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  1. Thank you very much for the motivation with the project! I will post pictures soon on what I am doing. Question - Can someone please tell me how you got past the "black screen" on exiting from a game? I have both the interface as well as a keyboard connected, and I am stuck at a black screen upon exiting a game. Any advice would be much appreciated!!! Lastly, has anyone considered using the Flashback's reset button to feed into the GPIO of the Pi as a "reset" command? I Dremeled (if that is a word) the trace on the board to isolate the power ground from the momentary reset circuit. I then soldered a 2 conductor circuit onto it. I have it wound up at the Pi to be ready for when I am ready to connect them. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this question. I have JZIntv running very well on my Raspberry Pi via the RetroPie / Emulation Station. Everything works great, except for the abity to exit back to the Emulation Station launcher. When I press F1 on the keyboard, I get a black screen and it is "stuck" there. The only way I have found to get back to the "launcher" is to remove the power to the Pi and reboot it. I am unable to get to a terminal by pressing F4. I have tried many different things, and am truly stuck. I can pres Esc on the Atari emulation and it goes back to the launcher just fine. I have also tried the ./jzintv from a prompt, and am able to launch a game, and press F1 to leave the game. Since it works fine from a terminal session, I think JZIntv works just fine. I think there is something with regard to the Emulation Station that is causing this. I am running this on a B+ and have the Ultimate Intellivision Interface for the controllers connected as well. Could someone please help me get pointed in the right direction? Thank you very much!!!!!!
  3. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. I am humbled by how nice you guys are. I also appreciate being able to tell more of the "technical details". I will reference this going forward... I also wanted to report back. For fun, I have tried to build the Raspberry Pi using RetroPie several times, and along the way, I thought I would do updates, etc... This is where I went wrong... I tried the basic build, and the original version of BurgerTime2 SuperChef works. So, there is something that became corrupt along the way. I have been learning a lot on which files need .cfg files, and am now down to a small handfull of titles that won't play. Making progress... I plan to install the Pi into one of the flashbacks I have. Thank you again for all of your help!!!!!
  4. Thank you for posting these hints. I really appreciate it! You've helped me get my pi fully baked. Thanks again!
  5. I also tried to change the very first byte from 41 to A8 using HexEdit4 on windows, and still nothing. I've tried changing extension from .ROM to .int (which seems to have helped on some files, that would not otherwise load) but that did not fix on this one.
  6. Hello! I am experiencing an issue with this game as well on emulation. I am setting up my Raspberry pi. Any help would be more than appreciated! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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