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  1. I have a few new old stock original Colecovision coiled controller cables, PM if interested.
  2. Well then just go here and do that! Electronic copies of them all https://archive.org/details/electronic-games-magazine And lots more too: https://archive.org/details/gamemagazines
  3. OK, well I would not consider anything less than $25 per issue, and the 4 special ones are worth about $100 each. It's an instant collection, so I guess you are paying a premium for all the work that was involved in assembling them into one cohesive collection. I bought many of the issues on eBay many years ago, and bought most of them a second time to get better copies, because I am very picky about condition. Maybe I am crazy and no one will pay that much, but maybe there is someone out there that really wants to have this in one shot, easy peasy. Makes a great gift!
  4. Yes, those issues are the tough ones. I love reading them, but it's time to pass the baton.........
  5. Up for your consideration, an instant collection of 41 Electronic Games Magazines from 1981-1985, all bagged and boarded, all in very good OR BETTER condition. This contains the Premier Issue #1 - Winter 1981 and EVERY OTHER PUBLISHED ISSUE thereafter. At the end of the run, the title was changed to Computer Entertainment, and the final 4 issues of that are also included. The magazine was generally published monthly in it's heyday, however the videogame crash of the early to mid 80's had it's affect on the industry and the magazine, so they went to a bi-monthly schedule for a while there. Also included are three VERY HARD TO FIND bonus issues: the 1983 Buyers Guide, the 1983 Software Encyclopedia and the 1984 Software Encyclopedia. I've had these in my collection for many years, but I've made the decision to sell them - now it's time to pass the torch to someone else who will enjoy them like I used to. After viewing the pictures please send me a PM, as I will consider REASONABLE offers for the ENTIRE LOT. If you have interest in purchasing an entire full collector set of any of the other 80's videogame magazines, because right now I have them all in my collection, please let me know and perhaps we can work something out.
  6. I'd like to get it repaired, can't do it myself unfortunately. Since there doesn't seem like much in the way of options for that, i have to sell it. Probably going to sell it in 3 pieces, console only, wraps, and controller. I know a working controller goes for a pretty good amount so I may have to go that way. Probably will unload a few of my other Vextrex items at that time, like the VecFlash cart I have too.
  7. Will the cap kit fix a Vectrex that has the white dot/no display issue or is something else needed?
  8. Clean Vextrex with working controller and adorned with Yasi/Protector wraps (these are from 2007 I believe). Unfortunately the Vectrex does not display any image at all, not even a dot, but you still hear the sounds from the built in Minestorm game when you power it on. Sadly I cannot fix this but maybe you can. $175 local pick up in Queens NY or we'll have to arrange for shipping in the neighborhood of $25-$30 depending on where you are.
  9. OK, $100 for the GIM, and I will do the other 2 wico controllers in the boxes for $25 each. So $150 for all 3, I'll estimate shipping (the GIM is very heavy) for your zipcode if anyone takes this offer.
  10. I have other joysticks I might put here if there is interest. Cash only offers only please, not considering trades at this time.
  11. I figured I'd put these up for sale here first, if no one wants them the I can try eBay. Boxed Wico Ball controller, Boxed Wico Bat controller, and Boxed Gim Electronics Fire Command, all in nice condition but not recently tested. PM your reasonable offers and we'll see where it goes. Buy one, both or all 3. Need to liquidate some collection items. :-(
  12. These are NOS, I have several of each. $10 each. $3.00 shipping for one, $4.00 for 2 or more. Thanks for looking.
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