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  1. Hello How Can I Start Freddy.dsk ? I Have tried TI Basic and TI Extended Basic on Emuator Thank You
  2. Hi with EA3 I cannot load # I/O error 7 # any idea ? thanks
  3. Yes, This Not-Renaming-Capabilty of Messages Is A Bit Annoying, I Also Use The Messenger as an "eMailer", Not For "Topcis" At All.
  4. Thanks. My Issue Is That I Have To Click The Thumb, Then It Opens, The I have To Scroll To The Right, The Scroll Down, Then Click "Save", Then A New Tab Opens, Then RightClick The Pic, Say Save, Click OK, Then Have To Close The Tab, And When Landing Back on The Post I Have To Scroll Up Or Down To Refind The Post With The Thumbs Because It Was Moved AnyWhere Up Or Down. (IE & Mozilla) On Other Websites I RightClick A Pic, Say Save, Click OK, And Ready
  5. Maybe Its Up To Me, But I Need About 10 Or 12 Clicks Just To Save A Picture To My Harddisk, From A Post, Scrolling The Pic To The Save-Button On Lower Right Included
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