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  1. one of my all-time favorites!!! so, there's still a chance also for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Pitfall 2 Lost Caverns
  2. any news about this? An update would be highly appreciated
  3. haha, I thought only the man with the golden gun had the third nipple
  4. (°O°) ° ¥ ° you forgot some anatomical details
  5. congrats. It's outrageously beautiful. To be a Learning Fun, I mean
  6. - White Water! for pace and originality on the river stage - Ice Trek for difficulty and originality - Swords & Serpents for fun, especially in cooperative mode - Dracula for graphics, sound and a bit of thrilling - Truckin' for complexity and originality - Microsurgeon for graphics and being way beyond its time - Safecracker for graphics and originality on the street stage - Fathom for graphics and a bit of mystery (do you remember? It has an end) - Nova Blast for graphics and for being a shameless copy of Defender + Atlantis - Atlantis for graphics and awesomeness - Demon Attack for graphics and for not giving a f**k about all its bugs all of the above plus the games I didn't mention for making me have so much fun in the last 36 years. Imagic is undoubtedly my favorite third-party game company for Intellivision
  7. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Rivers of hormones flowing in the cyberspace for a white label Word Fun. I watched Cmart's gaze glitter in the dark as he holds his Mastercard. All those moments will remain forever on AtariAge.
  8. you can find the answer in this thread: The general conclusion is that for each made in HK box with mention of the KC at least one made in USA box with the same mention exists. Moreover, it seems like the rarest made in USA box that mentions the KC is Word Fun
  9. please put me down for two copies: one for me and one for the little child inside of me
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