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  1. Last item missing from my TI-released command module collection. A long shot I know, but gotta try.
  2. Just putting feelers out to see if anyone is considering selling their Mega STe in the near future. I don't haggle, so please don't; ask me to make an offer. Pricing is the sellers job, so name your best price and I'll either accept it or not - without the endless and annoying back and forths to get there. Already have Atari monitors and and mice, so just looking for the base unit and a keyboard. Shipping will be to Canada, so you must be willing to ship across the border. To save duty and taxes (USMCA who?), preference will be given to Canadian sellers. To save 220 to 120 conversion, no European units please.
  3. Medium Rez compatible? And does 640x200 display as a half screen native or full screen stretched? If this allows both Medium and Low rez full screen then it will be a must-buy item, and I'll happily be among the first in line! (high rez would be nice, but a simple cable can still provide a decent VGA monochrome output, so not as important as medium rez)
  4. In commemoration of Netflix's reboot of the 1960's Irwin Allen schlock sci-fi series "Lost in Space", thought I'd post a short CyberPaint SEQ file I created 30 years ago (nearly to the day) in honour of the misadventures of the Space Family Robinson. I have also included a later AVI file where I added sound. This was done back in the days of Win95, so I don;t remember all the software I used to move the SEQ over to the PC for editing, but I do know I started by saving each frame of the SEQ as a PI1, and then converting these pics to Gem IMG format. The sequence was rebuilt using a simple slideshow program, and add the sound (which I created using CoolEdit Pro). I used to play with Cyberpaint quite a bit, but this is the first time I've shared any of my animation projects. Hope someone enjoys it. LIS.zip
  5. Emailed him today...just hard to get him to commit to a pick-up date - and seeing as funds are VERY limited right now, I could easily throw the money at something far less useful (like groceries) if he doesn't set a new date soon. He just sold a bunch of stuff on eBay, so I get that he has to get that stuff packed and shipped off first, but I don't plan to be at his place longer than the 2 minutes required to hand him cash and pick up the monitor - hell, I'll probably have a cab waiting out front! At least he IS taking the time to test it before handing off, and that IS worth a couple days extra waiting for. But I know what you mean...I had a 1435 back-in-the-day and absolutely loved it. Just hope his has survived the years well (or at least better than the 1224 that I just killed).
  6. Thank you Sir.... Feel like an idiot though...I had actually been to that site in my search, but didnèt scroll down far enought to see the st version
  7. I know - talking to oneself is weird. But for posterity and anyone with a similar problem, nope the better-shielded cord did not do anything for the problem. After about two hours of use the internal drive starts going wonky (*works perfectly for those couple of hours, suggesting that as the PSU heats up, the power output becomes unstable affecting the drive (ram discs continue to work fine until the whole system becomes unstable about an hour after the drive starts to error out.). New PSU, not a new cord IS needed. next pay.
  8. Already figured I'd keep the cord if no one local wanted the monitor. Hadn't thought of the case badge!...yuppers gonna keep that now that you mention it! (have a "Built for Windows 10" badge on my toilet - the only place I could find that was suitable)
  9. Well I was supposed to be picking up a SC1435 this week-end, but I haven't heard from the guy yet. If I don;t her back from him by Sunday night, I could be interested in one of those SC1224's if you'd like to part with one.
  10. Just thought I'd post a follow up to the post I started and say that I replaced the ST's stock power cord with a spare that came with my PCs 1200w PSU (the thing is mega-shielded - thickest cord I'd ever seen) and that has gone a long way towards cooling down the ST's PSU. Hasn;t been long enough to know if it has absolutely cured my problems, but I accidentally left the ST on overnight (which would have meant waking up to a corrupted system a few days ago) and when I got up this morning everything was stable, and the case while warm (expected, since I had not re-installed the PSU/memory cover/shield), was not hot to the touch as it had been. Think I may have found a cheap fix until I can pick up a replacement PSU. Just thought I'd post my results since I had originally not even thought about a 30 year old power cord possibly being the culprit, and figured it might help someone else (old and senile like me) with similar issues down the road.
  11. The Red "gun" on my SC1224, leaving me only the GB of the RGB. Luckily someone I've purchased from in the past has an SC1435 available that I'll pick up tomorrow. which leaves the question of what to do with this SC1224. Being the old fart that I am, I remember the days of Tube TV's where everything was repairable, but I'm not so sure about 80's/90's era CRT VDT's. I also hate to see an Atari monitor end up in electronics recycling, since there are likely so few of them left now, 30 years after their manufacture. So if there is someone in the Toronto area (I have no intention of shipping it anywhere). that would like it for parts or repair, and is willing to pick it up (Bathurst/Eglinton), it's yours for the outrageous price of $0 (plus 15 % tax) If I don't get a reply to this or a PM within the next week, it's being put out on electronics-waste pick up day. I'm only posting this on Atariage,
  12. It wasn't jealousy on my part....I just became sick of all the pointless Commodore/Atari bashing back in the day, and I usually found Amiga and Mac users to be insufferable snobs about their systems. Even to this day reading the comments on Youtube "Let's Compare" videos clearly shows that Atari fans are far less likely to berate the Amiga than the reverse being true. Amiga fans still openly chide the ST 30 years later! I mean c'mon! (and don't forget that we're talking the days of EGA graphics, so it was usually PC users that were jealous! You just had to show them the 16 bit version of Test Drive - a game they used to love to use to showcase DOS gaming!)
  13. I know that most ST software still falls under copyright restrictions, but it makes it hard that one can't simply go down to the local Best Buy and purchase an ST game title. In the case of these two though, I have posted a WANTED ad in the marketplace, so my questions may be moot (if someone responds and sells me originals) First, are there any image copies of Oxyd that run on real Iron?? I would really like to get that game again (my Bolo is getting lonely), but I've tried every one I can find seems to suffer from gameplay disabling protection. I'm looking for the original Oxyd, not any of the sequels (I'm sure they're good, but I need a hit of nostalgia, not something new) Second, is it possible to create floppies of disc 2 & 3 of Stardust. I have an HD copy, but I haven't purchase a hard drive yet (soon though, using discs sucks!) and the disc layouts of discs 2 & 3 confuse the hell out of FloImg. Anyway, if such topics are taboo because of DCMA legislation, moderators can feel free to delete this post, but hopefully someone will PM me in the interim to either offer me original for sale or assist in getting existing images to work. Thanks.
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