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  1. 1 hour ago, Tursi said:

    Time well spent for both of us!


    Probably. ;)


    Well... Do understand me correct... #1 Do what makes you happy. if you don't have time, do not wish to do it or what ever. Totally fine! I am very grateful that you have made C99 and even more grateful that you keep updating it. Also I understand that you have other stuff in your life, that is probably much more important then C99. So it is all a bonus what every you do.

    So it is part joke as I understand that it is a LOT of work behind C99. Do not want to piss you off in ANY degree 😛. I also think that there is many people in the world that use your C99 and most probably do not give you feedback of how great C99 is. Would be interesting to know how many people use it.

    So... if you do not do anything and make a new interface, I am happy as is ;) So, spend your time as you think is best for you. But I will keep dreaming hehehehe And, I will develop the idea until I have a full shelf with all I things I think should be in a "extra" interface for the less technically inclined. BUT, it is not a must do or as soon as you have time. Just me dreaming. And If you do go for it and I can help you, I will do as much as I can.

    PS! 53 here 😛, but I have noting like C99 to show for. Just my evolved creative freedom with the computer to make art and stuff on it.
    PS!! Thx for the recipe to almost make it as I think it ;)

    (I need to dig out my TI to get a pic with the correct angel to put the TI into the shelf. I will keep making the interface as a "what could be". For the people "I WANT IT AS IT IS" - Tick it off, if you do NOT want the "Shelf showing". Also, try to not be ticked off 😛 hehehe by my dreaming)

    TI Interface.jpg

  2. 7 hours ago, Tursi said:

    hehe! Well, that's a good offer to have. The backup backout plan is to note that it will likely be years or more before I can get to it. This is my TODO list:




    If it's really important, I can add it to the bottom of the list, and you can try to vote it to the top. But nobody tends to have the patience to do that - and that is actually why I created the system. My real life takes precedence, so it takes a long time to get things off the list. Classic99 4.0 is entering month 10. ;) Omega literally chewed me out for not moving fast enough when we added his request of a dedicated boot emulator (that actually made it halfway up the list). 


    But the fact is, without the list I've got no focus and /nothing/ gets done. When I let other people direct me, that gets even worse. So, if it's so important to people that I should put aside everything else that I want to do and work on it instead, they should be able to invest a comparable amount of effort. ;)


    Dumptrucks full of money can score you extra votes, too ;)


    lol I will remember the "Dumptrucks full of money", when I want something done.

    Ohhh, I vote, almost every time I download a new ver. and sometimes when I am on your web page. I don't want to vote every day. That is cheating 😛

    But, I have a goal now. I will make stuff and "tempt" you. If you do or you wait. No prob. But I can tempt you 😛 hehehehehe

    I see the point that C99 is a tool. BUT, my kid she is 10 and she loves to play
    Hunt the Wumpus with me. But she has no clue of how to make it work (turn it on and play games). So I think that just a little adjustment, the love of the TI can be passed on to a new generation. For me, starting out and learning to program on the TI, it gave me a more complete view of how a computer works. So it is cool that you have a clean and easy TOOL. But, why not let the new generation have access to it! If not... this (atariage and creativity) will be it, when we die, the TI is dead too. So, why not push the TI into the future with the kids. And then make a Emulator that makes it easy to get into the TI. The TI is competing with all the apps and programs on the modern computer. But for sure the TI has something to give the future and the kids of the future. So, my thinking is that IF there could be a ver. that makes it easy for new user to jump on the TI "rage" ;)

    So I see the "tool" view, but why not ALSO open IT TI up for kids, new fan's that do not know they are fan's, YET

  3. 11 minutes ago, Tursi said:

    Are you willing to draw all the artwork? Cause I can't.


    Classic99 is not meant as an archival or nostalgia program, but as a development tool. While I've toyed with the idea of graphics in certain representations from an educational standpoint (like opening up the console and seeing what's inside ;) ), it's not really my forte.


    You can have subfolders under user, so you could use that for your alphabetizing, anyway... 


    Sure, I will draw anything you want! Your wish is my GOTO CALL DRAW 😛 hehehe

    Well, I could see what I could do in making a anime of the TI being taken a part and where you can see the inside. I was thinking about making a diagram of the inside of the TI for "
    What would a true 16 bit TI 99 be like?" To understand what is being talked about. Like chips and pathways of info flow in order to make a 16 bit TI. I might make it or borrow pics (most probably, as I have seen some good pic of the motherboard) here and add names on it.

    Tell me what you want and I will make it for you, the more advanced, the more time I will need. But, for sure... "hit me" ;)

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  4. Just a wish to make it easier to find stuff...


    Under Cartridge, there is User, where I can put in other carts. How difficult would it to make it so that one could have a visual presentation of the games/programs. Like adding ones own pictures, or front page from the cart as a link to different carts? Like some 4*4 grid. So that I point to one folder and then I get a grid with the programs. And then I can link a picture to the different programs. Something to do if you have absolutely nothing to do? 😛

    In my mind I have a image of a bookshelf with Disk, Tapes, Carts and so on. I click on on icons, I get into a alphabetic library and clicking on a letter gets me into a grid with the titles under that letter. BUT... In my mind I can do it

    TI Shelf.jpg

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  5. Would be nice with images of different "stuff", I see that at times I look up games I had... some place. So now I am trying to use C99 and have a humongous folder with all kinds of progs. Sorting them in different subfolders.

    -Image of all Basic games
    -Image of all Ex Basic games
    -Image of all Carts
    -Image of all utility progs
    - and so on

    Just like the games that tmop69 are compiling and have one zip/image.

    One can find images to "Retropi", there you can download a imagine with some 10 of 1000 of games. I am going to try to make a image with games for my Raspberry Pi, so that I can take it with me to the next Raspberry Pi.

  6. 8 minutes ago, fabrice montupet said:

    DirectX 12 has been launched in 2015, we are in 2021. I think that this version has passed enough time for stabilization and can be installed with confidence .  DX 12 works fine with all my other 3D/CAD/EDA applications, it offers significant improvement (rendering and speed 3D) compared to version 11 . And I never had to troubleshoot DX12 problem with my professional customers computers.
    I can't say about games because I don't play games (none are installed in my Mac and PC computers) and I don't intervene on customers gaming/family computers.  The only games I play with (sometimes, really not often) are those of the 99/4A, just by nostalgia 🙂
    I will test Classic99 on a spare Core i5 PC Gen10 running DX11 to see a difference. Out of curiosity.

    and... a patient man lol

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  7. On 9/25/2021 at 4:36 AM, oddemann said:

    Norway... Bid war for a TI with a game and M. Memory!

    So fare it is at $116, I think that this is the top.


    NOW it is at $188 and I think this is a "made by the seller" storm. Seller is trying it all. He had set the price to $582 at one point. It started out at $290. He think that this is gold 😛 hehehehe I am pretty sure it is the seller making storm in a glass, as only 2 are interested in the computer.

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  8. 47 minutes ago, retroclouds said:

    RMC are planning on doing a MISTER console run in the near future. 
    I might consider getting one.



    Cool... the good thing about this system is that you can have so many "different" systems on it. So I am pretty sure there is a future for complete and ready systems like this. In one way... Some work and there could be a "true" 16 bit TI-99/4A on this.

    I have a Raspberry Pi that I installed with Retro Pi and the TI. Ask me how I did it 😛 Do not know. It works. The next thing I will do is to try to install ALL the stuff I have on the card to maybe use the Raspberry Pi to use it on my Big screen. So... for me... Raspberry Pi and Retro Pi and I am all OK.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, Asmusr said:

    To return to the original subject, I'm not sure if it has been made clear that the only difference between an ordinary TI-99/4A and a 'true 16-bit' version would be that the latter would be somewhat faster (depending on the software). They would be able to run more or less the same software. The true 16-buit version wouldn't magically have USB or WiFi or anything else unless new hardware and software was developed.

    So... then there is some good reason for making the TI-99/4A to all it can be and STILL have all the software running on the "modern" one.

  10. Hmmmm... "One board to rule them all!"

    Thinking... With all the separate board upgrades... maybe there should be made a project to make it ALL fit into a modern motherboard. So that it fits inside the real TI. With @matthew180 graphic "chip". With different hardware from @speccery, TIPI, Speech and more hardware from different people. So all make there own stuff. Maybe one have to do as our France man, Fabrice Montupet did it... In a all new box for his upgrade.

    But have a "Getting it all in ONE!" project, so that over time... slowly stuff are integrated into one motherboard. Or at least so it CAN be integrated into one computer. And then at one point, there will be this trimmed and "juiced up" TI, that is all powerful. Filled with all the powers it can hold in it's "old restrictions".

    9 boards and 1 board to rule them all 😛 hehehehee

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  11. Spoiler
    10 hours ago, speccery said:

    The MISTer implementation is based on my design, which is the one I am presenting in the video clip @oddemann linked above. There has been a number of improvements that have been made, I actually should check those, not up to speed with those. To answer @oddemann's question, since the source code is available here (and separately in the MISTer repository), it is not that hard to create custom versions.

    I would not call the FPGA designs virtual, the hardware description language (HDL) code is converted into FPGA bitstream data, which in turn configures the actual hardware on the FPGA to whatever one wants and is in the realm of the FPGA being used (capacity and speed). Thus actual hardware on the FPGA is implementing the features. It is possible to add things like USB, WiFI etc, but some of these features require additional chips (WIFI for example) and others like USB are doable but quite complex. And then there is the matter of figuring out how those capabilities should be mapped into the world of TI-99/4A software, which easily translates into quite a bit of code somebody needs to write. "Quite a bit" here means far exceeding the amount of ROM & GROM code in the original TI.


    @speccery, I knew it was you and I keep seeing and learning about MISTer. So seeing your video, I started to wonder, could this be used to make a "new" true 16 bit. No need to solder and find parts. And I do not know how hard it is under MISTer/FPGA.

    I was just wondering how close to a "true" 16 bit you can get with the MISTer/FPGA. How difficult is it to make a true 16 bit with FPGA. Or maybe more correct, how close are current version's to a "true" 16 bit. Or are they JUST made around the working TI and just "raised the celling" on stuff that is possible and useful to make cooler stuff on the TI?

    But then I understand that if is possible to do all the stuff I asked about. Do not get why it is difficult to make USB and WI-FI stuff. If you can make the 9900 Core, why is it difficult to make the USB stuff? Is it because it is complexed and lots of circuits, so it is time consuming?

    I might try to install MISTer one day! I need a guide for the "the severely ONLY left brained individual" or was it... to lazy to read up on it all to be able to do it? hehehehe

    When I have Classic99, why should I install MISTer?

    My personal wish is to make C99 more visual. Like a stack of Disks, and then you pick a disk and virtually put it into the Floppy Drive. The tape into the Tape Player. Make it so that the Emulator takes care of the technical stuff. And maybe a virtual picture of how the C99 looks like with all its "extras". But I am not going to bug Tursi about that, I am just so happy that C99 exists! For a long time there was a pay for emulator and I was not THAT much into TI. BUT with C99, I am seeing that I am getting more and more into TI stuff. Maybe C99 should have a addiction warning label on it 😛 hehehe On the other hand it is good to have to do what I did back in the day on the real iron.

    Today, my biggest regret is giving up my PEB. I got a hold of a PEB, some 25-30 years ago. But nothing more. Never got to use it for anything. I guess that one is on the trach hep, today. Lost track of it some 20 years ago. I grimmest, thinking about that I HAD the PEB. Well well!

    But, I like the virtual stuff. Much easier to play with. I was looking at the "Show your TI stand"... My TI stand... is my PC 😛 so, not much to show. BUT I now have 3 real iron TI. My original, somewhat "fixed" and NOT working. That is something I might wait with and with a new motherboard design. I put it all on THAT. The two others is lacking because of picture quality (got them in the last 3 years, have my eyes on one more. But so fare the seller is not clued in on the "right price" hehehe)

    matthew180 - Hurry slowly and with quality in mind, LONG before WHEN it should be done - making your "picture fix", for modern monitors.

    Also a thx to all of you for taking the time to talk about this. I guess I am the "winner" here, I learn A LOT!

    The more I learn about the TI, the more I learn that I have to learn, about the TI!

    My reason for falling in love with the TI was that I could make pictures on a computer. From the TI to Amiga and Paint Delux and on to Paint Shop Pro/Krita - today! I am all about the picture. I did my programming, that was the only thing you could do after being tired of playing the same game over and over. Happy to have gotten that start to the computer world.

    Today... with all the spy shit, registration and identifications. I am thinking more and more about reverting back to my good old TI and leaving behind this "big brother" spying tool. I might not even go beyond Win 7. I might just go to Ubuntu and do WINE to be able to use the few programs I "have to" use in windows. Krita is now on Ubuntu. And slowly I guess more and more stuff will get there. With WINE I will also get C99 to work under Ubuntu.

    So, this is also why the old TI is interesting today. NO WI-FI! No real connection to the outside world.


  12. I see this FPGA system/chips or maybe more correct possibility to make a virtual true 16 bit. (Was/is looking at  Erik Piehl's presentation in 2017, Italy, Rome.)

    And it made me think about this, "What if" and is it possible and how easy is it. Also... Dos FPGA make it so that you can make different versions of the "same computer". So that if someone has one Idea, they can take it in one direction and the other has another?

    How difficult is it to make a "new" true 16 bit computer with FPGA?

    If I understand it correct it is a virtual machine, and in light of "What if"... If it was made with FPGA, can you then test old software on it and all that. Or dos you have to make a "new OS" for the "new TI" to make it work?

    Is there a library of different IC in FPGA? Or to say in in another way... Can you use this to make a modern TI with USB, WI-FI and other stuff on the old Motherboard, BUT virtually?

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  13. 15 minutes ago, OLD CS1 said:

    Yeah, 585 lines is a ridiculously long TI BASIC program.


    I removed the REM statements (perhaps unnecessarily) and executed CALL FILES(0) in Classic99 to get it to run without memory errors.  Looks like it takes full advantage of an unexpanded console.

    Pasted in 4 to 585

    Then did "CALL FILES(0)"

    Memory full in 112

    I got the picture of the pitch up, before it stopped 😛

  14. Spoiler
    20 hours ago, Torrax said:

    Here's the TI-BASIC version I found in my BAS/XB collection.  I hope the listing is okay for everyone to paste into Classic99.



    1 REM ************
    2 REM * BASEBALL *
    3 REM ************
    5 DIM PP(3),XP(3),YP(3),BB(4),BR(4),NM$(2),HT(2),RN(2,9),ER(2),FD(9,2)
    8 CALL SCREEN(15)
    9 DISPLAY TAB(6);"ALL-STAR BASEBALL":TAB(4);"AUTHOR: C.M.EHNINGER": : : : : : : : : : :
    10 FOR X=1 TO 3
    11 READ XP(X)
    12 READ YP(X)
    13 READ PP(X)
    14 NEXT X
    15 DATA 14,24,98,6,16,96,14,8,97
    16 FOR X=1 TO 9
    17 READ FD(X,1),FD(X,2)
    18 NEXT X
    19 DATA 14,16,23,16,6,14,6,10,6,24,8,12,8,20,12,8,12,24
    20 B$=CHR$(137)
    21 C$=B$&B$&"TEAM:"&B$
    22 FOR X=1 TO 9
    23 C$=C$&B$&STR$(X)
    24 NEXT X
    25 C$=C$&B$&"H"&B$&"E"
    26 D$="B"&B$&"S"&B$&"O"
    28 CALL SCREEN(8)
    29 FOR X=1 TO 2
    31 DISPLAY "TEAM #";STR$(X): :"ENTER YOUR NAME:": : :
    32 INPUT NM$(X)
    33 FOR Y=LEN(NM$(X))+1 TO 7
    34 NM$(X)=NM$(X)&B$
    35 NEXT Y
    36 NM$(X)=SEG$(NM$(X),1,7)
    37 NEXT X
    39 CALL CHAR(102,"1038549438442211")
    40 CALL CHAR(103,"44E850E0A0A0A0A0")
    41 CALL CHAR(120,"103854B838282828")
    42 CALL CHAR(121,"000000183D7E3C24")
    43 CALL CHAR(129,"081C2A491C142241")
    44 CALL CHAR(130,"9254381038282828")
    45 CALL CHAR(131,"1038549228444444")
    46 CALL CHAR(33,"1818181818181818")
    47 CALL CHAR(42,"183C7EFFFF7E3C18")
    50 CALL CHAR(104,"0000000000183C7E")
    51 CALL CHAR(96,"00000000183C7E99")
    52 CALL CHAR(105,"FFFFFFFFE7C38100")
    53 CALL CHAR(106,"00010307070301")
    54 CALL CHAR(97,"0102060F0F060201")
    55 CALL CHAR(107,"FEFCF8F0F0F8FCFE")
    56 CALL CHAR(108,"7F3F1F0F0F1F3F7F")
    57 CALL CHAR(98,"804060F0F0604080")
    58 CALL CHAR(118,"80C0E0F0F0E0C080")
    59 CALL CHAR(99,"995A3C3C18")
    60 CALL CHAR(100,"0102040810204080")
    61 CALL CHAR(101,"8040201008040201")
    62 CALL CHAR(109,"000103070F1F3F7F")
    63 CALL CHAR(110,"0080C0E0F0F8FCFE")
    64 CALL CHAR(111,"FEFCF8F0E0C080")
    65 CALL CHAR(112,"7F3F1F0F070301")
    67 CALL CHAR(114,"00000000003C7EFF")
    68 CALL CHAR(115,"0103070707070301")
    69 CALL CHAR(116,"80C0E0E0E0E0C080")
    70 CALL CHAR(136,"0000001818")
    72 FOR X=3 TO 8
    73 CALL COLOR(X,2,16)
    74 NEXT X
    75 CALL COLOR(13,2,1)
    76 CALL COLOR(14,16,1)
    77 A=1
    78 GOSUB 82
    79 GOSUB 100
    80 GOSUB 131
    81 GOTO 502
    82 CALL COLOR(2,10,16)
    83 CALL COLOR(9,16,10)
    84 CALL COLOR(10,10,1)
    85 CALL COLOR(11,10,1)
    86 CALL COLOR(12,2,10)
    87 CALL CHAR(138,"8040201008040201")
    88 CALL CHAR(139,"0102040810204080")
    89 RETURN
    90 FOR X=9 TO 12
    91 CALL COLOR(X,1,1)
    92 NEXT X
    93 RETURN
    94 CALL SOUND(-20,1660,0,-4,0)
    95 RETURN
    96 CALL SOUND(-40,-5,0)
    97 RETURN
    98 CALL SOUND(-100,440,0,554,0,659,0,-5,0)
    99 RETURN
    100 CALL SCREEN(4)
    101 S$=C$
    102 J=1
    103 K=2
    104 GOSUB 476
    105 J=22
    106 K=2
    107 S$=D$
    108 GOSUB 476
    109 Z=2
    110 FOR X=1 TO 2
    111 K=2
    112 S$=B$&NM$(X)
    113 FOR Y=1 TO I
    114 E$=B$&STR$(RN(X,Y))
    115 S$=S$&SEG$(E$,LEN(E$)-1,2)
    116 NEXT Y
    117 J=X+1
    118 GOSUB 476
    119 E$=B$&STR$(HT(X))
    120 S$=SEG$(E$,LEN(E$)-1,2)
    121 E$=B$&STR$(ER(Z))
    122 S$=S$&SEG$(E$,LEN(E$)-1,2)
    123 Z=Z-1
    124 K=28
    125 GOSUB 476
    126 NEXT X
    127 CALL HCHAR(A+1,2,42)
    128 J=24
    129 K=10
    130 RETURN
    131 Y=0
    132 FOR X=7 TO 14
    133 CALL HCHAR(X,14-Y,109)
    134 CALL HCHAR(X,15-Y,100)
    135 CALL HCHAR(X,16-Y,111)
    136 CALL HCHAR(X,16+Y,112)
    137 CALL HCHAR(X,17+Y,101)
    138 CALL HCHAR(X,18+Y,110)
    139 Y=Y+1
    140 NEXT X
    141 CALL HCHAR(5,16,104)
    142 CALL HCHAR(6,15,109)
    143 CALL HCHAR(6,16,96)
    144 CALL HCHAR(6,17,110)
    145 CALL HCHAR(7,16,105)
    146 CALL HCHAR(14,7,106)
    147 CALL HCHAR(14,8,97)
    148 CALL HCHAR(14,9,107)
    149 CALL HCHAR(14,23,108)
    150 CALL HCHAR(14,24,98)
    151 CALL HCHAR(14,25,118)
    152 Y=7
    153 FOR X=15 TO 21
    154 CALL HCHAR(X,15-Y,112)
    155 CALL HCHAR(X,16-Y,101)
    156 CALL HCHAR(X,17-Y,110)
    157 CALL HCHAR(X,15+Y,109)
    158 CALL HCHAR(X,16+Y,100)
    159 CALL HCHAR(X,17+Y,111)
    160 Y=Y-1
    161 NEXT X
    162 CALL HCHAR(13,16,114)
    163 CALL HCHAR(14,15,115)
    164 CALL HCHAR(14,17,116)
    165 CALL VCHAR(15,16,113,7)
    166 CALL HCHAR(22,15,112)
    167 CALL HCHAR(22,16,99)
    168 CALL HCHAR(22,17,111)
    169 YY=1
    170 YZ=31
    171 FOR X=9 TO 22
    172 CALL HCHAR(X,YY,138)
    173 CALL HCHAR(X,YZ,139)
    174 YY=YY+1
    175 YZ=YZ-1
    176 NEXT X
    177 CALL HCHAR(FD(1,1),FD(1,2),120)
    178 CALL HCHAR(FD(2,1),FD(2,2),121)
    179 FOR X=3 TO 9
    180 CALL HCHAR(FD(X,1),FD(X,2),131)
    181 NEXT X
    182 RETURN
    183 X1=21
    184 X2=13
    185 X3=7
    186 X4=15
    187 Y1=17
    188 Y2=23
    189 Y3=15
    190 Y4=9
    191 R1=99
    192 R2=98
    193 R3=96
    194 R4=97
    195 FOR X=1 TO 4
    196 BB(X)=0
    197 NEXT X
    198 FOR X=1 TO 8
    199 GOSUB 214
    200 NEXT X
    201 B=0
    202 FOR X=4 TO 1 STEP-1
    203 IF BB(X)=0 THEN 211
    204 BR(X)=0
    205 IF X<4 THEN 210
    206 RN(A,I)=RN(A,I)+1
    207 N=N-1
    208 B=1
    209 GOTO 211
    210 BR(X+1)=1
    211 NEXT X
    212 B=0
    213 RETURN
    214 ON S+1 GOTO 215,222,231,240
    215 IF BR(1)=0 THEN 222
    216 BB(1)=1
    217 CALL HCHAR(X1+1,Y1-1,R1)
    218 CALL GCHAR(X1,Y1,R1)
    219 CALL HCHAR(X1,Y1,102)
    220 X1=X1-1
    221 Y1=Y1+1
    222 IF(BR(2)=0)+(B=1)=-2 THEN 247
    223 IF BR(2)=0 THEN 231
    224 BB(2)=1
    225 CALL HCHAR(X2+1,Y2+1,R2)
    226 CALL GCHAR(X2,Y2,R2)
    227 CALL HCHAR(X2,Y2,102)
    228 X2=X2-1
    229 Y2=Y2-1
    230 IF S>0 THEN 247
    231 IF(BR(3)=0)+(B=1)=-2 THEN 247
    232 IF BR(3)=0 THEN 240
    233 BB(3)=1
    234 CALL HCHAR(X3-1,Y3+1,R3)
    235 CALL GCHAR(X3,Y3,R3)
    236 CALL HCHAR(X3,Y3,102)
    237 X3=X3+1
    238 Y3=Y3-1
    239 IF S>0 THEN 247
    240 IF BR(4)=0 THEN 247
    241 BB(4)=1
    242 CALL HCHAR(X4-1,Y4-1,R4)
    243 CALL GCHAR(X4,Y4,R4)
    244 CALL HCHAR(X4,Y4,102)
    245 X4=X4+1
    246 Y4=Y4+1
    247 RETURN
    248 IF BL=9 THEN 291
    249 G=0
    250 H=0
    251 B=0
    252 C=0
    253 GOSUB 486
    254 CALL HCHAR(22,16,103)
    255 S$="PITCHER?"
    256 GOSUB 476
    257 CALL KEY(1,X,Y)
    258 IF Y=0 THEN 257
    259 IF(X<1)+(X>3)<>0 THEN 257
    260 P=X
    261 GOSUB 336
    262 BR(1)=1
    263 GOSUB 493
    264 IF N=0 THEN 273
    265 IF RK=0 THEN 273
    266 BR(1)=0
    267 ER(A)=ER(A)+1
    268 S$="BALK"
    269 GOSUB 476
    270 GOSUB 183
    271 GOSUB 109
    272 GOTO 251
    273 FOR X=15 TO 21
    274 CALL GCHAR(X,16,BL)
    275 CALL HCHAR(X,16,43)
    276 CALL HCHAR(X,16,BL)
    277 NEXT X
    278 IF P<3 THEN 322
    279 IF T<3 THEN 292
    280 GOSUB 96
    281 S$="BALL"
    282 GOSUB 476
    283 H=H+1
    284 IF H<4 THEN 253
    285 S$="WALK"
    286 GOSUB 476
    287 B=1
    288 N=N+1
    289 GOSUB 183
    290 GOTO 249
    291 IF G=2 THEN 253 ELSE 293
    292 GOSUB 96
    293 S$="STRIKE"
    294 G=G+1
    295 GOSUB 476
    296 IF G<3 THEN 253
    297 S$="STRUCK OUT"
    298 GOSUB 476
    299 O=O+1
    300 IF O<3 THEN 249 ELSE 335
    301 S$="STEAL"
    302 GOSUB 96
    303 GOSUB 476
    304 FOR X=4 TO 2 STEP-1
    305 IF BR(X)<>0 THEN 308
    306 NEXT X
    307 GOTO 293
    308 IF P<3 THEN 316
    309 S$="RUNNER OUT"
    310 GOSUB 476
    311 O=O+1
    312 BR(X)=0
    313 N=N-1
    314 CALL HCHAR(XP(X-1),YP(X-1),PP(X-1))
    315 IF O=3 THEN 335 ELSE 293
    316 RS=INT(RS*P*X)
    317 IF RS THEN 309
    318 S=X-1
    319 GOSUB 183
    320 S=0
    321 GOTO 293
    322 ON T GOTO 323,323,292,301
    323 RK=RG
    324 IF P<>T THEN 331
    325 FOR X=1 TO P
    326 RF=1.2*RF
    327 RK=.8*RK
    328 RG=1.2*RG
    329 NEXT X
    330 GOTO 334
    331 RF=.8*RF
    332 RK=1.2*RK
    333 RG=.8*RG
    334 GOSUB 94
    335 RETURN
    336 S$="BATTER?"
    337 GOSUB 476
    338 CALL KEY(2,X,Y)
    339 IF Y=0 THEN 338
    340 IF X<4 THEN 342
    341 X=X-8
    342 IF(X<1)+(X>4)<>0 THEN 338
    343 T=X
    344 S$=" "
    345 GOSUB 476
    346 RETURN
    347 CALL KEY(0,V,W)
    348 IF W=0 THEN 362
    349 PF=FL
    350 IF V=68 THEN 355
    351 IF V<>83 THEN 362
    352 IF FL=1 THEN 362
    353 FL=FL-1
    354 GOTO 359
    355 IF FL<LM THEN 358
    356 FL=LM
    357 GOTO 362
    358 FL=FL+1
    361 CALL HCHAR(X,FL,130)
    362 RETURN
    363 ON RH GOTO 364,367,370,372,375
    364 S$="SINGLE"
    365 C=C+1
    366 GOTO 377
    367 S$="DOUBLE"
    368 C=C+2
    369 GOTO 377
    370 S$="OFF-THE-WALL"
    371 GOTO 373
    372 S$="TRIPLE"
    373 C=C+3
    374 GOTO 377
    375 S$="HOME-RUN"
    376 C=4
    377 HT(A)=HT(A)+1
    378 GOSUB 476
    379 RETURN
    380 S$="FIELDER ERROR"
    381 ER(A)=ER(A)+1
    382 HT(A)=HT(A)-1
    383 RG=INT(1.2*RG)
    384 RF=INT(1.2*RF)
    385 RK=INT(.8*RK)
    386 GOSUB 476
    387 GOSUB 98
    388 RETURN
    389 S$="OUT AT FIRST"
    390 O=O+1
    391 BR(1)=0
    392 GOTO 408
    393 S$="DOUBLE PLAY"
    394 IF(O>1)+(N=0)<>0 THEN 389
    395 O=O+2
    396 FOR X=4 TO 2 STEP-1
    397 IF BR(X)=0 THEN 400
    398 BR(X)=0
    399 GOTO 401
    400 NEXT X
    401 BR(1)=0
    402 GOTO 407
    403 S$="TRIPLE PLAY"
    404 IF(O>0)+(N<2)<>0 THEN 393
    405 GOSUB 96
    406 O=O+3
    407 GOSUB 96
    408 GOSUB 476
    409 RETURN
    410 X=FD(3,1)
    411 RK=RK/16
    412 IF ABS(RK)<=1 THEN 417
    413 S$="FOUL BALL"
    414 GOSUB 476
    415 BL=9
    416 GOTO 439
    417 ZZ=32
    418 LM=32
    419 FL=14
    420 IF ABS(RK)<0.2 THEN 424
    421 FL=10
    422 IF RK<0 THEN 424
    423 FL=24
    424 CALL HCHAR(X,FL,130)
    425 FY=FL
    426 Q=0
    427 FOR XX=23 TO 1 STEP-1
    428 Y=16+INT(Q)
    429 Q=Q+RK
    430 IF(Y<1)+(Y>32)<>0 THEN 437
    432 IF BL=130 THEN 437
    433 CALL HCHAR(XX,Y,136)
    435 GOSUB 347
    436 NEXT XX
    438 CALL HCHAR(X,FY,131)
    439 RETURN
    440 GOSUB 90
    441 CALL CHAR(138,"00")
    442 CALL CHAR(139,"00")
    443 F=1
    444 FOR X=1 TO 9
    445 CALL HCHAR(FD(X,1),FD(X,2),32)
    446 NEXT X
    447 CALL SCREEN(8)
    448 FL=12
    449 LM=27
    450 ZZ=32
    451 X=22
    452 CALL HCHAR(23,1,44,32)
    453 CALL HCHAR(22,28,33)
    454 CALL HCHAR(22,FL,130)
    455 XX=23
    456 IF RF<32 THEN 458
    457 RF=32
    458 FOR Y=1 TO INT(RF/2)
    460 CALL HCHAR(XX,Y,136)
    462 GOSUB 347
    463 XX=XX-1
    464 NEXT Y
    465 LM=27
    466 FOR Y=INT(RF/2)+1 TO RF
    467 XX=XX+1
    469 IF BL=44 THEN 475
    470 IF BL=130 THEN 475
    471 CALL HCHAR(XX,Y,136)
    473 GOSUB 347
    474 NEXT Y
    475 RETURN
    476 IF J<>24 THEN 478
    477 CALL HCHAR(J,1,32,32)
    478 L=K
    479 FOR Y=1 TO LEN(S$)
    480 E=ASC(SEG$(S$,Y,1))
    481 CALL HCHAR(J,L,E)
    482 L=L+1
    483 NEXT Y
    485 RETURN
    486 J=23
    487 K=2
    488 S$=STR$(H)&B$&STR$(G)&B$&STR$(O)
    489 GOSUB 476
    490 J=24
    491 K=10
    492 RETURN
    493 RB=INT(2*RND)+1
    494 RS=RND+.2
    495 RK=INT(RND+.005)
    496 RC=INT(2*RND)
    497 RE=INT(RND+.1)
    498 RF=INT(21*RND)+5
    499 RG=INT(51*RND)-25
    500 RO=ABS(INT(LOG(25*RND+1)-3))
    501 RETURN
    502 FOR I=1 TO 9
    503 FOR A=1 TO 2
    504 IF F=0 THEN 512
    505 CALL SCREEN(4)
    506 CALL HCHAR(22,28,32)
    507 CALL HCHAR(22,FL,ZZ)
    508 CALL HCHAR(23,1,32,32)
    509 GOSUB 82
    510 GOSUB 177
    511 F=0
    512 FOR X=1 TO 3
    513 IF BR(X+1)THEN 515
    514 CALL HCHAR(XP(X),YP(X),PP(X))
    515 NEXT X
    516 FOR R=1 TO C
    517 GOSUB 183
    518 NEXT R
    519 GOSUB 109
    520 GOSUB 248
    521 IF O<3 THEN 530
    522 O=0
    523 N=0
    524 FOR X=1 TO 3
    525 BR(X)=0
    526 CALL HCHAR(XP(X),YP(X),PP(X))
    527 NEXT X
    528 BR(4)=0
    529 GOTO 584
    530 IF RB=2 THEN 554
    531 GOSUB 410
    532 IF BL=9 THEN 504
    533 IF BL<>130 THEN 541
    534 IF RE=0 THEN 538
    535 GOSUB 380
    536 RO=0
    537 GOTO 541
    538 GOSUB 96
    539 IF RO THEN 548
    540 RG=RG/2
    541 N=N+1
    542 IF ABS(RG)>12 THEN 545
    543 RH=1
    544 GOTO 546
    545 RH=2
    546 GOSUB 363
    547 GOTO 504
    548 ON RO GOSUB 389,393,403
    549 IF O=3 THEN 522
    550 IF N=0 THEN 504
    551 IF RC=0 THEN 504
    552 C=1
    553 GOTO 504
    554 GOSUB 440
    555 IF BL<>130 THEN 564
    556 IF RE=0 THEN 560
    557 GOSUB 98
    558 GOSUB 380
    559 GOTO 564
    560 GOSUB 96
    561 IF RO THEN 548
    562 RO=1
    563 GOTO 548
    564 GOSUB 98
    565 IF RF>10 THEN 568
    566 GOSUB 413
    567 GOTO 504
    568 N=N+1
    569 IF BL<>33 THEN 572
    570 RH=3
    571 GOTO 582
    572 IF RF>20 THEN 575
    573 RH=1
    574 GOTO 582
    575 IF RF>26 THEN 578
    576 RH=2
    577 GOTO 582
    578 IF RF>28 THEN 581
    579 RH=4
    580 GOTO 582
    581 RH=5
    582 GOSUB 363
    583 GOTO 504
    584 NEXT A
    585 NEXT I



    Memory full in 101

  15. 54 minutes ago, RXB said:

    Ok what does that have to do with file copy?

    Why would the CAPS LOCK affect FILE COPY or FILE CONVERSIONS?

    That is like if your car radio is on you can only turn left!


    So everyone is smart as you and knows everything? I KNOW that I ask a lot of stuff, that is most probably stupid". Should I now be scared to ask about stuff. Just in case it is TO STUPID to ask or say?

    And that gives YOU the right to be this "nice", what about being just helpful and remember that sometimes people do not know or maybe even forgotten stuff. Most of all... How did you help and how did this make things better? Do you think he will ask you for stuff or maybe even MORE important. What is his motivation to try out your stuff? Your shooting yourself in the foot! The irony is that sometimes I read that people say stuff to YOU and YOU misread or misunderstand and you get offended. But, for some reason you do not understand it the other way? Here is no misreading or misunderstanding of what your saying. You are clearing saying indirectly that he is stupid! So... IF YOU don't like it when YOU think people have offended you, why do YOU think it is OK to offend others?

    I am pretty sure you have asked and or said stuff that was "Dohooo, did you not know that?"

    Please, be nice! And if you can not... please, just don't say anything!

    This is the second time in a short time you do not "ADD" to a discussion!

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  16. I think that, today the tall wall to jump over is that there is not that much drive to make stuff something slightly better and the tales wall is the eco-system would not support even slightly better TI.

    And then we have the computer power we have in the modern computer, to much hassel.

    But it is interesting to read what people think could have been and what is tested and tried. And maybe the best way to do something like this is to make a emulator to simulate a slightly better TI. And maybe easier to convert old stuff to that. At least one would not use years to figure out all the hardware. But, even an emulator would still make it not work with old software. Maybe the most important thing... It would then not be the TI 99/4A.

    But I learn more about the TI and at least it dos not cost and dos not take time to imagine - "what if".

    So if I understand the "better TI", there would have to be many changes, to make it work as a true 16 bit. I almost hear a "Amiga way", where one could add age appropriate IC to take care of picture and sound stuff, because there would be so many changes. And... was there other stuff to support a HOLE true 16 bit TI motherboard, at that time?

    I also read that some of the stuff they did in the TI to make it work, is pretty smart.

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