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  1. NET USE T: \\tipi\tipi /Persistent in a DOS-Box, I think (or via the Windows Explorer´s menus) @Airshack
  2. uuuh >5.000 posts 🙃 I am a "Laberbacke" (BabbleJaw?)
  3. Hi Ksarul, sorry for asking again but, so it is that way that I can use ANY battery with 3.6 Volts or do I need this special "ER6C" type ? Backgound: The Maxell ER6C comes with 1800 mAh and costs about 20 euros, and there are other ones for 5 euros, and they have up to 2600 mAh. So they are cheaper, and should work (save) much more longer ? thx
  4. The chip on the top, in the socket, is my (defective) original one, the one in the red foam was a helpless try to replace it...
  5. Can I use a rechargeable one, or does the board not support (charge) it ?
  6. I have tons on stock (But hoarding it since decades, not because of the virus) By the way, next shortage will be on can openers and bandages (Pflaster) (!)
  7. yeah this is exactly the one I spotted on ebay So this is a NON-rechargable one, right ? The Problem is, the pins will not work perfectly, but maybe I have to fiddle it PS: If battery only, why not taking the one from Reichelt.de in the pic about, for 6,22 eu. It´s cheaper and has the right pins
  8. PS: I see this accus now with 2400 mAh for ~6 Euros, is this OK ?
  9. The SNUG HRD16 uses the following battery: ER6C (AA-size) 3,6 Volts Lithium Questions: - Is this a battery or a rechargeble accu ? (I think it is an accu, and it seems to have 1800 mAh) - Is it okay to pay about 20 euros for this ? (Maxell:)
  10. As I wasn´t able to find the topic with the battery here´s a new topic for some snug activity
  11. thx, I´ve entered that into the list
  12. So I have some questions Was there a "Cave Creatures" from ROMOX ? (# ROM08185) Somebody knows about this missing FW-numbers ?
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