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  1. NanoPEB on eBay Germany https://www.ebay.de/itm/254689909993?ul_noapp=true
  2. Hi, here is a Kantronics Hamsoft interface on eBay. (The MFJ-1224 is missing) https://www.ebay.com/itm/254681645262
  3. C. Regena / Compute! Publications, Inc. abc / (Cheryl "Regina" Whitelaw) a try for a beta list / do you have more books ? TI-99-DOKU-BOOKS--C-REGENA-v1.00beta.pdf quick view:
  4. I can send you a 220V Console Power Supply for shipping costs if you want From Germany /4A right ?
  5. OMG what a fiddling work , you are a Doctor ✔️
  6. Yes, there where some changes on the WHTECH server. Do not use the "FTP" anymore, just change it to http: http://ftp.whtech.com/emulators/pc99/pc99 dsk collection/Vendors/Asgard/TODGAME1.ZIP http://ftp.whtech.com/emulators/pc99/pc99 dsk collection/Vendors/Asgard/TODGAME2.ZIP http://ftp.whtech.com/emulators/pc99/pc99 dsk collection/Vendors/Asgard/TODGAME3.ZIP
  7. This is all I found in my referring folder. (Not sure if really ALL .DSKs are for the Mechatronik Programmer, but I think so.) __Mechatronic-Epromer99--001.zip
  8. And what about your massive posting threads/topcis here for every small question or "idea" ? Or also your eternal and recurring questions in any thread when it comes to somehow bending or adapting things for your personal "needs", i.e. a mass of posts because that you just don't have to press any key when switching the machine on ? And every day, you seem to love, hate, favorize and push another thing... RXB loves and knows his (brilliant) product very well, of course, and that´s it. If you don´t like things, my advise is just to scroll ahead...
  9. Hi, can you repost them as .JPG that I can downoad them ? (or PM) thanks PS: download are broken files, sayiing "not enough memory". I also tried to edit and resave them, but this does not work
  10. so here we are Page 2, 3. last TI-99-4A-HW-SAMS-AMS-HAMS-v1.06.pdf
  11. "Das sprechende Buch" (The speaking book) German "Funkschau" 16/1982 about TI´s Speech Synthesis, and Speak&Spell Funkschau-1982-16--Das-sprechende-Buch--TI-Speak & Spell--OCR.pdf
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