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  1. OLD... What dos it stand for... Original Loading Down? Ohhhh LoaDing? Or did someone miss spell LOaD?
  2. Played around with the "New Parsec" idea. Made a ver. where you only have moving graphics in the main box. The rest is "easy" graphics. Tested some pics in the main window to see how it looks. You get speed with only a small part of the screen "active", but it is hard to make it look OK. Tested with just outlines of trees. The Idea was a Parsec that is like the "trench run" in Star Wars. Tested with objects getting closer and bigger... it is hard to play with to get a nice looking game. First pic is the real pix count on a TI. I think I made the rest 3 times bigger to get a better view of it.
  3. I understand... I try to not ask many stupid questions... and at the same time... I am not scared to ask stupid questions :p But I try to respect people's (your) time. So in my mind, it is TOTALLY your discretion if you answer.
  4. Cool, the "Adventure pack" is nicely connected in Adventure Cart!
  5. Non taken, that was my original question... To gage how much work is behind doing something like that. English is not my native lango. So maybe I do not get my point across as good as you So I am just trying to figure out if this is something I could do in B of Ex B. But when Adamantyr said... "So a whole other game then?"... First I'm trying to be more specific... But then it hit me that Adamantyr can make a board game of the game he already made. A lot of stuff to make a board game is done. And by what people are saying about his game now... It could be a great thing. Also... Adamantyr must not make or do anything just because I say this or that. Just me thinking aloud. So the board game was just a "brain fart!"
  6. Thx, for info... I understand that it is a huge task to convert it to Android. I am more than happy with your Classic 99 as is. Furthermore, I am glad that you keep updating and making Classic 99 to what it is. Also... I am glad that you take the time to do the updates. It is not something I WANT you to do, but immensely happy that you do. If you don't make an update for half a year, I am happy that you at all care and do updates, when ever. So I will never demand you to do anything. I can only guess how much time you have invested in Classic 99, but I am sure it is many hours. I see how my question can be demanding or pushing for something more than you want to do. But please, I am perfectly happy as is! Just my bad way of trying to tell you that I am impressed with Classic 99 and all the time you have invested it. Thank you very much for Classic 99 and that you still update it.
  7. Hmmm, yes... it could be another game. But that is not my thinking. But... WOW... you know... THIS IS for you! Thinking about it, you can make a bard game of your game. For x players playing this and since you already has all the stats it would be "easy" to make a D&D type game. My thinking from "So a whole other game then?" You now have a game ready to convert it to a board game... MAN... you have gold in that sense But what I am thinking of, is a tool for the DM to keep track of stats of the Monsters, NPC, PC and story. I was just wondering, based on your monster info, if it would be easy to convert into a DM tool. But now thinking of it, and you should make a board game of it... You can make it so that you suddenly have a MUCH bigger marked. Then you can even use C99 and make a DM tool for YOUR game that you convert into a board game.
  8. A program that helps you run a combat and more. Keeps track of Turn order, Hit points, AC, Diary and story text. A mix of your game and adventure land, but in a D&D setting, online or live. But sure also some quick charts and tables to call up also. And in the end make a Diary of what happened. I think that the TI is more than capable of doing that. A laptop with C99 and the TI Digital DM screen. One advantage is that the text will be big and easy to read (read story/what happens next). 1Story | 2Combat | 3PC | 4NPC | 5Monsters | 6Diary ___________________________________________ Your in a room ... ... ... ... ... ... Items: 7Quick charts | 8Quik map 1Story | 2Combat | 3PC | 4NPC | 5Monsters | 6Diary ___________________________________________ Name AC HP XP Items 20 Monster3 15 10 18 Joe 17 12 17 Jane 18 14 15 Monster1 15 12 7 Monster2 15 12 ... Items: 7Quick charts | 8Quik map And so on...
  9. I know, but I know of WINE and stuff like that. Also I have a TI game on my Android pad. But I understand that this is not done... yet :p hehehe
  10. I play D&D, as player and DM. How hard would it be to use some of your data to make a "TI DM Master Screen"? Like have monsters and everything to be an aid to the DM as s/he is running the game live or online? Only challenge is to bring the TI with you. :p
  11. Have anyone been able to run C99 on Android? Or is it possible?
  12. Well... for me... there is the real TI 99/4A and then there is Classic99! I have my first TI and I have last year gotten my hands on 2 "new" ones. But... lol 99,99% av the time I use Classic99! I think that Classic99 is today the "modern" TI, that is easy to play and use. So, you're a huge part of the legacy of the TI with Classic99! In my mind there is nothing that comes near your Classic99. Tried others, but they do not have the TI feel. The others strong point is that they made it easy to use software with the emulator. I am pretty sure that what ever you make for Classic99, will work 99,999% of the time on the real thing. Look at it this way... ALL the classic games on the TI have its revival and legacy in today's world, because of the Classic99! I can still play my games, because of Classic99! No need to put all the cables and real stuff together. It is more a "true love story" the real iron. But Classic99 keeps it near and STILL usable for me! I believe, @Tursi that you will be a huge part of the continued story of the TI! For me, you are, you have made it possible to keep my "love story" going!
  13. I don't know if it is difficult... But it would be nice to make it all "push and play", so that one could attract new people or people that have used to TI to use the old system. And... even make it hipp and maybe the value of the TI will go to heaven :p Hmmm... no, that is not good :p hehehe But it would be nice to have C99 as the backbone and all billion games ready to play. My daughter loves Hunt the Wompus. She is 10 and speaks and understand English (we are Norwegian), but I have to start up the games if it is old.... I see there are other simple games that she loves too. It would be cool to have the C99 working behind and then a screen with the alphabet to pick a letter to find the game she wants, without me having to do all the commands. Is that possible? Kinda like Retropie, but with C99 as the backbone and in windows.
  14. My thinking... Ask so that you get to the smart questions as quick as possible :p - Now... I ask much smarter TI questions :p hehehehe
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