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  1. Ursus, i have the same wonderful nostalgia for the TI as well. Thanks for pointing out youtube channels Adrian's Digital Basement and Noel's Retro Lab 👍
  2. Thanks Hans, As many have said over the years, this is a super easy install. I had no issues. Also as others have said, it's glorious to see after all these decades. Thanks to Matt and Hans for supporting this ancient computer
  3. Good day '99ers. I believe it was 1981 but may have been '82. Prior to Christmas, whichever year that was, my father was asking me if I would rather get a 16K RAM upgrade for my current ZX81, or TRS 80 CoCo, or TI-99/4A. Atari 8 bits I guess were too expensive so not on our list of possibilities. Well, gee whiz, real keyboard, color, many sound channels, 16K RAM built-in, it was a no-brainer. I must admit I really loved the quality look of the black keyboard and silver case, it reminded me of a televideo terminal. Also my Mom's boss had a TI-99/4 (no 'A') and I got to play Blackjack/Poker on it. After that, 1st up was XB, then later a cassette drive and the glorious Tunnels of Doom, and finally a speech synthesizer. I programmed a simple word processor and a Pitfall-like game in XB. Went into the US Navy, and that TI unit was lost to the past somewhere in time to me. My next computer 2 years later was an Apple IIC which is another story for a different day...I have a TI with PEB and finalgrom setup on my desk and it brings back many joyful memories.
  4. Count me in. I fall into the retired category. Missed out on Atari 8 bits, went the ZX81 then TI-99 path in '81 and jumped to Apple II. So now I am istening and learning about an Atari 800 I picked up on Ebay a couple months ago. 1st up was to finally play star raiders without a bunch of other kids trying to push their way to play at the stores - Glorious, glorius, glorious game. Did i say Glorious? Installed an incognito from Adam; the capabilities are boggling my mind. The community here is very nice and knowledgable. One last item to mention I suppose, to my sensibilties, the 1200xl is very stylish, but the 800 is my favorite if only because of the older aesthetics.
  5. Saw this green screen the other day. I wired the antic wrong when installing incognito into A800. Easily fixed in my case...wire correctly and fixed straight away.
  6. I would not have thought such a demonstration would be able to be done on a TI-99/4A Really well done!
  7. ZX81 kit in 1981; followed by TI-99/4A. Almost had the coco, but, liked the TI-99 keyboard, which I still think is damn sexy.
  8. Googling for TI-99/4A my 2nd home computer. First was zx81. I have both here at home
  9. Merry Christmas from San DIego
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