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  1. Everything is all set. Well mostly. I just purchased this 2600 on ebay and it came with one combat cartridge. I was not smart ...well, educated enough to understand that when the console is switched on with no cartridge, the screen can display a variety of different lines/beeps etc. or just stay black. Inserting the combat cart did nothing, hence my cncern with the console. But when my box of nine other games arrived.........they all worked perf! So I need to clean combat. And brush up on my Defender and Donkey Kong skills. And THANK you guys/this forum for your efforts to help me and your fast responses!
  2. Return or try to fix? Makes no difference if game is inserted or not. I removed/re installed RCA cable onto the mother board twice. I am using $2 female RCA to Coax connector into antenna jack. Advice appreciated! Link to vid: http://youtu.be/wmpS2_PiNWw
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