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  1. FROGS IS BACK! Or better to say: Jan has completed the second batch of 4-Joystick adapters! So FROGS is gain ready for being ordered and shipped at www.hd-videofilm.com/retrobox And of course the free download is also available – with a lovely little “DONATE” button on its side. So have fun and FROG UP YOUR LIFE! P.S.: If you play FROGS at a party, make some videos! I would love to see a party review!!!
  2. Haha! I will not tell how to unlock it! This is up to the box owners I hope someone does it in a creative way! :) But I will share some great reviews und unboxing Videos! In the first you see the MEGAPARTY MODE in action. RetroGamerNation: Gears of Games: (Unfortunatly the colours in the menu are off in this video - please start FROGS from ST-LOW resolution to avoid this Problem! There is a warning at the beginning of the game, if the resolution switch detects this) Unboxing at Jungsis Corner! Have fun and party!!!Boxed Version at www.hd-videofilm.com/retrobox
  3. Yes, FROGS is out for some week as a free download at https://www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs. And so is Zatacka. Download will stay free - and that kind of defeats the point of making a SD Card Version. The Box Version should be to bring back that original feeling with a real floppy for a classic game. (There is actualy a "box only" package for my other game "ANARCHO Ride" - because it would need 4 floppies, that would be impractical in 2018) If you like a Video to see the game in action: there is a longer review video out there of the teaser Version - And this one Shows the hidden MEGAPARTY MODE - 6 frogs (in this case i am playing against the AI) And I hope more review videos will come soon!
  4. Big hands up to all ATARI ST fans! FROGS + ZATACKA ST + ST4PLAYER Joystick adapter and more ATARI ST boxed games and other stuff is now available: www.hd-videofilm.com/retrobox A webshop dedicated to ATARI ST games! J in 2018! Have fun!!! And in case you haven´t heard about it: FROGS is a 4 player party game (www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs) But the boxed version comes with instructions how to unlock the MEGAPARTY MODE for up to 6 player action. And if this is not enough, it also comes bundled with Zatacka ST (www.hd-videofilm.com/zatacka) – for more 4 player action. And the ST4PLAYER adapter is compatible to several classic multiplayer player games – like Gauntlet II and Dynablaster just to name a few. FROGS full review https://www.atarilegend.com/games/games_reviews_detail.php?review_id=149 Please share the news! Disclaimer: I have red several times, that everything looks so professional. YES, I am a professional film-editor and marketing guy, and I like my things stand up to my own standards. But please keep in mind, that everything in the background is handled manually by me. I am not Amazon or Ebay so things may take a little longer. But I will try my best to give every ATARI ST fan a great and fun time! Thomas
  5. Here comes an update on FROGS for ATARI STe! While the free download is out for some time , I am almost done in preparing the boxed version! And I decided to go even further: - FROGS will come together with Zatacka ST in the ATARI ST Multiplayer Power pack – with or without a parallel port adapter for 4 joysticks. It will be a nice flip-over box and flip over manual. - I have made an ANARCHO Ride box – based on my initial design study. It will come with a printed manual and printed floppy stickers. I have only printed a small number of boxes and only 5 of these will contain the 4 Floppys and a special present as the “Limited Special Edition”. - And I will bring back Laserball as a second edition box. Also with the printed manual. I have extended my existing business so I can sell these Boxes in an official online store. (is there any other “software company” out there focussing on ATARI ST games in 2019??? ) Therefore all sales will be bound to EU/Austrian Tax and customer protection regulations. But please be gentle! I am not Amazon! Boxes and Joystick Adapters are made by hand. There will be just a very small stock and there might be waiting times – depending on the demand. But I will do my best to make 2019 a great year for ATARI ST fans! I will post the link to the shop as soon as I am ready to send out the first boxes! Stay tuned! Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thomas / ANARCHO Ride Laboratories P.S: Here is a !
  6. Sorry, TeamTap is not supported at this time. It may or may not come with the next update.
  7. Btw: If you are interested in getting this box, please let me know here: http://www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs/boxed-version/
  8. FROGS for STe V1 is ready for download! 2018 is a great year for ATARI STe fans! FROGS might not be the technical masterpiece the likes of r0x zero or Escape 2042. FORGS is just FUN FUN FUN!!! Multiplayer FUN FUN FUN!!! Get up to four players for full frog pond action! Or battle against the computer! You have a family and like to show your kids the computer of your youth? Head out to the frogpond! FROGS is compatible with the ST4PLAYER adapter on the parallel port. You can also combine the keyboard and Jagpads into the action. You can even connect two ATARI ST(e) with MIDI cables for a gaming network. You can easily configure emulators for 4 controllers and the MIST FPGA ATARI ST core is ready for four joysticks from the getgo! ENJOY! Free download: www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs - donations welcome And if you have original hardware but no ST4PLAYER adapter, the stay tuned for the release of the ATARI ST Multiplayer Powerpack: Boxed Version of FROGS + Zatacka ST (www.hd-videofilm.com/zatacka) + ST4PLAYER Adapter + a shiny colourful manual and other goodies!
  9. Hi to all ATARI Fans. It has been a while since my last news! But the time has come for a bigger ANARCHO Ride Update for the ATARI STe/Falcon! “ANARCHO Ride - New Horizons” brings… well… new horizons! One thing that was always missing in ANARCHO Ride was a proper horizon projection. Now it is here! And it comes with Expansion Pack 2! New tracks mainly made during the OFAM2016 ATARI Party. And this will be a growing expansion pack… Hopefully while visiting more ATARI Parties I get more inspirations for more craziness! And there is even more! Laserball has a new language update! Czech! And ANARCHO Ride is expected to get a Czech version as well very soon! http://www.hd-videofilm.com/anarcho http://www.hd-videofilm.com/laserball Enjoy!
  10. New Anarcho Ride Evolution Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2_gBIkENh0
  11. Hi! ANARCHO Ride got a small Christmas service update!!! V1.01 It is mainly fixing some small things: - Automatic memory setup for 1MB machines - Blitter - automatic activation if present but deactivated – ideal for TOS 2.06 - SETUP.PRG - Auto create ANARCHO folder bug fixed. - New language: Bad Mood English - rated R Known issues: - TOS 2.06 + more than 4MB Ram: SETUP.PRG crashes. There is no change in the Gameplay coming with this update. If your ANARCHO RIDE runs fine, there is no reason for download beside the new language. Find instructions who to update an existing ANARCHO Ride installation on the Download page www.hd-videofilm.com/anarcho Have FUN!
  12. The Ride goes online full of crazy ideas and madness!!! • Basic Game V1.0 (8 Levels, 4 Cars) • Expansion Pack 1 (9 Levels, 3 Cars) Game Trailer It comes in multiple Languages: • English (G/Q) • German (G/Q) • Spanish (BETA, G) • Polish (G) • Vorarlbergerisch (G) G – Game Text, Q – Quest Explanations More languages and language updates to be expected soon. Free Download at http://www.hd-videofilm.com/anarcho With special thanks to JoanAM and Piotr for the Spanish and Polish translation! The game has now been successfully tested on • Physical machines: ATARI STe, Falcon, CT60, MIST • Emulators: STeem, Hatari, Hataroid Special hint for users of emulators, simulated hardware and/or MIST: make sure that the TOS Version matches the emulated hardware. Make sure that the Game has full writing access to the Floppy/Harddrive simulation.
  13. Hi! Yes! there are Boxes left! just go to the homepage. www.hd-videofilm.com/laserball "boxed Version" General information: As soon as I don't have boxes left, the "order option" will disappear from the website. Look out for ANARCHO RIDE!!! www.hd-videofilm.com/anarcho
  14. Hi! Yes. This game will run perfectly fine from a harddrive. It does not have an "installer". Just copy the complete folder form the Floppy to the harddrive and start form there. Or directly download the "Zip Folder version" from the homepage. Have fun!
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