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  1. Not sure where that Banana Pi comment came from (especially since there's dozens of varieties being sold). I do know about HDMI to analog converters, but unless you spend the big bucks, chances are there's gonna be quite a bit of lag. Not fun!
  2. In one of Tommy's interviews, I saw someone bring up the question of an analog video port, like that on Xiaomi's Android TV box, or some Rokus. I could see this working well for older TVs, such as those a grandparent might own. But then again, it's most definitely too late to actually implement something like that...
  3. Awesome! I've thought about doing the same thing, except with Berzerk. Odd how Coleco didn't file for that trademark, too, just its sequel.
  4. Yeah, this is pretty neat. I've already downloaded it off Steam, so I'd better play it sometime. From what I'm reading online, particularly this thread on Twitter, it sounds like this reboot had some pretty crappy management: I'm honestly impressed Sega could even salvage anything from the project.
  5. IIRC Coleco Brands is the most recent register of the Bump 'n Jump trademark, just like Space Fury, Pepper 2, Frenzy...but it appears they might have let those claims expire.
  6. Go! Go! Kokopolo DX - A cute "scratch 'em up" that was expected to come to the Switch, but seems to have fallen off the radar: https://nintendoeverything.com/go-go-kokopolo-dx-super-scratch-cat-fever-announced-for-switch/ In fact, the developer himself seems to be MIA as well. But perhaps, it's worth a search, if the game can be switched over to Amico? I know the Kokopolo series has gained somewhat of a cult following, most likely because the developer worked as a designer on Crash Bandicoot and Super Monkey Ball games. (And I rather enjoyed the 3DS version, if I'm honest!) Here's some trailer of the previous games in the series, which make some pretty decent use of dual-screen gameplay:
  7. They've got some funny ones this year! Especially Total Disposal and Duck N' Roll That Mattel Dream Machine, though...Dang!!!
  8. A promising new game studio has been created, born from many of the developers behind Indivisible and Skullgirls: https://www.futureclub.dev/ And they appear to be looking for development or publishing partners! Maybe something for INTV to look into? Clayfighter 4, anyone?
  9. Hey, speaking of that, did those talks with the Crossniq guy ever lead to anything?
  10. A classically styled Yars' sounds awesome, but I really liked the "reboot" too. Any chance that "Yar's Revenge" could be revisited at a later time? Maybe as a remastered version, or even a sequel, if people actually want that?
  11. Just got an idea: how about a restaurant promotion for Amico? Something like Burger King (with that Impossible Whopper), or maybe Subway. It might make a cool kid's meal theme. And maybe there could be something for the grown-ups to munch on!
  12. Ah, I remember that first trailer. Glad to see TJ&E is still on track! I wonder how "that dolphin game" is coming along?
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