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  1. Hey @Albert, maybe you remember the "story" with @TI-GAMER ~ 2 years ago ? Edit: 5 years 😄 This was exactly the same what happened to me. Maybe.... 🕵️‍♂️ ?
  2. hmm strange, I saw them listed at the end all the time, IIRC. Have to review. I am tinkering between 5.00 and 6.50 at the moment, to get a bit practise, and to find out about the problem why I cannot mount the flash-drive with 5.00 (6.50 works now, this was due to REMAP, as I wrote some days ago). But no problem/task at all. I am just doing things One more strange thing is that my RAMDISK is named with "...1401" in the name (I formatted it some weeks ago), but is reported on >1400 with both OSes and both Form-Tools. Not a problem, just interesting, and a good issue to enter and practise some commands.
  3. What I would appreciate is, that on DIR the subfolders are listed first. (Or do I still have to read the manual ?)
  4. for the floppies: Empty-Disk-TI-99-4A-V9T9-(DSK)-HFE-CF7--002--AA.zip
  5. Do you mean hard disk or floppy disk ? Which size / format ?
  6. Vintage software on floppies, on floppy´s, and on floppy disk(s). Watch from Disk till Dawn http://www.ebay.com/sch/bpasemann/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= (Not TI-99, but at least TI, ie Professional PC, TRS-80, IBM, and more)
  7. There was a fix for that (Version 038a) And nowadays we have to say "It looks like a mame"
  8. Great. Can you point me to the files that I need for this ? I want to try in the SNUG machine
  9. My latest compilation (v2) for the Mechatronik 80COL / 80ZK manuals and more: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292291-mechatronic-80-column-card-side-card/?do=findComment&comment=4758470 (Maybe lookout for the ZIP at the end of this post, which contains all the PDFs in one file)
  10. Hi, I stumbled again about Globeron´s scans and finally made some PDF from them (see the "All-in-One" ZIP at the end of this post here, to save you from all the clicks ) EXB80 Ton Brouwer: EXB80-80Kol in Extended Basic-Ton Brouwer-1992--NL-OCR.pdf Assembler Programmpaket Fiedler Hilsberg Winkler: Assembler-Programmpaket-Fiedler-Hilsberg-Winkler-1992--GER-OCR.pdf TEXT80 Modus XB: TEXT80 Modus im Extended Basic-v2.2--GER-OCR.pdf XB HiRes Graphis Support Hulpke: Exended Basic HighRes Graphics Support A-Hulpke-1988--GER-OCR-quer.pdf Exended Basic HighRes Graphics Support A-Hulpke-1988--GER-NONOCR-sharper.pdf And finally, the second version of the (german) manual files I linked together some time ago. I found some better scans and some more infos: Mechatronic-80ZK-Install-GER--Cables--Pinouts--RMS-v2.pdf One more scan I did some years ago, another german manual from Kleinschmidt: Mechatronic-80-Manual-GER-Kleinschmidt-RMS-OCR.pdf and some more Mechatronic-80-Basic-Settings-GER-J.Boening-RMS-grey3_OCR.pdf X80 Befehle-GER.pdf and one that I extracted from an ARK-file: Mechatronic-80z.ark-NEW-OS-3.1-GER+ENGL.pdf And just to have it all here, here some more PDFs in englisch: mechatronic-80 column peripheral manual.pdf Mechatronic-TI-Mouse-BAK.pdf ALL-in-ONE: __Mechatronic-80ZK-ALL-in-ONE--RMS-v2.zip
  11. hmm manual ? 🤔 Wots a manual ? 📚📖 👀
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