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  1. I'm sorry to say that but to me this is like discussing about the sex of angels. 123? 125? 127? There are many ways to collect and all of them are good and noble. This is the free Republic of Intellivision, there's no king, no president, no parliament. Collect as you like and live happy.
  2. wow, are Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage starring in it? that's amazing
  3. Tomb Squad - help Tuco (the Ugly) find the grave in Sad Hill Cemetery where the Confederate gold has been buried. Blondie (the Good) will be on your side - perhaps? - but watch out! Angel Eyes (the Bad) can be anywhere trying to grab the treasure before you. A Spaghetti Western video game widely inspired by "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
  4. Fame factory - the very first dancing game. Includes a collection of songs each with their own dance choreographies. For use with Intellivect, the new motion sensing device by Mattel Electronics. Soon available in your favourite store! Shut up and dance!
  5. IF I make it to PRGE I will buy two copies
  6. I would love a game that is NOT Spy vs. Spy on Intellivision, but looks quite the same to it...
  7. I actually did find many nice stuff 16-18 years ago at a thrift store in Italy, which later sadly closed. Several Inty consoles, some Atari 2600, a CIB Heavy Sixer included, and less often Colecovision/CBS products. It was full of Vic 20 and C-64 stuff, but I wasn't interested in those at all. Now those good days are gone, though. Why do bad things happen to good stores?
  8. really, is there anybody who knows how many copies of the first Spiker were made? The "more serious" version I mean 😛. Steve R., maybe? Dave W.? I'm pretty curious
  9. that's totally my kind of game. Iwantitsobaaaaaaad
  10. at the moment, the pictures in the albums are not visible: there's a black spot instead of a pic.
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