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  1. Impressing what your able to squish out of a "rock"
  2. Saucers anim, normal and big 16*16 64*64
  3. More badys... Thinking... If this is on earth, then asteroids will not fit. Maybe I will change it to "Air mines". But here are some of the pics so fare... constructive critics? Satellite LTFs Saucers Swooper Ast Ast Ast Ast Ast Ast Ast Ast Air mine
  4. Bady front profile! Animation test Small 16*16 Big 64*64 (just to show it better) Dramite Urbite Bynite
  5. Why not open Ex B so that it has the power of a modern PC. Would one be able to make great games with much less memory? If one cant open Ex B to be used on a modern PC, why? In my mind it is easy hehehehehe But I can not do it! Some 30 years ago I was doing Pascal and the "grownups" got pissed at me. I would say... "Ohh that's easy!" They would counter with. "NOOO it is not!" Had been programming for 3-4 years on the TI. So converting into Pascal was not that hard. Then I got tools to draw on the computer! And I left programming. With the Amiga I had so much fun in Digital Paint. Then Paint Shop Pro. Also I make my own web page. HTML was easy when I had learned Basic. I am starting up my programming on the TI, and hoping to be able to use some of my art on it. But... getting back into it... Ohhh he.. it is so limited :p But how I love that computer! Been testing Scratch... and maybe that is the way to go to have some fun and easily add my art.
  6. 112*80 is the screen size where the main action will show. I will make a "test pic" of how it can look like with the environment in moon light. Thinking about it... I don't think you need to make a full picture of everything. Just a outline from top and side. Like the moon lighting up just so you see the silhouette. It should give the CPU more power to run it. Maybe then the 112*80 screen can be made bigger. I think that do it in the night is the way to go. Just give the mind so much data that it fills the "holes" it self. Testing... Low resolution is "hell" to make looking good :p But mayeb with speed it will look some what OK... I also guess that if the silhouettes are made mathematically simple, it makes it faster to draw out stuff. Trees can be made as a line or/and maybe use RND to make branches. So @Asmusr dos it take more power to make "boxes" that is not symmetrical. Or is it just pure number crunching that matters?
  7. I have split the "Action screen" in 4. #1 Ground... Where art from the old Parsec will move under and back. #2 and 3 Side... Shadow of trees, towers and mountain, that also moves from front to back. But art will only partly show, "moon light" shadow will barely show them. This will save CPU power, i think. #4 This is all screen on top of all that is made to project speed!
  8. I use it myself, very good to make pics and get the code out. New update on the flight console...
  9. Dos anyone know where I can find the original pics of objects in Parsec? Want to use true pic of the original stuff in the old Parsec, in the new. Along with new stuff. Working on making new stuff. But I need to make pictures of the old stuff on the ground, from fare to near. To get a feel of speed. PS! Testing... smaller...
  10. I trust you, if you say it is boring :p I can see the code, I understand that this dos SOMETHING :p lol but I am clueless! BUT... It sounds like you would like to make something like this? I can not help you out with the code. Can I help with the graphic in any way if you would like to try to make it? I can make a story book for every section on first lvl and so on. I have ideas about how to make stuff small but visually interesting and looking like speed.
  11. I was thinking the same... but more like a "night rider"! Using the original pics from Parsec as ground. Like they are moving closer under you. And make "shadow" trees. Some stars moving slowly. So a kinda invisible "Death Star" trench, but open. Mostly dark, so that the only stuff that steals power is the enemy getting closer.
  12. For me... #1 over ALL... Call Char(32...some insane number) This limitation is HUGE on the normal TI! If I could make all kinds of graphic stuff, I think games could be drawn so so much better! #2 Sprites, would love more then 29... maybe 4 times more. Then you can use 4 Sprites on top of one and other to make cool animation. Animations with in animation it self. #3 80 col., IF it makes the resolution go from 256 to 512. #4 Compiler! #5 More colors, if there is a limitation.... what about a option for 15 gray tones!
  13. MK MMXXI Parsec Story! Joe No Good - YOU! (Parsec as First Person Shooter!) Have been given a shoot at fortune and fame! IF, you can get to Texas. You live in Hammerfest and has won the lottery and got yourself the latest MK MMXXI Star shooter! "The higher ups!" has seen a possibility to exploit Joe No Good! And if he is up to the task they will use him as a messenger for the latest universal "world" war! They are sending out the last and final war plan to kill the ReyZen. ReyZen is the latest danger that has been discovered in the universe! "The higher ups!" are scrambling to upgrade there computers to fight of the ReyZen invasion! Joe No Good is promised 1.000.000 Bitcoins! The only problem, is to get to Texas! IF Joe No Good can get to Texas he can possibility make 1.000.000 Bitcoins! (If this "fly's off" then there is a possibility for Part 2 and more?) The Idea! I have a idea to make a Parsec in First Person Shooter mode! I have made a main screen (combat), and I want to grow the game from that point and out. I am trying to make the game be as simple as possible on the graphics, so that I can make the graphics as good as possible. (Inspired by Raycaster) Short explanation: of game play! Use the same set up as in Parsec. Same "monsters". The only difference is that your sitting inside the "MK MMXXI Star shooter" and seeing it all as a First Person Shooter! How to make it run... Just use a smaller part of the screen for "live action", so that the power can be focused on a smaller part. And then I run right into the first problem... I am not a skilled programmer, I am more the mad artist. Lots of dreams! Having read up and is more and more in tune with the limitations of the TI. I have been looking for a game, where I can make a game that is as modern as possible and in with in the TI frame. I am a Basic and EX Basic programmer, so MY first idea is to use EX B. But, maybe it will not work. BUT, I see that the possibility to maybe compile it and in that way make it more powerful. I think I got the perfect game idea! MK MMXXI Parsec FPS - Parsec, a tribute to the first game I came to love and get really good at. And First Person Shooter to take Parsec to a new level. MK MMXXI - the year this model is completed! I would like to be a part of it! My main "super power" is the graphics! I love to tinker and make stuff look great. So I am hoping to recrute some people to make this game, and in worst case I am leaving the game up for anyone to make it. I will try to brainstorm it as much as possible and try to keep it within the TI frame. Tools in the game! USTF - Ultra Sonic Target Focus (Tribute to my Canon camera and its USF!) This is a "computer" in the MK MMXXI Parsec FPS that aid the pilot to shoot the bady! 3DS - 3 Dimension Scanner - This has the same look as Elite, another tribute! Pluss there are tre color lights to indicate when your lined up with the bady. Horizontally and vertically. This can be scrapped or made very simple! LG - Life Gage - This shows the temp of your laser, the Armor and Fule lvl. (Life is Good, as long as you have stuff here) Main Computer - Where main info is displayed! Target Computer - Displays distance to next section(end), Numbers of enemy, Distance to Texas! When fueling, it will change and show fueling info. Missile bay Computer - 1 EMP (save my ass), 3 Self seeking destroyer! Fueling! Here you can refuel, refill missile, re-armor the Star shooter! Making money on the run! Metal scoops! MK MMXXI Star shooter is equipped with a on the run metal scoop. With the metal scoop you make money to pay for your upgrades. That is a part of the fighting to get to Texas! This way you can also fill you wallet with cash to do bigger upgrade every "next lvl" - Better fuel efficiency! - Better Armor! - Better Laser! - Better Missiles and more of them! - ??? Armor! 3 Center hits - dead! 5 Partial hits (66%) hits - dead! 10 Barely hits (33%) hits - dead! Every 5 second 15 % upgrade! Screen! Light Gray box: Target Computer - Displays distance to next section(end), Numbers of enemy, Distance to Texas! Dark Gray box: This is where the action is happening, trying to limit all the hard graphics here. Also the USTF is in the middle in it! Radar box: Trying to make it simple and another way to show info about targets. Blue box: Missile bay Computer Red box: Main Computer - Where main info is displayed! Pink box: LG - Life Gage - This shows the temp of your laser, the Armor and Fule lvl. Important to make all the "other screens" as simple as possibility to take as little power from the TI. So that the "Dark Gray box" has all the power possibly! This is just a starting point! So... are YOU interested?
  14. It is really good when all the possibility is used to play music!
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