it work as good as the built in support, but it's still helpful and worth doing/using. These days though I no longer use NP++ as use Windows as little as possible.
  12. Your suggestion specifically was to not have deleted the tokenized versions in the 1st place, when in my original posting I said: I don't know how much more obvious I could have been that I had already deduced your suggestion. I know you're a smart guy, so either you were having a brain fart or something else, but I'm quite positive that was obvious enough that even a trained monkey would have noticed. Honestly, when I first read and responded to your suggestion post, I figured you were being humorous by employing a bit of subtle sarcasm. That's why I responded with the "monumental thanks" bit; I too was attempting humor using sarcasm though a little less subtly. But to say you didn't think your suggestion had occurred to me, well that's just a bit bizarre. 😄
  13. Thanks Doc and all. Well it turns out it was PEBCAK issue. Two unrelated issues had me thinking there was a problem with the LIST/ENTER procedure. The 1st issue, is that some of the LISTed files would cause XLESS to spaz out. The 2nd issue was when I tried to ENTER them into BASIC it seemed to get stuck so I would hit reset and only end up with a partial program brought in. I thought there was something strange about the files which were causing these problems. As it turns out, the only real problem I think is that XLESS has issues displaying some text files for some reason. The Last Word has no problems with them and even the regular version of LESS has no issues either after I checked that. The getting "stuck" entering the LISTed files in was an incorrect assumption on my part. It was never stuck, it was just taking quite a bit longer than I expected. I am able to repeatedly successfully ENTER in any of the files now if I just wait long enough for it to finish. For those interested about the XLESS issue, here is some info: SDX 4.9c (beta) XLESS (unknown version) All running under Altirra 3.20t9, which in turn is running under Wine x64 3.20 under Debian Stretch Linux. I should probably go to the SDX area & get into the XLESS thing there.
  14. Thanks guys for weighing in. I'll get some more detail in here. In the mean time, I really have to express my monumental gratitude to you FJC for bringing to my attention that preemptive solution! 🤔 I believe you could only have done better if you had offered the solution of retyping everything in manually and saving tokenized. 🤣 In all seriousness though, I do probably have some backups somewhere but still I really would like to use LISTed files for my source code in any case. I'll put together a bit more detail and put it forth in another post here.
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