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  1. The fighting game I've been working on for some time takes a bit longer then expected due to having to learn DPC+ but it's going well. I got a pretty big selection of characters so far and a working fighting system. You can't lose yet, though and there is only 1 placeholder stage. There are also no special moves. Controls: Select a character by moving left and right on the joysticks. Push the joystick button to jump into the fight. Move with left and right. Jump kick by moving up. Kick by moving down Punch by pushing the button. 2 player only. Characters: Character biographies Kyu Kyu is one of the participants of the Atari Tournament. He fights to seek revenge on his father who was killed by Dr. Kung Fu who is hosting the tournament. Ren When Ren was about 9 years old, his father, a rich car salesman, thought that his son needed to learn about discipline, or his son would become a spoiled brat all of his life and try to leech onto the family fortune. In order to do so, his father sent Ren to China to train under his best friend, the mysterious Dr. Kung Fu. At first, Ren was very hesitant to learn from Dr. Kung Fu, wanting to go back to the United States, but later began to respect his master. Battle McWar When McWar was a trainee in the United States marine, he befriended his superior officer, George Mash and asked him to teach him in his unique form of fighting, which George agreed to do. McWar learned the style, but his hot temper caused him to lack proficiency in the moves. Dr. Kung Fu It is said that Dr. Kung Fu was at one point nothing more than a young martial artist like any other but with overwhelming ambitions, so in order to be the best in the world of martial arts, Dr. Kung Fu murdered his own master before giving in to complete insanity. Ninjor A youthful and talented man from Tokyo, Ninjor began training in Ninjitsu from the age of six, eventually developing his own form, and fought on the streets to sharpen his skills until he caught the eye of a movie director, who got him into the movie business. Mr. Mask Mr. Mask is a national Russian wrestler. The President promised Mr. Mask the country's full support in exchange for traveling around the world and showing off the might of the Soviet Union. Pitfall Harry Once an explorer, he got lost in the jungles and was long thought of dead but has now emerged and entered the Atari Tournament with his new found fighting skills he learned from the native tribes in the jungles. Early demo: Street Brawler 0.0.3.bin
  2. Ah cool, thanks for the help =)
  3. Thanks for the help! Sounds very hard indeed.
  4. Well, I have no musical talent when it comes to the 2600, but I want to make a song that sounds like something. If I wanted to do a musical jingle that sounded like a tune, like I don't know, the baby elephant walk or stuff like that, do you just listen to the song and try to get the notes down? Or how do you work with music? Cover your ears for my master composition: music_test_eee98faa-acdc-43a7-99fe-e775e6e77445.bas.bin
  5. Is it possible to have the healthbars in 2 colors? I'm sure I've seen a game before that had a lifebar/timebar that was one color and as it decreased the amount decreased turned red.
  6. Okay, the number of characters are slowly increasing, yay!
  7. True, not sure if I want 2 buttons to be honest =)
  8. Things are going pretty well with the DPC+ kernel. The fighting system is robust but a bit limited, but that can't be helped with only 1 button, hehe. I love DPC+, you can get so much color! I really need to do better character models.
  9. Looking really good so far! I'm coming along nicely with porting over my version into DPC+. I got the fighting system down and character selection. But I have yet to do the first stage.
  10. Hm, I noticed that NUSIZ0=$05 works as usual, but not NUSIZ1=$05. What do I need to change to get player1 wider?
  11. Sweet. Hey, how do you work with the playfield? The standard playfield editor only has 10 in height and in DPC you can go much higher.
  12. Now it works, thank you ever so much, Randomterrain, it was the latest version of batari basic I've overlooked. Now I'm playing with power!
  13. Ah, so I should get version 566 then? And I'm guessing I need an even newer version of 2600bas too? Compilation error with version 566: [2015-07-08 17:50:24] saving C:\BatariBasic\Projects\DPC template\ex_dpc_template.bas succeeded. Compile started at 2015-07-08 17:50:24 Compiling C:\BatariBasic\Projects\DPC template\ex_dpc_template.bas 2600 Basic compilation failed! LINE --> set kernel_options collision(player1,playfield) Post compilation files deleted
  14. Hm, I must have done something wrong. I grabbed the "ex_dpc_template" and looked at it, and when I compile it I get a syntax error at: set kernel_options collision(player1,playfield) Must be something wrong with my installation. I got the latest version, I have setup the 2600.bas, emulator and sed accordingly to having Windows 7 64bit. Edit: I deleted everything and downloaded the latest version of VBB again, and I still get the same syntax error =/
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