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  1. You should add an audio playback that's triggered when you crash into something. "Where did you learn to drive?"
  2. Thank you. My goal was to see genuine opinions from people who don't just regurgitate what AVGN said
  3. Hello! So far we have the Jag Bar and a podcast creating awesome content for the Atari Jaguar fans. I'm also going to step up and do what I can! My friends and I have spent the past couple of months testing and filming a lot of Jaguar related stuff and I'd like to share the first of many videos with you guys. This guy in the video has never seen or even heard of the Jaguar until I told him about it and this is the first time he's seen or held the controller. I hope you guys like it and I look forward to putting up a lot of stuff.
  4. See, this is the type of comment that would otherwise baffle me if it wasn't so expected here when making a claim that AVP may not be gaming's holy grail. - "it hasn't aged well" - "it also had clunky controls" - "and didn't play well." Yet, somehow the game is great?
  5. Why is it that people disagree with my comment on AVP being overrated, but post comments confirming my point. - "was still a good enough game" - Considering the options, I agree with it being good enough for the Jaguar. Imagine buying Checkered Flag at launch.... - "Did it age well....no" - If a game does not age well, Is it so far fetched to call it overrated? Take a look and Doom. It was great then, great today and will be great 20 years from now. - "I would put it in the top 10 of must haves....games that will show off the jaguar" - It is also on my top 10 Jaguar games, but what does that really say about Jaguar games in General. Had it been released as is on the N64, it wouldn't make my top 100 list. and as someone else here said: - "the clunky controls and the sluggish rate of play. Had this been given the 1.5 tune-up it deserved across Saturn & PS1 (speed, controls, general fine tuning) the attitude towards this game would still be, unanimously, very good" - I agree! Once again, I don't think of AVP as a bad game, just overrated!
  6. Impressive right out of the gate in graphics maybe, however we were looking at other games at the time in magazines that looked at least as good, and ran better. AVP is obviously impressive to look at when you're comparing 16 bit systems but The topic isn't about graphics, it's about overrated games. In the gameplay category, I feel that AVP on Jaguar falls short. Again, not that it's bad, but I'd call it overrated.
  7. Yeah for sure. I know the Saturn would have been able to do a lot better than what was released. My point was that Saturn Doom didn't do anything to give the system an edge over competing systems and I feel that if the exact Jaguar AVP was released as an early Saturn game, the only thing it would have helped was PS1 sales.
  8. My opinion is that AVP on Jag kinda feels like a Wolfenstein 3d mod, in that the game is on a flat plane with no steps or real time elevators to higher/lower levels. In this aspect, the game feels primitive right out of the gate, especially when you look at what Doom was doing already. Sure, in screenshots it looks great but when you play it you notice the very low frame rate that hurts my experience with it at least a bit. The environment just isn't interesting to look at and explore. The controls and movement are slow and clunky, almost making me feel that I'm controlling Lester (Lester the Unlikely). "Had this been given the 1.5 tune-up it deserved across Saturn & PS1 (speed, controls, general fine tuning) the attitude towards this game would still be, unanimously, very good." I don't doubt for a moment that the game would have benefited if it was in development a bit longer. We can say this about pretty much any game and changing certain things about this game would probably change my opinion of it as being over hyped. However, this isn't what we're talking about here. If this game was released on launch day for the Sega Saturn (exactly how it was designed on the Jaguar), with Sega hyping it up as the game to get...it would have done nothing to help the Saturn. Take a look at the Saturn version of Doom, how it looked and played compared to the PS1. Do you really think the Jaguar AVP on Saturn would hold it's own against PS1 offerings? How about the N64? I personally don't think so. I think it would have been seen as a joke honestly. Come to think of it, the Jaguar AVP reminds me of an early Saturn game that I played back called Robotica. Again, I'm not saying I don't like AVP, it's just that I feel it's overrated. It might be a standout game on the Jaguar, but a great game should be a great game on any system (that can run it) and should be able to hold it's own over time, Jaguar AVP simply doesn't do that, at least not without extra work done like you suggested. This is why I consider it over hyped.
  9. I may get crucified for this, but I feel AVP is overrated. I'm not saying I don't like it, but I feel that if this game was released on almost any other system of that generation, it would have been considered poor.
  10. I own both. Honestly it's almost a coin toss decision for me except for one detail. I like cartridge over cd's personally. I just got home a few minutes ago with Burning Soldier and Shock Wave on the 3DO, looking forward to playing them later. As far as games go, I think the 3DO has games that interest me more but I still like Jaguar a bit more overall.
  11. I'd love to see an FPS game that really takes advantage of the systems capabilities. Throw in 2 player slit screen co-op/deathmatch and network options. Also, as a fan of SNES adventure/rpg's, i'd love to see something like Secret of Mana.
  12. I'd like to add non game items such as the Jaguar rental case. Also, if you don't have a Jaguar system box, it really looks cool in the gaming room.
  13. I almost made a "more vs threads VS enough with the vs threads" poll. I decided against it
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