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  1. Has the team at Intellivision been monitoring these Warner/Discovery acquisition talks? https://www.psu.com/news/wb-games-being-broken-up-in-new-merger-between-warner-brothers-and-discovery/
  2. Here's a screenshot, if anyone's curious: You can also see a sneak peek at the Glacier White and Graphite Black controllers, as well as the top shell of a couple Vintage Woodgrain systems. The latter seems less metallic and more glossy, when compared to render shots. Not sure how good it's gonna look if they go with that...
  3. This; I feel like something that shows, "See what we mean?" would be very helpful in this ongoing argument.
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth! I considered suggesting this at one point.
  5. You must be thinking of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for PSVR. This Astro's Playroom game is an entirely separate title.
  6. Speaking of Pitfall... Activision is apparently pulling Toys For Bob onto work on the Call of Duty franchise, meaning all of their owned studios will have contributed to COD. Do they even want to own the classic Activision IP's? Maybe Intellivision shouldn't be asking if they want to license them from Activision...but rather, if they want to buy them!
  7. So here is an odd idea: Since Intellivision is releasing certain classics on Evercade, would you be interested in doing the same on certain other platforms? NES and Game Boy are still very popular collector's markets, even to this day. Apparently, someone has made an Intellivision emulator for both, in fact: And then there are those NES ports that Intellivision commissioned for the 2003 plug-and-plays... Do you think retro gamers might be interested in NES or GBC repro carts, featuring a compilation of classic Intellivision titles? (Just as a side venture; maybe partner with Retro-Bit or Limited Run Games?)
  8. I think it was mentioned somewhere that Intellivision has had to turn down certain developer applications, just because they already received so many.
  9. Thanks for letting us know! Are there any plans to address this further at a later time? I'm curious to see exactly how blockchain plays into Amico, particularly in terms of energy consumption. Most current blockchains seem to use a lot of energy for mining tokens, as well as for verifying transactions in the first place. I know Ethereum is planning to unveil ETH 2.0, which hopes to address this...However, progress appears to have stalled for years.
  10. The thumbnail reminded me about how Sony is in the news for their CMOS battery system. Namely, if the CMOS battery dies in a PS3, PS4, or PS5, then digital games will not be playable without online activation (or even physical games, in the case of PS4): https://www.techradar.com/news/ps4-clock-battery-death-could-brick-your-console Furthermore, apparently Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles won't play any games without an online activation, period. Things like this don't bode well for playing these systems in the decades to come. I understand this information is most likely under NDA, but Intellivision isn't planning anything like this, are they?
  11. It's fairly annoying that this is the case, but I don't know if the exclusives situation is really "unacceptable", per se. Abstain
  12. Have you seen this, @Tommy Tallarico? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dcellgames/unbeatable/
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