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  1. Sim racing on triple screen setup: why did I wait so long?

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    2. cuda_man


      Home built, i7-4790K quad core @4Ghz (liquid cooled), 16 GB RAM, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 3 Dell 27in. gaming monitors.  


      I've had to do some tweaking with the graphics, since I'm pushing 3 monitors, but it is amazing.  I'll try to get pictures later.  

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Been watching a bit of Jimmy Broadbent recently and have been toying with the idea but not sure I have the space. Even bought Assetto Corsa when it was on offer on Steam. But the force feedback on my Thrustmaster TMX isn't great with AC - works brilliantly with Forza 6 on the Xbone but something's not right with the setup on AC.

    4. cuda_man


      Currently I have a stool with some books leveling the left monitor out, I'll end up moving my rig another desk I have.  I've read that Assetto Corsa has great ffb, but it took a while for me to get it to feel right on my G27.   

  2. I'm partial to ASUS or Gigabyte motherboards, Nvidia video, and Corsair cooling. Back in the mid-late 90's when I worked in tech before getting into teaching technology, I preferred Rendition video cards and Aureal A3D sound, since many of the Papyrus racing sims utilized them. I wish someone would find out a way to make a Rendition Verite wrapper, then I can play SODA Off Road in it's best state!
  3. Finally got time to get my old PS2 Logitech GT Force Pro set up with DriveHub, so I've been tinkering with Project CARS, Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 3. I'm thinking about getting Project CARS 2 or Dirt Rally 2.0 or NASCAR Heat 3, since I loved Dirt 2 Daytona and the addition of dirt track racing.
  4. Rendition Verite 2. Almost every sim racer had one, as most of the Papyrus sims exclusively supported it for 3d graphics. I knew after firing up classics like NASCAR Racing 2 and SODA Off Road that PC gaming would never be the same! Aureal 3D sound. Like the Rendition, Papyrus sims also supported A3D. With a 5:1 speaker system, being able to hear a car on your quarter panel was amazing!
  5. Yep, North American Philips, later Philips Consumer Electronics. Their former headquarters were just outside of Knoxville, off I-40 exit 396 in Strawberry Plains. The old sign still overlooking I-40 East still shows the labelscar from those days.
  6. Finally found an old enough CD-R drive to burn this to. Wow! Beautiful game! and fun too! Great job!
  7. I have a good, working Solaris, and in better condition! the one I swapped was dead, wouldn't work and was in rough shape. The DKJr. cart had also seen better days. Believe me, I would have NEVER swapped a good Solaris. Solaris is my favorite 2600 game! And yes, I do like DKJr. from time to time.
  8. I had a Donkey Kong Junior (red label) with a broken tab, making it near impossible to insert into my composite modified six switcher. I had a Solaris that didn't work, cleaning and other measures couldn't bring it back to life. So I swapped the Solaris board with the DKJr. First time I every took a cart apart, which was hard for me to believe considering the way I like to tinker. Good job rescuing your games, Gorfcadet!
  9. Awesome! Sadly, my Star Wars Arcade cart doesn't work, tried cleaning and all
  10. Beautiful! I like your techniques. I'm restoring a light sixer too! I added the appropriate zener diodes to the joystick caps and am going to make antistatic covers for the switches, since the RIOT had to be replaced. I got the composite mod, but I'm going to keep the parts I remove so it can be reversible, including not cutting on the case. Keep up the good work!
  11. I bought an RP3 Model B at a "local" (closest an hour away) Target last weekend. Got Retropie running, and decided to delved into cramming it into a Atari Flashback 1 Mini 7800 case. Going to go with USB right now instead of 9 pin controller ports, I tried to get the Mini 7800 sticks working with GPIO with no success, and I would be limited anyway. I'll probably buy a 2600daptor to use real Atari controllers and my old trusty Xbox360 controllers. I have successfully gotten the difficulty, select, pause, and reset buttons to work via GPIO! Got to get a few more parts together and working before I get the drill and Dremel out. I've wanted one of these for a while, so glad I finally got one!
  12. Test Drive: LeMans 24 Hours is awesome! I played it to death on the Dreamcast, then got it for the PS2. Very fun game.
  13. cuda_man

    JI Nostalgia

    I posted there regularly beginning around 1997. I still have my collection, though right now boxed up in storage. I'm glad to see many JI posters here.
  14. I had the SNES version when it first came out, before I owned a Jaguar. When I was in high school (ca. 1993-4) I used to waste time dreaming up plays on notebook paper to try in the play editor. I enjoyed the SNES version, and IMHO some of the music and sounds are a little better. But I like the improved graphics, bigger sprites, and overall feel of the Jaguar version. I played two seasons, one in which I won with the Cowboys, and one with the Bengals in which I came up short in the Super Bowl. Getting the Bengals there was a real challenge!
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