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  1. Sorry to resurrect the dead and all here but I'm just wondering if there's still anyway to get this game on cart? it's one of my most wanted!
  2. What the hell is Catacombs Of Chaos?! and you can have protos put on cart, I have plenty of them including LOTR (which was a long time holy Grail for me)! and the Mattel D&D titles have never been dumped right? or am I missing something?
  3. Skeleton+ is an excellent first person maze crawler and a must have for horror fanatic Atarians! plenty of suspense, jump scares, great atmosphere and wonderful use of audio cues, especially in stereo.
  4. Anybody ever find out if this was legit or not? I just wondered as I recently got a repro of this and Magicard. . . pretty fascinating little cart IMO!
  5. Drakon Croisade is a fine Adventure homebrew/hack with the aforementioned enhanced graphics (you're still a square) and larger game world, a worthy part of my Adventure collection (I have a baker's dozen of them). Goblin Chaser barely qualifies as a game; it's pretty much just a game of tag with primitive basic AI. Not really sure why it's even on a cart.
  6. Wizard Of Wor is always a good one!
  7. Hey are you still selling any of these Odyssey 2 repro carts? a little late to the game here but I see quite a few titles I would love to purchase, especially Neutron Star and Mousing Cat!
  8. I always wondered about that line on Power Lords as well; glad to see that I'm not alone! am now just one short of a complete north American set as well (not all boxed) with a few imports as well; just need Sid and I'd be perfectly fine with just a loose cart (already have the word book from a lot).
  9. Nightmare is a good one that was Europe only; you can play it and most foreign release games on your NTSC system as they are region free. Probably be a bit pricey though but worth it IMO!
  10. Cool. Thanks for the reply alex_79!
  11. Does anyone know if using a 7800 controller would work for playing Omega Race on the 2600, providing the extra button that one needs the booster grip for?
  12. So Tower Of Doom specifically is an abomination or the whole plug & play thing? probably both I suppose.
  13. Just wondering if anyone who had or still has one of these things from a decade or so ago can tell me how Tower Of Doom plays on it. . . is it at all accurate?
  14. Hey nurmix, I've visited this site for many years but never bothered to make an account. . . till I saw that you make those wonderful adapters! would love to order for a pair of them if that's still possible! would love to be able to play my favorite Intellivision game, Tower Of Doom again, properly, with combat screens and such; not to mention Dracula, Atlantis, Beauty & The Beast (how could they leave out that one on the FB!?) and many more. . . really though, if it weren't for that Tower Of Doom bug, I'd be perfectly satisfied with the Flashback. Oh well. But yeah, I'd definitely like to get a pair of adapters if possible!
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