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  1. That is a nice video, I've rambled across his channel before but missed this TI show. Sometimes I'm amazed by how everyone has a tv studio in their home, and can have viewers all over the world.
  2. Great way to spend last night with my old friends Great way to spend this morning
  3. A different console and it worked, but no F18A, I'll need to continue to narrow this issue down on the original console.
  4. Thanks much dhe! I have another console to try it on. Curious issue
  5. Thanks, I wish it was a 'real' star wars arcade, it's an arcade1up. I added blue electrical tape and white LEDs to the front. The TI is my pride and joy.
  6. Well, I put the cheapy SD card in and no change. Then I checked the cartridge port, wow, that felt was groaty! Cleaned that up, thinking, well this is it, it will work; alas no changes. Hmmm I guess it's time to get the fluke out...I don't have an o'scope, logic probe or spec an.
  7. Beautifully running game, great music and artwork - Great Job!
  8. Yes, but on my mac. I will try on a windows machine if that helps any maybe
  9. Yes I tried 1.3 update avr, didn't work. While I'm waiting for the 256 mb cheapo SD cards I'm going through this procedure: http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/minimem/cart_fix.html
  10. Hi HA, I was using FAT 32 rog. On a whim, I ordered these puppies: https://www.amazon.com/Memory-Digital-Memory4You-Microfiber-Cleaning/dp/B07DVQC85N/ref=sr_1_4?crid=6GB3JWLNLDBM&keywords=256mb+sd+card&qid=1640826332&sprefix=256+mb+sd+card%2Caps%2C299&sr=8-4
  11. Heck, at this rate, I can have 100 SD cards, each with its own program - what would 1983 us have thought of these very small 'cartridges' 😝
  12. HA-no menu sry can't asnwer that one. AS rog, extracting then copying. Of interest, when more than one file on the SD card, on boot/power on the LED blinks one short like a mircrosecond pretty fast, then goes out, and only TI Basic on menu Also beyond power up, pressing FG reset, same LED behavior. When only one file on the SD card, upon power up, long LED lit, then menu displays TI Basic and the one file name, and that file can be executed, interesting. If I put two files on the SD card say pitfall and fshark, then it doesn't work. But, if I put say fshark and the iamge-list/txt file on there, it does work. I think the SD cards I have are too fast, but hard to tell, I don't know what FG versin S/W it's using.
  13. Rog, I've used the FR99 for a few years now really great, brass fingers, just re-checked in case I was going kookoo 🤭. S/W version no clue, got it and the FR from TBA, but, I will buy the SD card from TBA and see if that does anything, probably SD card. BTW I'm just copying the FG99 zip from here and putting on the SD card. https://ftp.whtech.com/Cartridges/FinalGROM99/ Still could be a myriad of things, I know AS talks about cleaning the slot connectors a lot but if one file works, shouldn't all of them, maybe not...
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