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  1. Sounds like you got the lower-quality knock-off nipples. I've been impressed with some of the higher quality KO nips that have slipped out of China in recent months. But I digress...
  2. Hey CPUWIZ sorry all that you're going through. Ive always enjoyed our convos and am sending you good thoughts and vibes. You are awesome and hope to see you back at full force!!! In the spirit of our past conversations, here is the gist of them all lol....
  3. +1000 for -^Cro§Bow^- He modded my 7800 with SVideo. He went that extra mile and kept me updated along the way! If you need a system modded, this is your guy!!!! I can't recommend him highly enough!!!!
  4. So if I have an Intellivoice hooked up, do I get different sound effects and voices? This looks awesome and I will definitely be in for CIB copies of your games when pre-order is available!
  5. Meatoo!!! I'd love a CIB copy!!
  6. Yes, just S-Video out would be fine (I assume S-Video and composite out would cost more). I would like to have the proper audio balance from an S-Video mod as I've read when a 7800 is modded, the Pokey can be too low or too loud. And I do have a spare 7800 I could ship out to someone if it'll save a few bucks. I want a good quality S-Video mod.
  7. Thank you everyone!!!!!! Thank!!!
  8. Also, someone was selling a 3 DVD set of How to Win at Home Video Games years ago. I'd love a copy of this too if it's possible!
  9. *edit: new wanted ad! I hear that the UAV video mods are awesome! But I'm wanting an S-Video 7800 with the right audio balance. I'm looking for the system and power supply only. Thanks!
  10. Got mine today and I'm AMAZED by it!!! I had to do a brief game play on my channel, crappy RF and all!! I can't wait to go thru this in co-op with moycon!! Awesome job!!!!!!!
  11. I...............................I need this game!!!!!!!!!
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