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  1. me too, please, if it's not too late! The one you gave me last year is on the other side of the world, litterally intellivotion Hong Kong, Italy
  2. fantastic news! I will have to change the shipping address though. Please wait for my email/PM before shipping
  3. the disc rocks, period I couldn't imagine any other kind of controller for my favourite console.
  4. there's people coming from other continents...
  5. here is the link to all your available listings: All your listings
  6. and that FCTvVO Armor Battle is also a bit more special: it has a printing error
  7. It's a variation of Triple Action that I didn't even know existed. But I can't reveal something which is not mine. Jason likes this stuff a lot. Come on, MauAnouk2012
  8. where's the amazing variation of Triple Action we were talking about privately? 😆
  9. I want the RetroCon Seven Edition 2019! I wanti it NOW!!
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