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  1. It may be useful to note what cards you're using . I was gonna order some but was curious what others were using and their results with the cart . Anyone know what Batari is testing with ?
  2. Thank you SpiceWare , I Modded my Supercharger last night and it works great.. I now can now play my WTW game disk set . And yes I am aware there are other options just wanted try this one..I am waiting for the Concerto Cart to be more available after the bugs are worked out.
  3. Anyone have hi quality pictures of the Starpath Supercharger modification using the 7432 chip ?
  4. Batari I was on the list to get a Concerto please let me know when more Carts are available... : )
  5. Yes Random, I have, waiting for 7800 version .. Got the cart I needed on the way, Thanks Guys !
  6. It was made by ECOSMART perchased at WALLY MA*T it most definitly would have been on Fire given a few more minutes.. I'm gonna try to take the plastic portion apart to try and figure out what failled, if there's enough left to tell..
  7. Thank you AL, you can pull the post here and over at hardware aswell..
  8. I cotacted AtariAge cart service and got no reply.. The game was made in a very small batch by Atari so it would be a reproduction for my own personal use. Need someone to burn and place in a blank cart, lable not important. PM me if you can help..
  9. I contacted them and got no answer, the game was made by Atari in a very small batch so it would be a reproduction for my personal use only... Looking for a AtariAge member who would burn it put it in blank cart, label not important..
  10. Anyone know of someone on AA that could burn a chip or chips for a cart ? The Rom can be downloaded. Was not sure where to post this.
  11. JATO

    Sears Video Arcade II

    The replaced diodes were glass, and know have IN4002 in there place.everything working great..Had me stumpt to ..
  12. Take good advise, I'm suprised at what some people will do..Try Not to Burn your House Down ! Leaving wallworts plugged in is not safe ! I also recently had a CFL nearly catch fire left the room for 5 min came back to a room full of smoke given a few more min I'm sure it would have been in flames..So you want to keep an eye on those as well...Have Fun Be Safe !
  13. JATO

    Sears Video Arcade II

    I have located the rectifier diodes and replaced with 1N4002 . I contacted Best Electronics and thay say no schematics for the SVAII where found in the Atari engineering department.. There must be some somewhere...
  14. JATO

    Sears Video Arcade II

    I opened another console and the glass diodes have been replaced with 1N4002 so as i suspected the glass diodes are not heavy enough.. My reason for looking for an answer about the power supply is I wan't to use a supercharger on this console and I have a PS2 controller adapter using some current as well..Also looking at spec sheets the regulator can be replaced with a L7805CV 1.5 amp replacement that I use in other consoles..I ask Best Electronics and thay have no schematics, they said they didn't find any when clearing Atari enginerring department. So it looks like we are not going to have any schematics to go by.. Mod your console at your own risk ! I am working with a experimental cosole that i got very cheep..
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