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  1. Hi Bill! I have read the book a few times over now and WOW are people in store for the whole story! The whole pageant of bogus press releases and rampant speculation that was what the public digested was very different from what was going on behind the scenes. You pretty much hit home on where the book sits now, the thing is written and a HUGE portion of it is based on the perpetrator's own words. What he forgot, or had the hubris to ignore, was the army of people he had crossed, and all of those people did a document dump of the communications that were intended to be internal to the RVGS/CC entity and "partners" It is pretty hard to talk about slander/libel when your printing the actual email/transcript/tweet etc. of the person in question. The sticky bit though that needs legal review is what you can and can't use, and in what context. There is a huge web of legalities, and once that is sorted through the goal is to come out with nothing redacted or removed. That is where the project is now, if only UKMike could just hit print and ship them today he would!
  2. As Socal was trying to sell off the wreckage of his "empire" I was pretty sure nobody would be stupid enough to give him money for any part of that dumpster fire, let alone willing to help him wriggle off the hook for his scams. I am somewhat pleased to see that Pico Interactive blew 10G on this, consider it a stupid tax.
  3. Somewhat exactly my point. Just like Sony and Microsoft decided to get into the console game in the 90's, what if Samsung, Sun, HP, etc. decided to buy Atari and deliver a quality competitive project on the shelf with no renders, crowdfunding, and other amateur hour stunts.
  4. Companies can be brought back by new owners with great success after time passes and circumstances change. In 1901 Indian motorcycles were being produced, Harley Davidson came along shortly after and their rivalry was strong until Indian went under in 1953, they just didn't survive the post WWII slump before the boom hit. About a half dozen times the name was bought and the brand revived by people who had nothing to do with the original brand, each attempt ended in a failure. In 2011 Polaris which makes a wide range of powersports vehicles bought the Indian name and released a line of bikes that were true to the original style and the design and build quality is a decade or more ahead of Harley. An Indian today answered the question, what would Indian bikes be like today if the brand had never gone away? They are selling well and so far it looks like the Indian brand is back, by people that had nothing to do with the 1901 brand. I have had an Indian Darkhorse now for about a year and 14,000 miles of trouble free riding. That was my original hope for the Ataribox, what if they did it right and created a console that answered the question what would a new Atari console be like today if Atari never went away. Point being, Atari **COULD** be brought back and be awesome but it might take a major player to do so.
  5. This weekend I took a trip out to where they parked the old Chameleon bus, I had a look underneath and didn't see any Ataribox team members, so there is that. Of all the goofs and gaffs so far in the Ataribox adventure the one that stands out the most to me is the name change, calling it the VCS (at least it wasn't the VGS) was a pretty silly move. Those who remember the VCS name, not just the Atari name but VCS, won't think highly of them calling the Ataribox the VCS and those that won't be annoyed by that won't be inspired to buy it because it has VCS in the name. It is a really bizarre naming choice because they think it is a big plus when it was a total negative. At this point even if they get a product released somehow, I will just be waiting for a broken one to turn up so I can use the case.
  6. Nobody has posted it on Thingiverse or any other repository I use, but it is only a matter of time until someone does an Atari Box 3D print model.
  7. Were giving away a NIB copy of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT for a contest, go to the RetroGaming Roundup Facebook page and enter there to win.
  8. This weekend is the NY Toy Fair, birthplace of the love child brought about by two rats fornicating in a wool sock. Good times!
  9. I for one welcome Socal back to the community, surely he won't do the same thing again, for the 1st,2nd,3rd 4th,5th,6th time.
  10. I'd sooner trust a grinning Bill Cosby offering me a drink than a Kennedy with a business pitch.
  11. It was Sean's request that he be "behind the scenes" and not publicly a part of it. He didn't say why and I didn't ask, maybe he didn't want to end up like the others being thrown under the bus. I recall that when MK was crowing about being "in talks" with Konami and such that he tagged Sean in an email and brought him up as part of the team and he didn't care for that. At some point Sean had done quite a bit of computer/web work for MK that he had not been paid for and perhaps he went along with the Chameleon thing as a best chance of being paid?
  12. Nothing posted there is inconsistent with what was found during the research done for the CC book. Sean was offered the chance to speak in his own words both on the show and for the book and he declined the offer. Also, nothing discovered about Sean changes my conclusion I made after the Toy Fair fake prototype, and in fact these discoveries contribute to that conclusion. We know that MK asked several people to create, and spoke about, a smoke and mirrors mock-up and all refused. My opinion is that he asked Sean for a mock-up which Sean was willing to do, and when it had blowback after he proclaimed the mock-up to be a fully functional prototype he threw Sean under the bus. And with Sean's past it seemed a plausible story that Sean scammed him, only to believe that you would have to believe MK, a lifetime collector, couldn't ID a SNES in a Jag or the SD2SNES multicart the show reviewed.
  13. HEY, those look just like my MK issued GameGavel stock certificates!
  14. Much like the MCC216 and so many other FPGA implementations of retro systems this one looks like a champ and is backed by a winner. I will back it and share it on RetroGamingRoundup. Who could not support a fellow Chameleon under the bus vet!
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