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  1. I don’t come on here often. Maybe once or twice a year. I don’t have the time and have a real life
  2. Does it seem likely there will be enough orders for a second run? If not will my payment get refunded?
  3. Just ordered the Phoenix and did not realize it had sold out already. I’m confused is the second run shipping out in October?
  4. Cool setup. I paid $200 for mine with NO games or overlays just Mindstorm.
  5. Tron Unit


    So as someone new to Vectrex would you recommend this over a Sean Kelly Multicart? I already have all the roms and just need to get them on a cart.
  6. Purchased the black and blue. Looks sexy! Can't wait!
  7. I'd be interested in a blue one to go with the Big Blue pcb.
  8. Tron Unit

    Big Blue - Homebrew

    No more boxed copies with overlay?
  9. YESSSS!!!!!! I must have this! Where can I get it?!?!
  10. Is there a homebrew or similar knockoff of Battlezone for Vectrex like Defender/Protector? Seems like it would be a natural especially if it made use of the 3-D imager.
  11. Any chance you could make a black one with blue embroidery?
  12. Anybody know if you can still buy these from Pakrat games or elsewhere? I just got a Vectrex console and am looking for some good homebrews. Is Pakrat reputable and still in operation?
  13. Just went to the CollectorVision site. What happened to all of the Colecovision games? There's only a few recent ones to order now. The older titles are gone.
  14. Any chance of an Adam dust cover for the memory console and keyboard?
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