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  1. hello all. i just received my flashrom99 today. i highly considered the finalrom99, but being relatively new to the platform, i decided to start out small and work my way up later, as far as gettin acquainted with the library. i love it so far.
  2. Some posting here seem to take it as an insult that the IIgs might not be in the spirit of the Apple II line. They are insulted that it not be considered an Apple II. I would argue that it is not an insult but a compliment. The Apple II+, IIe, and even the IIc had a simplicity to them. On paper, they were not much different than the competition at the time, which costs hundreds less: Indeed the Atari line had the same CPU, The Commodore 64 had a similar CPU. These machines sold for $200 at the time. And they had better sound and graphics to boot. C'mon guys, The graphics and sound on the Apple II line was primitive, even with double Hi-Res. It was an 8 bit system. One of the most popular add-on cards turned it into an 8 bit Z80 CPM machine. But the IIgs technology was on another level! It probably has more in common with a Tandy 1000 than an Apple IIe. Surely, it trounced the IBM PC Jr. and gave the ST and Amiga a good run for the money. Calling it the IIgs hindered the idea that this was a machine worthy of upgrading to. The name and the backward compatibilty prevented this. The general public was confused, software companies rested on their laurels, and the machine did not flourish to the best of its ability. If only Apple had called this wonderful machine the Apple IV...
  3. although i dont have any pictures to prove it, my atari 600XL was in the living room hooked up to a 19" zenith television. i had 12 cartridges that i bought from sears and a 1010 tape drive to save my basic programs. the great thing about looking at these photographs for me, is that, although these machines only cost around $200 in 1983 and 1984, to us kids, they were the most important machines in the world. sure, you can play video games on them, but the programming languages gave you so much more to think about.
  4. surely you are trolling. those who have already filed thier taxes and have direct deposit set up should get their money this month. those who have not filed, or have no bank info on file with the IRS will take longer.
  5. agreed. i picked up a compaq cds 724 with monitor and keyboard on ebay a few months ago for $100 its a 486/66 and there is a huge DOS library out there for it. not being a build your own, it doesn't have all the exciting cards to collect, but it does have a pretty good sound card built onto the motherboard. i bumped the memory up to 96MB, and deleted Windows 3.11 off it.
  6. In my freshman year of high school, I volunteered in the Guidance Office, where I used a Model 4 to enter attendance records. I really enjoyed the interaction with the machine.
  7. most likely. but imagine a scenario where the WDC chip evolves along with the IIGS, and the end result would have been specacularly diffferent!
  8. A friend of mine had the IIgs back in 1990. I did not realize he didn't want it anymore, or I would have made him an offer, but he sold it to some company that bought Apple computers. Then we both went out and bought $1,000 Mac Pluses without knowing the other did so. Looking back, the IIgs was just so much more cool than those early Macintoshes.
  9. In the 1990s, I would check out the Macintosh machines in CompUSA as well as Sears or wherever I came across one. But $2,999 was way out of my budget...
  10. After graduation in 1992, I moved to the Bay Area. There was a great used computer store in Berkeley. I should/could have bought a used IIGS at the time. I also accidently walked into a store selling Amiga software.
  11. spacecadet, same here! i wanted the IIe because thats what they had in the high school lab. didn't even hear about the IIc until i went to the computer store and they sold it to us (in 1984) i think they were even sold out of the IIe the day i went, so rather than go home empty handed we grabbed the IIc. once that decision was made, i couldn't even afford a commodore 64 if i wanted one. i was committed to the apple ecosystem. fortunately, at least five other computer geeks in my high school also had apple II's at home so there were unlimited games available. i did see an early amiga in somebodys garage one day, but i had no idea what it even was - i think i thought it was an IBM clone.
  12. Byte Knight, that is an awesome graduation present! Between the three: the IIe, the IIgs, and then the Mac SE, which was your favorite? For college in 1991, I bought a Macintosh Plus, and then the 20MB external hard drive.
  13. but does it bother you that your poll is now completely bogus? its like asking: is the new corvette a supercar? yes, its a great supercar. no, its a grapefruit. (people can't answer no, its a grapefruit because thats just silly.)
  14. where the prices pretty reasonable back then? i notice they are creeping up now.
  15. I would love to hear from Apple IIgs owners. What made you buy the Apple IIgs? Did you buy it new in 1986? What made you chose the IIgs over the IIe/IIc, Macintosh or IBM? Thanks.
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