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  1. I think that, today the tall wall to jump over is that there is not that much drive to make stuff something slightly better and the tales wall is the eco-system would not support even slightly better TI. And then we have the computer power we have in the modern computer, to much hassel. But it is interesting to read what people think could have been and what is tested and tried. And maybe the best way to do something like this is to make a emulator to simulate a slightly better TI. And maybe easier to convert old stuff to that. At least one would not use years to figure out all the hardware. But, even an emulator would still make it not work with old software. Maybe the most important thing... It would then not be the TI 99/4A. But I learn more about the TI and at least it dos not cost and dos not take time to imagine - "what if". So if I understand the "better TI", there would have to be many changes, to make it work as a true 16 bit. I almost hear a "Amiga way", where one could add age appropriate IC to take care of picture and sound stuff, because there would be so many changes. And... was there other stuff to support a HOLE true 16 bit TI motherboard, at that time? I also read that some of the stuff they did in the TI to make it work, is pretty smart.
  2. I was looking at ... And listening to his view of the TI and the possibilities that was in the 16 bit CPU, It makes me wonder. WHAT IF... What if they did a real 16 bit motherboard, what could the TI have done then or be like? I know of the 16 bit being "butchered" down to 8 bit and just making it work, to get it out the door. I understand that this was a good shortcut to make something fast, for the marked. If they had to redesign the motherboard to work as a 16 bit motherboard, there would have been a very different inside. And a lot of stuff would have been not working for the redesigned TI. A lot of new stuff would have to be made to work with a 16 bit TI. I think if they JUST redesigned the TI motherboard to ba a true 16 bit, it would have been a great upgrade, on its own, or? So... having read and understand that most possibly, ALL the "big wigs" on the TI, they reside in this "halls". So question to the ones knowing so much more about what is under the "hood" of the TI and how (possibly) a true 16 bit TI would be like. "How would a true 16 bit TI 99 be? What is your thinking? How realistic is it to do, today? Just a Classic99-16bit emulator? What would have needed to be made to make it work?" Also... What would be different or even very different? I understand that the TI BASIC and EX BASIC might have been very different. But what would a true TI 99 16 bit computer be like. What would be more or less the same? And... many are making stuff for the TI. Is there anyone who have looked into doing a total redesign and making it a true 16 bit computer? I understand that all of the sudden all the software would be out the window. So I guess that is the biggest reason for not redesigning the TI. I understand that IF the TI had been made as a true 16 bit, they would have been many years in front of the rest. But as he is saying in the video, the licencing and close control is maybe the biggest down fall for the TI. The reason I am thinking about this, is that I see hardware and software being develop for the TI, today. And it is impressive what people are making the TI do! Personally I am thinking about something that would make the TI wireless and makes a connection from modern stuff down to the TI via wireless. Wireless joystick. Wireless signal to smart TV. There is a lot that can be used if there was a wireless "middleman" between the TI and the modern world. All kind of cables would not be a problem. Imagine the TI printing out on a modern laser printer! Maybe a modern PEB box, with a kinda Raspberry PI as the brain, or maybe there has to be made a TI Translator PEB - "The TITPEB", that has all kinds of different ways of transporting information from the modern world to the TI and from the TO to the modern equipment and use it (Bluetooth, USB, USB C and other connections). With all the modern cards in it. I know that this is just a mindless dream. I understand that there might be some difficult limitations on the old TI. But, I am inspired, when I see what is being made today for the old TI. When I see all this, being made and created here, I think - "WOW, imagine what MORE can be made for the TI!" The new "IC" for new monitors is one project that is impressing. And the RXB, but not to forget the C99. A great emulator to keep evolving and making new stuff for the TI. The TI is OLD, but it can STILL hold it's own!
  3. By "all" the replays, I am of the same thinking... There is not many that at least WANT to try this. And there might be all kind of good reasons for that. So... I guess it will be JUST an idea But maybe just one group, to do a test run! Maybe make it a community effort to find a new game to make. And then maybe the A-team might come out of that. But, I am not holding my breathe.
  4. Been reading it all... A good "Thriller" and I will also say... "Take your time, better to do it right! And take care of the most important stuff first!" The TI deserves a very good MK2! So take your time and keep doing what you have been doing, slow but properly!
  5. I don't know if there is anyone else in Europe that would like to join the calls. But for me it is midnight and Monday tomorrow. So it is a little to late. So a little earlier, would at least give some of the Europeans a possibility to join. Or maybe it is just me . It starts in 8 min?
  6. Nice... double the speed out of the old TI! What if... There are so many what if... with that! But the biggest... What if they had this kind of programs THEN. Also, maybe a lot of computing power is lost. And more and more as the computers are getting bigger. Question... how much more is it possible to get out of the TI. Are you at the limit of the TI's possibility or more speed to be found?
  7. Where is it that you find the speedup?
  8. Are you ready for a challenge? I have seen 10 line games being made, games made by individuals and remakes. There are programming wiz's, hardware makes and lots of creativity here! Also inspired by the "mouse-maze-challenge"! What if some of the people got together to make a NEW game for the TI. I was looking at a Donkey Kong "remix" kind of a thing for the DS system. And it got me thinking about the resources that is here and what could be made with all the "know-how" here. What if there was made a group of people to make a NEW game? How much time should be given to this? My first thinking is 60 days, from when all the teams are ready. First a few days for all "The Challenger" to have been picked and then a few days to have "The Challenger" pick his team. Think that candidates should not have the same "job" in several teams. But... I do not know if there will be so many that this will be no problem or not. So maybe a test to see what would come out if this. I think that this could be a great way to find people that are skilled at different things, in order to spark more creativity in the group (TI atariage). I think it is possible to make the next best TI game! So... are you up for this challenge? #0 - The "Pool" Candidates add there name to The "Pool" with your set of skills. Name, Then add your skills -> (Designer, Graphic artist, Sound designer, Programmer) #1 - Make "The Pool" thread A pool of candidates for this challenge. A separate thread for "The Pool", where all the candidates add there name and where the teams are names a team members described. #2 - "The Challenger" Will be picked from "The Pool" You can only be "The Challenger" one time! #3 - "The Challenger" picks his team and give them his idea! # First - Make a (max) 2 sentence "them"/type game description! # Pick the team to make the game. - 2 Designers. This is something many could do without to much experience or know-how about programming. (Or - One is lead programmer and the other is lead Graphic artist) - 1 Graphic artist. (or 2 if 2 only Designers are picked) - 1 Programmer. (or 2 if 2 only Designers are picked, 1 reserve if needed/or something happens and the team needs help) #4 - "The Designers" # First job, pick the next "The Challenger"! # Find a sound designer for the team. # Make the outline of the game, 1 week! (only Designers) # Make the game! - A cover for the game - Text to description the game - Showcase the game it self in a vidoe! PS! Would be cool with a intro in the game, where the names of the people involved is presented. From the challenger and all the way down. Maybe a standard one for this challenge? (Hmmm, maybe the first small challenge, make a intro and we pick one and it will be added to all the games.) #70 days later - The game presentation! (70 days or what would be the best option) Presentations consists of... - A cover for the game - 30% of the score! - Text to description the game - 20% of the score! - The game it self! - 50% of the score! (Important part!!! Keep the game a SECRET! Do not let anyone else then the Team, play the game.) # Judges for this, is all the candidates that did NOT get picked! So if you are not picked and you want to be a Judge, add your name and your wish to be a Judge. # Award for best Cover! (Presenting the Cover for the game.) # Award for best Text description! (The description of the game on the "backside".) # Award for best Looking game! (Team is showcasing the game they made.) Second best Award!!! # Award for BEST game! (based on the 3 categories above) Then we get to figure out what the best game is BEFORE anyone gets to play any of the games! The most important Award... # Players Award! Players Award for best game! This is decided by everyone that plays the games. (Makes of the game has not say in the matter of there own game ) There will be given one week to play the game and score all the games! # Score system Score system is 1 to 100! So what is your thinking? Anything I forgot or need to be specified more?
  9. Set a new deadline, summer is over and maybe more people will have time now?
  10. Inspiring to see how you push yourself and one another to make a better program! Programming/Coding makes for better people :p hehehehe
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