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  1. WOW, what a response and all goals hit! Much love and respect to UKMike for his amazing work in documenting this whole wild ride and congratulations on the successful book Kickstarter! You guys are in for an amazing experience reading this book, only the tip of the iceberg has been seen thus far and you will be shocked to see how much more there was to this story. As I said before I have had read the current version of the book several times and there is nothing about this book that isn't exactly as it happened. I hope that everyone can sit tight until their copy arrives and I am keen to hear what the readers have to say after they digest the whole history of this crazy story. Combining my takeaways from UK's book, and my own reflections, I jotted down a few notes I will post here. -When you cross one line you know you shouldn't cross your going to repeat it. -In the words of my favorite professor, an honest man does not lie, a pragmatic man does not lie about something that is easily verified. -Brotherhood and fraternity are eternal, so is betraying brotherhood and fraternity. -Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash. -Modern gaming media is worse than modern political media. The good old days were better and even an infotainment sales brochure publication like Nintendo Power had more quality control and integrity than the garbage of today. Minimal fact checking could have shut this down early, but no they regurgitated press releases. -Criminals are dumb, which makes them prime victims for another criminal. -Never be cruel to kind people. Some things are inevitable like the invention of the airplane, people all over the world were working on powered flight but the Wright brothers were the reason why it happened. The Chameleon debacle was going to be exposed by something, but the reason why was ultimately that Socal treated one of the nicest people I know (William Culver) like garbage and that is how the whole thing came to and end ***READ ALL ABOUT IT IN THE BOOK*** And most of all, UK Mike has often said walk a mile in a man's shoes before acting, that way you will be a mile away and have his shoes. UK is a few thousand miles away so I am going to post a few short paragraphs from his book. He was kind enough to let me write a epilogue and included it in the book, here are a few lines that sum up some of my thoughts looking back on the whole thing. .
  2. I told UKMike this, but did he listen? "All I wanted was a prototype A prototype A prototype But I'm all alone without my prototype my prototype my prototype I'll just make my facsimile thereof For my prototype For my prototype I'll take this shell and this board once used to record I'll take this tape and this wall wort And at the toyfair no one will know I came up short For my prototype my prototype my prototype"
  3. If one hasn't read the hundreds of emails, texts, hours of phone calls, company documents, invoices, tax forms, state entity filings, invested a single dollar of their own money, been in the room as decisions were made, participated in the conference calls with the founders, ridden in the car as the magazine was formulated, slept in the spare bedroom as a guest and had the other person stay as a guest in your home etc. etc. etc. one might have 150 pages of speculation. UKMike's book is based on the gold standard of primary source information. Original documents and people directly involved. That is why it is as big as it is. Your onto something though with the documentary idea, if a filmmaker like Kevin Smith saw the RVGS CC events unfold and read the book it could make a killer documentary or docudrama and that is certainly what I hope that Uk might end up with. One of the things we were joking about was who would play who. My vote was Roan Atkinson for UKMike, WIll Sasso for Socal Mike, Mat Best to play me, Dave Bautista to play Mark, Andre Royo to play Steve Sawyer, Patton Oswalt to play Mr Lee, and it went on.....
  4. Ah the perfect opportunity to say "READ ALL ABOUT IT IN THE BOOK!" Seriously, yes. I had litigation prepared had the kickstarter funded but it didn't so spending money to shut down nothing was pointless. Others will have to speak for themselves. UkMike covered this in his book.
  5. Consider this; throughout the months long escapade there were countless videos of people sitting in front of their cameras with their collection behind them as they pontificated on nothing. Posts in this very forum by those in the know of what was really going on were seemingly unread as the random speculation flooded page after page. And quite a few times those posts or interviews revealing the truth were followed by posts saying in essence "too long didn't read". What if there really was 600 pages worth of research, not fluff, that was left behind by this disaster? What if the Chameleon fakes were only the tip of the iceburg and UKMike has the whole iceburg, and its just as dirty as the tip? I have read this thing and having lived through it first hand as a defrauded investor, the original hardware designer, a magazine contributor, and a former close friend of Socal's I can assure you there is only one credible source of the whole back story and that is this book. http://www.colecochameleon.org/kickstarter
  6. Hi Bill! I have read the book a few times over now and WOW are people in store for the whole story! The whole pageant of bogus press releases and rampant speculation that was what the public digested was very different from what was going on behind the scenes. You pretty much hit home on where the book sits now, the thing is written and a HUGE portion of it is based on the perpetrator's own words. What he forgot, or had the hubris to ignore, was the army of people he had crossed, and all of those people did a document dump of the communications that were intended to be internal to the RVGS/CC entity and "partners" It is pretty hard to talk about slander/libel when your printing the actual email/transcript/tweet etc. of the person in question. The sticky bit though that needs legal review is what you can and can't use, and in what context. There is a huge web of legalities, and once that is sorted through the goal is to come out with nothing redacted or removed. That is where the project is now, if only UKMike could just hit print and ship them today he would!
  7. As Socal was trying to sell off the wreckage of his "empire" I was pretty sure nobody would be stupid enough to give him money for any part of that dumpster fire, let alone willing to help him wriggle off the hook for his scams. I am somewhat pleased to see that Pico Interactive blew 10G on this, consider it a stupid tax.
  8. Somewhat exactly my point. Just like Sony and Microsoft decided to get into the console game in the 90's, what if Samsung, Sun, HP, etc. decided to buy Atari and deliver a quality competitive project on the shelf with no renders, crowdfunding, and other amateur hour stunts.
  9. Nobody has posted it on Thingiverse or any other repository I use, but it is only a matter of time until someone does an Atari Box 3D print model.
  10. Were giving away a NIB copy of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT for a contest, go to the RetroGaming Roundup Facebook page and enter there to win.
  11. This weekend is the NY Toy Fair, birthplace of the love child brought about by two rats fornicating in a wool sock. Good times!
  12. I for one welcome Socal back to the community, surely he won't do the same thing again, for the 1st,2nd,3rd 4th,5th,6th time.
  13. I'd sooner trust a grinning Bill Cosby offering me a drink than a Kennedy with a business pitch.
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