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  1. beautiful! I couldn't but notice the seven copies of Christmas Carol. Which definitely needs a sequel. Or a prequel. Or even a spin-off
  2. predictable yet sad news. Being there after a short or long trip - one of us once drove from Long Island, NY to Portland, OR!! - makes you feel part of something more "real" and gives a totally different and deeper meaning to being in this forum and playing and collecting our favorite video game system. "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Leo Tolstoy
  3. would you please post here when SMB is available on eBay again? I feel more comfortable if I get to them starting from here
  4. when more copies of Stadium Mud Buggies on eBay?
  5. I'm late to the party and all the first 25 copies are gone. I hope Jason's crystal sphere works properly
  6. my list (single player games only): AD&D - Treasure of Tarmin AD&D - Cloudy Mountain Thunder Castle/Mystic Castle Tutankham Ice Trek Swords and Serpents Thin Ice Beamrider Worm Whomper White Water! Special mentions: Burgertime Commando B-17 Bomber Shark! Shark! p.s.: I know there would be issues to get the licenses to make Tutankham, Commando and Burgertime. Well, it's a problem for a lawyer, not for me
  7. super cool! I love it. You've just beaten it! It only misses Eddie van Halen's solo. I assume that that storm of notes can't be reproduced with IntyBasic.
  8. I'm in for one board or two, depending on availability
  9. omg, I've just realized we are all appling for membership but Rev wants a ship of members...
  10. applied, even though I've no idea on which number I got. I surely get numb when I do such procedures
  11. can't wait for an upgraded version! I want to imagine that the main character is the same of Pitfall!, White Water! and Jungle Hunt: after a dangerous adventure in the jungle of Amazonas he's come back home for a new challenge on the Appalachians: he heads up to a mountain, avoiding bears, boulders et cetera And when he reaches the top he meets two friends and they dare the rapids of the raging river going down to the valley. He obviously makes it home again just to discover his beloved one went to Africa and was taken captive by vicious savages (well, this part on the back of the original Atari 2600 box would be banned in the light of the political correctness of the current times) and it's time to rescue her. Till your next adventure!
  12. amazing find! You should play Tutankham with it
  13. ohy Buy It Now for 855 bucks? No, maybe But It Tomorrow. Or maybe not (p.s.: what's that idiom in English? Sour grapes?)
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