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  1. Schmitzi


  2. He saved the game ! https://www.kltv.com/2019/06/11/gov-greg-abbott-signs-lemonade-law-so-kids-lemonade-stands-cant-be-shut-down/
  3. I don´t not understood this "Extended Basic" game
  4. yeah thanks. It was my luck that I - when coming back to the TI and old computers - immediately started cataloging all my stuff This helps a lot today. But there still is a lot to clean up and sort, so better don´t trust in the pics
  5. I just use MS Outlook and the Send To: to make pics smaller
  6. yeah when I was young, I had some longer telephone calls with Wolfgang Back, but hell, I cannot remember (now) what it was about
  7. wow what a great story, very interesting. thanks
  8. HA ! I can tell you... My very big move is almost 1 year ago now, OK, I unpacked and sorted it (almost) up to now, but I am still organizing (and missing and searching) things today Maybe you remember my little "trap" : :D
  9. No networking, they are just standing in this way to save some space on the desktop I only use one of them same time, and it is easy to change the cables
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