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  1. I read this thread title and said out loud "T3 pinball"! I love the Terminator series, even have a full size T800 in my kitchen, and love the T coin-ops mostly. The T2 pin and vid are in the collection as is the T4 gun game and I really wanted to have them all so every time I go to an auction and there is a T3 pinball I play it and play it trying to like it enough to take one home but I just can't. Horrible artwork, gross colors, dollar store quality models, and the game play consists of like 3 turn arounds on an otherwise vacant play field. BARF. I always leave without one. *Yes, I know it isn't a console game, but my hatred of this situation transcends categories.
  2. 😀 😄 😆 🤣 😄
  3. They literally had FOUR YEARS, the work presented took a few hours, it is as obvious as a highschooler turning in his term paper he started the night before.
  4. Nah, download an image for your SD card and write it, stick it in the pi and your playing games in minuets. But that wasn't even my point, the VCS is a super generic PC and the software load on it could be done by an amateur in a few hours of effort, it is not the result one would expect from the years they had to roll this thing out, it is amateur clown car stuff. Other than the case this whole thing is a big nothing and further underlines how lazy and uninformed the gaming press is. I haven't seen anything pointing out that this is slapped together COTS stuff.
  5. This whole thing has been a giant "meh" and remarkable only in its ability to be of absolutely zero interest to so many beyond the neat case. If you care enough to play 2600 games you almost certainly have a half dozen ways to do that already, along with every other retro system. If you need a gaming pc this design would never be it. With streaming media being available on so many devices who would seek out this obscure $400 option to a $35 Firestick? The wonder of how this drama resulted in an actual box on a shelf is superseded only by how they managed to create such a soulless dud of no interest. The missed mark here is that the software environment is clearly a few hours of afterthought tacked on, the average Retropi image config is a leap beyond in effort and result. The thing that would have made this box a must have is a fully fleshed out ecosystem that had the same WOW factor as the case did, something that was like an alternative universe where Atari never died, remained a leader, and they had a competitive product on the shelf in 2021.
  6. I hear ya, I more or less did that myself to block a scammer they let through, and I am a fan of feigned compliance. However, I think it sends a stronger message to watch the stats crash right away and I just don't like companies that are outwardly hostile to the customer. Ebay may just join Facebook, twitter, google, and others in my digital trashcan.
  7. Well, speak of the devil, ebay threw down the give us your bank account access or else. I am going to choose else as I don't want to give them that access. So no more selling there, which I rarely did anyway, and I suppose sooner or later no more buying. I wonder what percentage of users are saying NO? Still, to their credit there was one LESS successful auction site with a less ethical management.
  8. The way I see it is if anyone buys a reticulated frammis in 1984, or 2004, and then sells it to anyone in 2021 that it is 100% out of the arena of government. Sales taxes were already collected at time of sale, the government's already dubious entitlement to a cut of that item is long since passed. I grew up in the world before the internet and can return to offline ways of buying and selling, but what a shame, we created a way of easily connecting buyers and sellers often dealing in antique and harder to find items (a global yard sale if you will) and it gets taxed and regulated into irrelevance. And what wasn't wrecked by the government the companies themselves seem all too willing to drive away the remaining customers. I look forward to the news paypal has gone under and hope that we can unify around a single decentralized alternative.
  9. Good advice Tanooki, and people should take it if they are going to use risky ebay and paypal these days. After seeing our non-profit veterans club's paypal frozen over an order for 12 of this and 8 of that which their system flagged as a sports bet (it was motorcycle patches being ordered) I put paypal on a very short leash and it paid off. Once upon a time I saw ebay as a national if not global yard sale, and paypal was a reasonable and easy way to pay. Today they are crumbling shells of what they were and the market is ripe for a new player. Both companies are zombies that have killed off most of their U.S. staff. At the moment my personal experiences are: Ebay: Cannot complete checkout 80% of the time, it just spins and fails. My CC company is not getting the request from ebay so the problem is internal to ebay. Hours were wasted talking to "Timothy" from calcutta who has no access to anything but a flowchart of excuses and any attempt to get support beyond that is a fail. No real loss lately as "America's attic" has become China's junk yard. Then there is getting taxed and 1099'd on model airplanes and video games originally sold 30-40 years ago.... Paypal: They assisted a scammer and tried to stick me with around $500 so I locked them out of my CC and bank and told them to go pound sand. They are still sending me bills and demand letters that I write NO on and send back. If my credit score slips from 843 to 842 its no impact to me, they aren't getting reimbursed for having Timothy handle their disputes badly.
  10. I haven't "unshelved" mine in years but I can't imagine ever getting rid of it. At some point I will do like you did and dust off SB and give it another play through. That game is timeless because it is truly a simulator for something that just doesn't exist yet. But it checks all the proper boxes for a good sim and the graphics are as good as they need to be, if you look at top sims for military/airlines the graphics aren't at all cutting edge yet they are very effective in training. Being used to sims SB is sort of a natural for me. My hope is that some fan will build in unofficial support for the SB controller in a future PS5 Titanfall release or something similar.
  11. This is about 2/3 of the coin op, the consoles/tabletop/handhelds etc. are another matter. There are some good Atari gems in there, Pong and Computer Space being my favorites.
  12. I was an arcade/console/PC gamer from the beginning (late 70's) and always thought each avenue had its benefits. Sure one would inch ahead of the others from time to time, but despite ups and downs there was always something to enjoy. For me that was true until the cursed dual shock controller brought in the double thumb era for consoles. If your not a double thumb gamer you were pretty much locked out of the PS, PS2, PS3 Xbox, 360 etc. era with the Wii being a wonderful exception. I was that guy over in the corner with his gun in the air spinning in circles getting knifed by an 11 year old, the double thumb play mechanic wasn't intuitive to me and most games I tried I did not enjoy and I could not play well. So I didn't buy those consoles. I had also permanently transitioned to Linux and bid farewell to Windows by 2005 so no PC gaming either and I mostly stuck to my arcade and retro collection. Something was very wrong with the console gaming industry when a lifelong gamer who literally lives in an arcade was sitting it out. Then something happened around the time of the PS4 and XBOX One, they figured out that they had alienated allot of gamers and they made improvements, some overt and some subtle. I first played Battlefront II on the PS4 in a store in Germany while on vacation and realized I could actually play the thing and not want to throw the controller. I had one waiting on me when we got back. They had refined the controls and recognized some modes were just too hard for gamers that didn't find the twin analog sticks intuitive so more and more games had easy or story mode, which matches my ability. I started buying game after game and have about 60 games for it now with most of them completed and some several times over. I am having a great time with modern games now, Titan Fall 2, Fallout 4, Terminator Resistance, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, Metro, and so many more. I am fine with long games and a ton of content because the only timeline I am on is my own.
  13. Holy crap! I just got mine and it is a substantial heavy chunk of paper! It is nice to see a proper presentation worthy of the massive amount of research and investigation UK Mike undertook.
  14. WOW, what a response and all goals hit! Much love and respect to UKMike for his amazing work in documenting this whole wild ride and congratulations on the successful book Kickstarter! You guys are in for an amazing experience reading this book, only the tip of the iceberg has been seen thus far and you will be shocked to see how much more there was to this story. As I said before I have had read the current version of the book several times and there is nothing about this book that isn't exactly as it happened. I hope that everyone can sit tight until their copy arrives and I am keen to hear what the readers have to say after they digest the whole history of this crazy story. Combining my takeaways from UK's book, and my own reflections, I jotted down a few notes I will post here. -When you cross one line you know you shouldn't cross your going to repeat it. -In the words of my favorite professor, an honest man does not lie, a pragmatic man does not lie about something that is easily verified. -Brotherhood and fraternity are eternal, so is betraying brotherhood and fraternity. -Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash. -Modern gaming media is worse than modern political media. The good old days were better and even an infotainment sales brochure publication like Nintendo Power had more quality control and integrity than the garbage of today. Minimal fact checking could have shut this down early, but no they regurgitated press releases. -Criminals are dumb, which makes them prime victims for another criminal. -Never be cruel to kind people. Some things are inevitable like the invention of the airplane, people all over the world were working on powered flight but the Wright brothers were the reason why it happened. The Chameleon debacle was going to be exposed by something, but the reason why was ultimately that Socal treated one of the nicest people I know (William Culver) like garbage and that is how the whole thing came to and end ***READ ALL ABOUT IT IN THE BOOK*** And most of all, UK Mike has often said walk a mile in a man's shoes before acting, that way you will be a mile away and have his shoes. UK is a few thousand miles away so I am going to post a few short paragraphs from his book. He was kind enough to let me write a epilogue and included it in the book, here are a few lines that sum up some of my thoughts looking back on the whole thing. .
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