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  1. Sigh, I think this is partially what has pulled me away from the hobby. When I was collecting hardcore about 10 years ago I could pull in some pretty amazing stuff for very little money. I was always shopping at this one flea market (Lynn MA) where most of the sellers were the guys who cleaned out foreclosed and abandoned properties. That place regularly produced dusty boxfuls of classic gaming goodness. Back then the sellers were more interested in quick money than researching their wares. I hit that same place on the way to the beach a few months ago and it was nothing but xbox and later stuff at near gamestop prices. I guess if I was there every weekend like I used to be I might still catch a box of intellivision games, but then again it's been 30+ years since those games saw the light of day so there's just not that much left to resurface on the used market. Without that adrenaline rush, collection list check-off, shelving pride, online bragging and initial test play there isn't much to keep a person collecting. Even if I do find something odds are I already have since my collection is pretty vast. Once in a great while though I still find something, just two weeks ago I scored at Mattel Electronics Horoscope Computer for $2 at Savers, and since it's one of the harder Mattel handhelds to score I briefly had that little rush.
  2. I like seeing Atari back in the news for sure, but it's really a stretch to make this dig into a real event. It's not like they're unearthing some Egyptian tomb that will rewrite our understanding of history. For christsakes the guys who dumped the carts in the hole are still alive. I'm jaded by stupid History Channel shows like the Oak Island Mystery (it's a frigging natural sinkhole) or the American Pickers where they dig up a totally rusted motorcycle - who needs it? It's like if you found a whole new play by Shakespeare vs finding a Penguin Classics copy of Macbeth
  3. Still here, from time to time. I haven't held a trademeet for 4-5 years though. It really wasn't the same in this house without a proper museum/gameroom setup. On the collecting front I still have my stuff, but I rarely see anything to add to it in the wild. I mostly thrift these days and all I come across are the odd 16-bit sports titles and scuffed up playstation games - not the sorta stuff that gets an 80s kid excited. I might get back into collecting if we move into a place with a proper space for it. I'd still love to hang out with any of the old NECG folks if there's a get together.
  4. http://hypebeast.com/2012/04/meet-retro-bobby-the-toy-collecting-barber/ Okay, lets overlook his horrible haircut (he's a barber) and revel in the coolness of playing NES while getting trimmed. Lots of euro-systems goodness.
  5. Any chance of an Android release? I'm really aching to play some Joust on the go and I can't be bothered going the MAME route.
  6. I always assumed most collectors, at least initially, collected things rooted in their childhood. Had I not played Atari as a kid, I'm not sure I would see the appeal in collecting it. Once I got rolling along with a museum-like gameroom I branched out into systems I had never played in their prime, but that was more of hardcore collecting instinct than anything else. Right now I can't see collecting any cartridge based system unless you feel like paying high prices, not much stuff shows up in the wild anymore. I'd say go for something with super nerd appeal like the Vectrex.
  7. I think there are economic factors behind this, its probably a lousy time to gamble on a new console launch. Think about it, Sony has been in rough shape for years and Japan is reeling. On the other hand if Apple came up some sorta iConsole I bet it would sell millions in the first week.
  8. Glad to see some folks carrying on the tradition! Have fun!!
  9. Never in the proper antique shops but outside of the city its a different story. In more rural parts of New England there are a lot of "old man in barn full of dusty stuff" antique stores along the roads. These sort of places are not so fussy about what they sell and I can think of a couple of times when they've pulled out hidden boxes of old stuff. The key thing is actually asking them, they always have more stuff than you can see.
  10. From a "collectible" standpoint you might want to look at the Working Designs games. Not saying they're the best to play, although they are in most cases, just saying the feel like something you should collect when you look at them. They're pretty, foil stamped, detailed.
  11. 360 - Mafia II Wii - Netflix mostly Android - Angry Birds (3 stars man!)

  12. 360 - Mafia II Wii - Netflix mostly Android - Angry Birds (3 stars man!)

  13. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/mimssbits/25927/ surely this has been posted elsewhere but wow, looks like they raided my collection
  14. Seems like every collector I know is in liquidate rather than acquire mode. Chalk it up to changing tastes, getting older, needing the room, bad economy. I scarcely add to my collection these days, frankly it would hard to without winning auctions, but I've yet to unload even a single cart. Just let me complete my career change and get a bigger house and its super game room time again. HA!
  15. Happy Birthday! ... and many more. :)

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