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  1. is Rick still dangerous after all these years? I thought he retired in the meantime
  2. ordered 2 copies Because we only live twice
  3. creative people, when the studded collar and handcuffs with the Intellivision logo?
  4. I'm touched... I checked the list of the countries on the back of the t-shirt and I couldn't but purchase it. Thank you, creative minds
  5. here is a non-exhaustive list of homebrews which require the ECS or get additional enhancements thanks to it (in random order): - Space Patrol - Flintstones' Keyboard Fun - Super NFL Football - Number Jumble - Game Factory - FUBAR
  6. here is a non-exhaustive list of homebrews to be used with Intellivoice (in random order): - Hover Bovver - Same Game & Robots - Magic Carousel - Space C*nt - Missile Domination - IntyBasic Showcase Vol. 1 - The Secret Government Waffle Project - Wizard of Wor - Steamroller - Battlestar Galactica Space Battle - Anthropomorphic Force
  7. there are many actually. IIRC, with the exception of Magic Carousel (which wouldn't even be a homebrew, technically) the Intellivoice is used as an additional feature although not essential or mandatory in at least 10 homebrews. If I was in your shoes I would keep room for Missile Domination, for example.
  8. I ordered from him an indecent amount of times and everything went well. Always. We can blame the guy in charge for liking the My Little Pony franchise or for occasionally tossing nudes in the packages, but his dedication and reliability are out of the question
  9. I hope they won't change show's name to PRGE-21
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