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  1. Thank you! Your score is great and it was pretty frustrating just trying to get close to it. You should definitely give DK Jr. another go!
  2. 374,100 I was aiming for 250,000 points by the seventh loop because I figured that's as good as I could do. Somehow, I ended up in the friggin' letter stages with this score.
  3. 98 (128-30) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYkzYQSUS3o My other run was done on Level 3. This one was completed on the default settings and it beats my previous best by one point. Two birds with one stone.
  4. 1,099,100 (Played according to the rules on Twin Galaxies) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/732517002 Odd story behind this one. Nearly three weeks ago, another user on YouTube posted a link to a recent Kid Niki score of his on an unrelated video of mine...twice. I don't know the guy and have never communicated with him. He just randomly decided to drop links to his Kid Niki score on one of my Batman videos. This irked me a bit. I watched his run (which was labeled a WR, of course). A couple of days later, I decided to beat his score. I was fortunate to succeed on my second attempt. Soon after I uploaded it to YouTube, a bunch of mean spirited comments from two other accounts were posted and deleted. Maybe I should have just ignored him.
  5. Seeing as how there is a time restriction for these competitions, I think this makes sense. Those people figured it out and/or accomplished the task faster, so that would serve as a fair tie breaker.
  6. Unless you can definitively prove otherwise, I wouldn't rule out that possibility. There's a chance that the rate decreases, significantly, until the score is maxed out.
  7. I enjoyed the low score challenge for the first stage. It was also my first time playing it that way and I did find it both fun & interesting. I vote to implement more ideas like this for future rounds.
  8. This is not true. I was still being awarded extra lives past the ninth or tenth loop. Perhaps it was based on completion of a loop and no longer for points. I continued to earn extra lives after maxing out the score.
  9. I do recall looking over at the clock two or three times and thinking a few hours had passed. I didn't take note of when I started, though. It was a lot of Contra. Too much. I'm glad I got that out of the way early on.
  10. Thanks. This was my first attempt at maxing out the score.
  11. I lost count at some point. At the pace I was going, I'd guess that it took me around nine or ten loops.
  12. HSC - 6,553,500 This is the highest possible score.
  13. 115,070 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/717141668 Almost forgot to enter this score. Made a handful of attempts a few days ago and then moved on to different games.
  14. @fakecortex Thanks! It's a personal best for me. A couple of my deaths were silly mistakes. I'll probably give it another go or two later today.
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