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  1. I had a bunch of stupid deaths on the third loop. I sacrificed about six lives to the tank on the first two loops, thinking I'd easily get those lives back through points. Found out I was wrong the hard way. I would agree that it's harder than Contra. Jackal beats up your hand in a way that Contra doesn't and it has a limit on total lives. As far as AI behavior, I'm not sure. Contra really throws out those enemy soldiers at you from both sides on successive loops and either your weapon is weaker or some enemies have higher HP. When I make points runs with Jackal, I tend to take it real slow. No use rushing it. It also helps to have some effective strategies for those choppers on the final stage. I think they're just gone for good. I've never read about them moving locations. It's possible but it makes more sense for them to be one-time grabs.
  2. The first time I played the second loop, the only difference I could discern was the difficulty of the tank. There was either an uptick or its pattern had changed. Further runs, it seemed as if the bullet speed for the soldiers was faster, rate of fire had increased, and they fired sooner. I think those grey cars that chase you might be a tad faster, too. About the lasers, I can't say. During yesterday's run, I figured out that the game stops awarding you free lives once you reach the third loop. My left hand was in shambles by then anyway.
  3. The difficulty increases so I vote in favor of loops.
  4. @asponge Being that the 4th of July weekend is now upon us and that participation has been a bit on the low side for this round (which could also mean that several people simply didn't want to play this game), how do you and the others here feel about extending the deadline? Tuesday, the 6th perhaps? Later? What are everyone's thoughts on it?
  5. Yes, sir. Last year, a YouTube user (very randomly) posted links of his own Kid Niki score on a couple of my videos. Advertising? Bragging? Messing with me? I don't know. It was strange as I didn't know this person and had never interacted with him before. I guess it bothered me enough to make a run of my own. He played by Twin Galaxies settings so I did the same and came away with that score. You are allowed a total of five lives. It mostly comes down to sacrificing them on Round 5.
  6. This game doesn't loop so no need to worry about that.
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