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  1. Hi, what happens if you swap the cable, is it the same error on the same drive ? (This can lead to another error because of bus-termination but could work for this small test) Can you try to format a disk (with the diskmanager) ? Are these both real 360KB-drives ? (maybe a jumper is fallen off by transport) What if you use only one drive a time ? Did you try to clean the head ? Maybe this.... Which controller do you use ? Here some error codes from the original TI-Controller/Disk Manger cartridge:
  2. Sorry it´s just an old pic from the internet... I don´t have the card
  3. Flight time ! Jeff Bezos goes to space. Live NOW https://fb.watch/6Sw0z90r5w/
  4. Maybe try this, I think it is called AMSTEST4 https://atariage.com/forums/search/?q=amstest4&quick=1
  5. ...and he trades for beans, so maybe I make an offer
  6. Intuitively I have entered it as RARE into my list, ~2 years ago when it came out
  7. I dont know the color, only have these pics from the auction
  8. Hey, found a silver console with a beige joystick port.... ??? any idea ? https://www.ebay.de/itm/224512477367
  9. Hi I have revised my small compendium, "PORTS, PINOUTS & INFOS for TI-99/4A and Geneve9640 (19.June 2021)" And some PDF quality improvements were done. Thus, the PDF is 45 MB now 🤣 But so much better to read GENEVE-9640-&-TI-99-4A-&-MISC-PINOUTs-v20b.pdf GENEVE-9640-&-TI-99-4A-&-MISC-PINOUTs-v20b.pdf have fun xXx @matthew180
  10. Wot Doom-Gumball ? Oh my Englitch....
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