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  1. Thank you very much! It's easy to find what you look for and the website runs very smoothly. I've already picked up some small gems! Speaking of the Live Stream with Papa Pete and William from Elektronite, the rate of sexiness spiked when you showed Donkey Kong in clamshell case and one of the many games in FC sleeve you own . You hoarder!!!!
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284463993965 a guy playing NBA Basketball without an opponent in1980. Priceless!
  3. lol SMB for $30! That's what could happen in the good old days. When with a bit of luck one could buy all the Super Pro sport games for 25 Euros each (from SP Football to Body Slam for the same price... true story!) and didn't feel like being a thief
  4. I found the mention of Radofin Electronics (Far East) Ltd. (the manufacturer of Intellivision games, consoles and accessories in Hong Kong) in "International Electronics Directory '90: The Guide to European Manufacturers, Agents and Applications" (C. G. Wedgwood, Elsevier, 22 Oct 2013) and, surprise!, their headquarter had the same address as Ciro Investments Ltd. The mysterious Ciro Investments Ltd. was very probably nothing but Radofin Electronics (Far East) Ltd. operating in the local market under a different business name.
  5. I would definitely do two separate polls for physical and digital releases. As a collector I would also like to give a vote for the best packaging as well. Just to be clear, the nudes Rev usually tosses in my packages won't influence my vote.
  6. decle, the list should be updated with a new entry: Fathon (sic)
  7. very nice story. And a great reading while on way home after a day of hard work!
  8. So IntellivisionRevolution will soon reach puberty. Congratulations, Rev, go on like this!
  9. afaik, some distributors simply added a manual in local language to boxes made for foreign markets without putting any sticker on the box. So the manual is localized and comes with distributor's name and, on the contrary, the box doesn't have any identifying mark. That's what happened, for example, in Sweden with Lilliehook Electronic AB (=LEAB). (courtesy of Steve Jones)
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