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  1. huh, ok, 'that' sweet music. But why DFU and not UFD? Didn't you see Shrek? Everybody knows that female monstrous reptiles like to mate with male equidae
  2. given that Rev released the game I expect the dinosaur and the unicorn to make something together even sweeter than music
  3. add a rabbit in the game and then call it Hotel Bunnier
  4. I bought it when I was a kid because it was at a very low price (something like 5,000 or 10,000 liras, which were like 2 or 5 USD) but fell in love with it immediately. I've not been playing it recently though
  5. another idea: each member can give three votes, each with different weight. Vote A is worth 3 points, vote B is worth 2 points and vote C is worth 1 point, so it takes three votes C to have a vote A, and so on. This way each voter can express a sort of order of preference and is not forced to choose one title among many he likes. In the electoral system science this techinque is called ranked voting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranked_voting). Just my 2 Hong Kong cents
  6. because I grew up with it: I got it when I was thirteen (or maybe fourteen) and kept on playing it even though all my friends moved to C64. It has always been like one of my best friends during all these years and now that I'm fast approaching my 50s I know I will never betray it. I know, I'm not telling why I like Intellivision, but only how much.
  7. that Roulette is still selaed. That's what made it so expensive. ah, have I ever told you that Roulette is the one Sears I'm still missing? + Hockey manual
  8. I paid for the tracking service but didn't get any tracking number by email and don't find anyway the tracking code. The only thing I know is the game was shipped (and of course that is good).
  9. please don't tell me they took Cloudy Mountain from a National Geographic's cover...
  10. wow, it is him, it's Chinaglia with the mustaches! I didn't know that. There are also the same red stars on the ball.
  11. I preordered one. I guess it's only the first of a series
  12. are you willing to report all the unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances you received from Rev to the authorities?
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