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  1. Did you sell Rock N Rope, Ski Command and Front Line?
  2. In case anyone is reading this years later like I was years. For me it ended up being the power switch. I just switched it on and off several times and eventually it went back to colour. NOTE: Just in case these were important - It went Black & White after I'd had the machine on for several hours (playing Zombie Near). It came right while trying to get an Atari game running in colour as suggested above (Secret Quest). I turned it on and off a few times and one of the the times it came back in colour. So, after unplugging the Atari module, I cycled the on/off switch several times until colour returned. I'm not sure if any of the other steps had any influence on that. But my suspicion was it was just a matter of turning the machine on and off a few times.
  3. I'm interested but in New Zealand. What's the cost to ship?
  4. I know, I got a motherboard sent with them when I got them shipped from the US and it cost me $70US just for shipping!
  5. The keys themselves are almost exactly 10mm thickness so, even without protection, the added thickness of the envelope paper would put them over the 10mm limit for letters. Meaning I'd have to send it as a parcel. The end result is that it would be about $18US total (including the cost of the keys). The only plus side of that is delivery is 3-10 days.
  6. By pure coincidence I have exactly what you are looking for sitting right in front of me. However I'd be shipping from New Zealand so you might want to wait for someone closer to respond?
  7. Bought a Tandy Color Computer/Dragon 32 multicart. Super helpful answering all of my questions and offering much advice. Highly recommended.
  8. I should add that I was looking for a cased one for a Lynx II. I can't see my name on the main list but I know you're busy so I'll just assume you'll get to it when you can. Thanks.
  9. Just joining the end of the queue. Please put me down for one. Thank you.
  10. One final piece of information, left here just in case anyone has this problem and are looking for a couple of other steps to check - I took apart the Bang & Olfusen and re-entered service mode, only to realize that volume is not one of the settings on service mode. Further checking of every part finally revealed what the issue was - I had bent one of the SCART cable pins when pushing it back into the TV. So just the sound pin on the SCART plug was bent. That was the problem. I've straightened the pin and the issue has been resolved.
  11. Good news! I'm an idiot. I tested it on another TV and it turns out it's my CRT that has dropped the sound. No wonder the symptoms of my fault were confusing to some people. In my defense, I only had one TV that I was able to connect it with so I wasn't able to test it on another until now. I have a Bang & Olfuson and must have messed with something on the service menu which killed the sound. On the plus side, I've learned some things if the Atari power supply ever does fail me. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  12. Thanks all for the replies. I'm late getting back with a follow-up because I've also had problems with my main Windows computer. (Maybe the whole house is giving out a fluctuating voltage?) It's been a while since I used a multi-meter but it looks like it's time to reacquainted. I don't have a scope but I'm just going to keep replacing parts until I get it working again. Now that I've started to play the Atari again I don't think I can live without it.
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong place but here are the details as best I can - - I have an Atari 800XL bought from Ireland (typical Irish power is 230v 50hz). - I am using in New Zealand (230/240 volts 50 hertz). - It came with an old style power supply Pt. No. CO 61763-34. Big solid brick type that can't be opened. (from what I've been reading these are dangerous to use and unreliable). The power supply is rated at 240V~ 50Hz 24W OUTPUT 5V-7.5VA (made in UK) - I've been using it without problem with a SIDE 2 flashcard multi-cart from Lotharek. (Which I only mention in case someone else has had issues with it) - Recently the sound seems to almost disappeared. If I turn the volume right up on the TV I can still hear it, but it's very faint. - I ran the self-test on the Atari and it detected no problems. So my questions are - - Is it possible the power supply damaged the sound chip just enough to give faint sound? (I'm pretty sure the answer to this is yes). - If so, can someone recommend a good choice for a replacement power supply? (I don't need a lot of options, just something that works and is light-weight so I can save on shipping to NZ). That's my main question. Although I'm also curious if anyone has both a Lotharek multi-cart and an Atarimax My IDE multi-cart and if they prefer one over the other. (I want to get an Atarimax card because I like their menu presentation better but I'm not sure if there are any other differences between the two cards). Thanks for any help, assistance or advice anyone can offer. I've just realized I have one more question - if the sound chip is damaged in someway, then where would I find a replacement?
  14. Hi there, I've been trying to contact you through other forums but they're really hard to sign up for (they keep telling me my email address is spam). But anyway. I don't know if you're still looking but I have an Atari 8088 PC3. And it may have some extras with it. Two problems though. (1) I live in New Zealand and (2) It's at my brother's, who lives in the South Island (I live in the North). However, if you still want it I think we can overcome both these problems. Not sure of the working condition of it sorry. But I will investigate further if you're still interested. Regards.
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