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  1. Later when someone is looking and searching... "Ohhh, there are 3 different types of PEB???" Later one will use that name, the other this name and some a mix of something. So... your kinda making a potential mess. There is so much that points to keep the same name and keep the confusion as low as possible. Stick with original name! My 2 cents :p better to try to keep it consistent!
  2. OK, made all the houses and some more. Tried to make it all as similar as possible. Made it all fit the Screen with 2 boxes from house to house. Will "fill" the screen. All with Hex data! Windows could be made as a separate part and then paste it on top of the house to make "more" colors? Saloon and Hotel Hex data.txt Sheriff and bady in the right posision w variation.txt Sheriff Hex data.txt Stall Hex data.txt Store Hex data.txt
  3. I also think that a re-draw of it to make it fit the TI is the way to go. A little planning, and it should be more or less the same. From this test... 4 box wide houses, it should work great. So there should be space to make the houses. Maybe make all the same roof. And in that way save on CHAR. Also make a Standard window, that is 10 CHAR the same or 2 different windows. Maybe the text could be plain text. That should save even more CHAR. Every house should be able to have a separate color.
  4. OK, one more request... I want to make a challenge to some people here! And then I have to make some more HEX data. Is it possible to make it so that I can Import the same HEX file you made in Export? I want to take some of the files I made in Raphael and mirror them, as you have that tool in Raphael. Now you just have Import of PNG. I guess I should have saved them as a file to then be able to get back to them. But... live and learn! Again... it is a great tool. Made a lot of new possibilities and also to faster execute them.
  5. TI 99-4A BASIC Reference Card.pdf
  6. I have not found the "TI-99/4A BASIC Ref. Card" in good quality anyplace. So I made a PDF of my "card". But I do not know IF there is a better OR where to put it. Any suggestions? TI 99-4A BASIC Reference Card.pdf
  7. My conclusion: Seeing all the different ways this can be solved! BASIC and Ex BASIC is a good way into programming! But it is limited and slow! It makes one think that the tiny TI is slow! And all the other examples tells a different story. The tiny TI is not slow, you just have to use its power in the right way. There are examples from down right stupid slow to insanely fast. So the power is there, to do stuff and also make great stuff. If I am correct, the problem is memory! BUT, if one can keep feeding the TI with new data, then it is solved. If one can keep the 16k as "working memory" and when a program is bigger, then there is a way to put the data on hold on the "outside" until it is needed and then feed the TI. Then the sky is the limit for what one could do with the TI. So the magic tool is from MY point of view... A program that can take BASIC or Ex BASIC (or any other) listing and translate it into something much more TI friendly for speed and what not, but also a good way to keep feeding the program with more data, WAY past 16k. Looking at all the stuff that is surrounding the TI, this tool is here (looking in the forum), but it is many different individual tools. Or maybe ANY lango of programming into the TI's preferred way of "talking". Then all the power is there. (Dream - A program that can translate ANY lango into TI's preferred way (fastest) of understanding. It would be a HUGE undertaking, and I know it will not happen. But I can dream and in my dreams it exists hehehe) I learned a lot from the different ways to solve it and I understand that BASIC or Ex BASIC is really... REALLY limited! Then looking at the cool games made in BASIC or Ex BASIC, it makes it even more impressive. Also, I guess if one would use this "tight" way of programming in the modern PC, it would unleash so much more power there too. One can only guess to how much power is lost to sloppy programming! Furthermore... How much more power is there to press out of the tiny OLD TI? And looking at what is being done today, I think there is more! But, there is also a limit to how MUCH more. Looking at all the stuff being done for the TI, all this into one tool - "To rule them all!", and with the hardware updates... 2021 TI-99/4A with all this mixed together - It would take advantage of all possibilities and make it shine! *** It is cool to see that the Old tiny TI still has the power to spark imaginations, some 40 years later! (Myself, I am looking forward to the F18A Mark II) *** PS! @Lee Stewart, I tested your new way of doing it... All I can say... so nice! 😍 And looking at the listing... wow, that is a lot more reading and learning :p hehehehe
  8. Kinda cool this... So @Asmusr makes "Raphael" and does an adjustment so that I can use his tool, to EASILY get out HEX data. That inspire meg to try some animations as I now QUICKLY can convert graphics to HEX. Then a "tiny" question about speed and "The Running man" is sprinting his ass off! Hahahaha, I love this forum! So cool that people share their knowledge, willing to help and have fun. Thx to @Asmusr @Lee Stewart @TheBF @RXB I got two cool "WOW" moments today!
  9. WHAT the H... S..., that is so FAST! WOW!!!! You're really advertising for Forth here :p hehehehe That was amazing!
  10. 😲 WOW it looks GREAT!!!! Yes it is slow, but it looks GREAT!!!! Thx, I learned about Display at vs. HCHAR! Question... Is this "eating" a lot of memory, fast? If one was to make an adventure game with different animations to make life into a text adventure. Like a tree moving slowly, in a clearing. Waves on the sea. The dragon looking around. And other images that would add to the atmosphere of the game. Would this fast "eat" all memory fast?
  11. I will help as much as I can Skills... Good with Paint Shop Pro, good with LibreOffice and I think I have a good esthetic sense (making stuff look good for reading). My front cover is my application :p hehehehe A starting point, I think in making a manual could be to use the old TI manual as a template. I think that the manuals have a good start and most everything is in there so that you get started. At lest for me. I made you a "starting point" Also my first use of the TI font I found. For inspiration to the great manual you're making!
  12. I know, I was a bit short... I was asking if he could make it in ttf, I would be fine with that. I also do not know of other formats :p
  13. Running man! Copied a gif and made it Ti compatible (Using Raphael tool)... All the date is in... How can I make the "animation" faster? How can I reset the Read-Data? I guess the error you get after the first round is the program looking for new and more data. I want it to start over, how? Also, I guess that not "printing" the empty box is not smart, as it does not clean the "page" as it adds the next pic. (the IF line...) Trying to not use time on "nothing". Late... will work on it tomorrow... But any suggestions to make it faster, would be great.
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