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  1. I'm looking for a 7800 boot after ruining mine doing a mod to make her accept larger loads If anyone has a spare - please let me know, or knows where to buy one new! Now, carts go in, but when pulling them out it lifts the PCB as well
  2. Hi all - I just busted my cart port surround on my Atari 7800, so I'm looking for a replacement. This is the black plastic one screwed to the main PCB from underneath. Many thanks! Matt (Wakefield, UK)
  3. I'd love your cartridge port surround if this is broken/unrepairable... the one fixed to the PCB with screws, as mine has just broken! I'm in the UK, but totally understand if you don't want to sell Good luck! Matt.
  4. Hi all, can anyone recommend a good replacement 3-pin UK power supply to replace my damaged but still working Ingersoll? I need one with the longest wire possible.. The Ingersoll still works but probably not safe long term.. Many thanks for any help! Matt.
  5. Hi y'all, and Happy New Year! I recently picked up a heavy 6-switcher on eBay, which had an AV mod fitted (by "Atarimania9", a UK seller from London). I am finding that all the carts which came with the console, are fine - but any new ones I buy (and I've purchased carts from about 8 different UK sellers) are ALL playing in black and white only?? So, could the problem be that I have an NTSC console (and supplied carts), but playing UK (PAL) carts is the issue? Cheers all, and best wishes,. Matt.
  6. Wow, amazing how I never noticed that on my old RF console! I guess I was consciously looking more closely at how the AV mod would affect the graphics and picked up on this. Many thanks for the quick reply and best wishes! Next task is to repair a faulty cx40 which came with it. :-)
  7. Hi all, after a few barren years without a 2600, I took the plunge again recently and picked up a heavy 6-switch model, which had the AV modification fitted. I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but a few carts (eg. Asteroids, Space Invaders..) have alignment issues down the left side of the screen. Other games are fine. Is it worth fitting another mod, or is this just something I'll have to live with? This is my first post, so thanks in advance for any help, and it's good to have found this place from Wakefield, UK!
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