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  1. Hi, does anyone know a good place to get a quality replacement label for Nintendo 64 games? I saw some on eBay from different sellers and they are reasonably priced but I'm not sure what I'm going to get. Any thoughts? I recently found a Conker's Bad Fur Day on OfferUp for $40, drove too far to get it and when I got there, it wasn't pretty. I should've walked away but I was excited to play it again. The cartridge barely fit into my system due to what looked like someone trying to get into it without the proper tool. The good news is that it works great and I just switched it to a 1080 Snowboarding shell that for some reason I had three of. I don't know if I'd do it all again with everything that will end up going into it but I'm on a N64 kick recently and it's nice to have it again. If I'm honest, I get this strange feeling that I rescued the game and can give it a new life. I know, it's weird.
  2. Greetings, I haven't been to AtariAge in a while and it's nice to look around. I have a complete Water Ski for the 7800, it's in working condition. I guess these aren't worth as much as they used to be but make me an offer. I was thinking of putting it on ebay but there are quite a few cartridges posted.
  3. I'm keeping the system for sure, it will go great with the mini SNES I found at a yard sale for $3 several years back. This will free up a regular NES that I don't need now so I can get some of the $60 back by getting rid of that. I need to find another dogbone controller now.
  4. I found this stuff on Offer Up this morning, two ads from the nicest lady. I had to drive 40 minutes each way but well worth it. She had $60 on the Top Loader and games & $25 on the Game Boy games, I paid full price $85. I messaged within the first 5 minutes and got both, she said that a ton of people kept messaging her but she wants to honor the first person to commit to buy.....so nice! I'm not usually this lucky, especially with online stuff but today was a good day.
  5. SOLD I have eight Blu-Ray's that have never been opened. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a 2 disc Criterion Collection - Hit & Run has a Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy. Great deal, check picture for titles. Thanks!
  6. I just sold a Fight Night on ebay for $35 plus shipping, this is a good deal for $50 shipped.
  7. I know this is a weird lot but I don't have a way to test either of these. They look like they'd work fine, I cleaned the contacts. The Frogger II has some wear to the label as shown, the end label could be glued down a bit but I'll leave that to the new owner. I have good feedback here and on ebay, links are at the bottom of this post. It's a pretty good deal for $20 shipped, message me if interested.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272674187165?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Is anyone interested in a label variation Atari 7800 game? The box shows some wear even though it is still sealed. I'll take less than half price if you'd like to buy it from me here on AA. I can do $11 plus the $4 shipping which is: $15 TOTAL
  9. Can anyone confirm that the Frogger II in the picture is for the Commodore 64? At first glance I thought it was the Atari computer but now that I got it home, it looks too big. Thanks!
  10. I found some cool games last weekend at my local swap meet in Phoenix. Then, I found a few cartridges at a local used record store earlier today. I'm selling most of this - only keeping "The Warriors" PSP game that's sealed, Zelda Ocarina for Gamecube and maybe the Cave Story 3D. The games I found just today are: $2 THE DUKES OF HAZZARD - ColecoVision $2 FROGGER II: Threedeep - Commodore 64? (I think) $1 ADVENTURE (Sears Pic Label) - Atari 2600 $3 CRYSTALIS - GameBoy (can't get to work) $18 CAVE STORY 3D (w/ Case and Manual) - Nintendo 3DS These are the games I found last weekend: $15 DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA 2 (Complete) - PS2 $3 SHADOW HEARTS (Complete) - PS2 $3 KLONOA 2: LUNATEA'S VEIL (Complete) - PS2 $7 ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME MASTER QUEST (Disc and Case) - Gamecube $7 ZELDA: WINDWAKER (Disc and Case) - Gamecube $7 MARIO KART: DOUBLE DASH (Disc and Bad Case) - Gamecube $3 FAMILY FEUD: 2012 EDITION (Complete) - Wii $7 POKEPARK (Complete) - Wii $7 ULTIMATE GHOSTS 'N GOBLINS (Complete) - Sony PSP $7 THE WARRIORS (New and Factory Sealed Rockstar Game) - Sony PSP **not shown**
  11. Hi, which games do you think will go out of production and be the best long-term investment? I've been concentrated on Wii games for a few years and made some good decisions. I bought a few each of these for $20 each: Pikmin 2, Fishing Resort, GTI Club, Rune Factory Frontier and for $12 each, I got a few Ivy The Kiwi. I have a Best Buy game rewards account and get 20% off any new game which is a great deal. I know they don't have some games but overall, it's been a great investment to join their club. I also buy DS and 3DS games as I find Nintendo to be easier to "predict" than other platforms. I'd like to save many of these for my kids. I'm thinking of getting a couple of Shovel Knight for the PS Vita, I don't think it will be available in stores and it's only $25 plus shipping which I think is $4. I bought a few of that title for the 3DS awhile back too.
  12. *SOLD* Hi, does anyone need an Atari 7800 RealSports Baseball with the 'Baseball' in black letters? It's new and sealed, I'm assuming the lettering on the cartridge is also black, but cannot say for sure since it is unopened. This variation is much harder to find than the version with white lettering, especially being new and sealed. I'll accept offers, I have no idea how much these go for. I haven't seen one on eBay that is new or even with the box. Thanks!
  13. EDIT: SOLD I have a Tank Command cartridge on ebay for $120 plus shipping however am willing to go $100 shipped for any AtariAge member that doesn't mind doing the PayPal as a gift. I'll link to the auction so you can see the pictures and my feedback, thanks for looking! http://www.ebay.com/itm/TANK-COMMAND-Very-Rare-Game-for-Atari-7800-System-by-Froggo-Games-TESTED-/272396949202?
  14. I stopped by a Pawn Shop yesterday and saw about 5 Atari 7800 games by their end label only. I was shocked to see "Froggo Games" on one of the end labels and it wasn't Water Ski. I've found Tank Command in the wild before but only when I lived back east in Pennsylvania and only in the early 2000's. I was very surprised to find it in Phoenix, AZ at a Pawn Shop that I assumed would look on ebay or something before selling. The Atari games were all priced at the same amount, $9.99 - and the price sticker says it's "Sega" which may be why they couldn't find it if they did look it up. I already have this game CIB and I have an extra manual somewhere to so maybe $120 on ebay?
  15. I remember many years ago finding this exact game for 50 cents at a local used media/book store called Bookmans. This was a time that they didn't really check everything on ebay or amazon before putting it out for sale, you could still find a good deal. I didn't collect for the O2 but have been into Atari for a very long time so knew that a sealed game by a third party company had to be worth more than what I paid. If memory serves, I believe I sold it for around $60 - $65 on ebay. It was a few years later that I came across a strange looking TRS-80 cartridge called Katerpillar Attack and bought it for under $5. It turned out to be one of the only known copies to exist and I knew this because the guy from Digital Press bought it and added it to the master game list with a rarity of 10 and last time I saw the site, it still said that only a couple are known to be in collections. What does this have to do with the story above, I sold this game on ebay as well and got nearly the exact price that I did for the 50 cent O2 game. I regret selling the TRS-80 cartridge now, it turned out to be a really neat, fun feeling to find that game and what fwas like a rediscovery for the vintage gaming community. I don't have any idea if the game is worth more or less now and although I rarely regret or even like to use that word but it's the one game that if I could undo one transaction from my past, I would pay the same to get it back. Oh yeah, if you find a sealed game for a system you collect but don't keep games sealed......sell it to "those people" and buy another used copy. You will most likely have a lot more money.
  16. I made some changes and explained things a bit better (hopefully). Please PM me if you have any questions or confused by anything, thanks!
  17. EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN SOLD, THANK YOU! **SOLD** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone! I have one Nintendo eShop download code for sale at $20, you can choose from several Nintendo 3DS titles or a Wii U game. The games are all the full version just as they would be if you bought them new at a retail store or at the Nintendo eShop, of course the difference between buying digital versus the actual disc or cartridge is a totally different opinion which I have my own idea about but this isn't the thread for that. I can only get one game so the first one to buy gets their choice of titles, I won't have anymore. I would like to point out that the Wii U game is the "best deal" if you're looking at how much these cost from the eShop or even the new retail price, it's a $49.99 title and I believe even the eShop normally charges tax so it's actually worth over $50. The Wii U title is "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze". If you're like me and only have a 3DS, the best title in my opinion is "Yoshi's New Island" because it's a fun game and one of the two highest priced titles at nearly $40 but seems to be more difficult to find at stores, especially if looking for used. The other 3DS title worth about $40 is "Mario Party: Island Tour" but I've never played and don't think it received the best reviews. The prices shown between the brackets ( [ ] ) are the eShop cost although I believe the regular retail version at the store for a New game is the same or very close. I don't own a Wii U and the 3DS choices I either already have or don't interest me. PM me and I can get the game code you'd like ASAP after the PayPal is received. Thanks for looking! $20 PayPal for your choice of game title code, here are the titles: Wii U - DONKEY KONG COUNTRY: TROPICAL FREEZE [$49.99] <--------BEST DEAL 3DS - YOSHI'S NEW ISLAND [$39.99] 3DS - MARIO PARTY: ISLAND TOUR [$39.99] 3DS - ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW LEAF [$29.99] 3DS - MARIO GOLF: WORLD TOUR [$29.99] 3DS - NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 [$29.99] 3DS - ULTIMATE NES REMIX [$29.99]
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