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  1. Lol Chris Cardillo is… wait for it… reselling the CollectorVision Phoenix’s he bought up from CollectorVision! 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😂😂😂 https://coleco-colecovision.myshopify.com/collections/all
  2. This is precisely what I suspected would happen when I heard they purchased them. They’ll just acquire the technology and resell it as their own and say they own the copyright. They’ll rebrand it as Coleco HD or something. Take all the credit.
  3. Or maybe they got it and it didn’t work on their TV too so they decided to offload it. 😜
  4. Ugh I already have that scaler for my Colecovision. That really kind of defeats the entire point of upgrading to the Phoenix then as all of the video is being scaled through that box which is what I was looking forward to eliminating. I read it coukd be an HDCP compliance issue with the HDMI cable not supporting it? Maybe get an HDMI 3.0 cable instead of the one that was included?
  5. No idea what any of that means. Nothing was updated out of box. Why would these not have shipped with current firmware installed? In any case if it needs updated how would I go about doing this?
  6. Ah! Thank you! That sure was deceiving. I was afraid it was going to jack it up. The last thing I wanted to do was crack the case open and jack it up. Ok so I got it off and the tension spring was off from the recessed slot on the hinge. Put it back. It worked. Put a cartridge in and pulled it out and it came out of the groove again.
  7. The problem is the lower half of the sticker on mine is covering right over the case seam so even if I unscrew it will crease the sticker when I have to lift it back to see what’s going on inside.
  8. something wrong with the spring not pushing it back up? If I turn the unit upside down it closes again but if I push it down it stays down. I am beyond frustrated after waiting so long and this is what I get. I can’t even crack the case open because it will ruin the sticker on the front.
  9. Not only that but after pulling out the cartridge the door slot appears to be broken. Strike 2. I am NOT happy. 😡
  10. Well boo just hooked upmy Phoenix I get sound no picture at all. Same issue on different HDMI ports. My Samsung QLED does not recognize a source signal. Audio is going through my Yamaha receiver.
  11. Received one of my Phoenix’s today. Hope the other one is on its way.
  12. Oh a retro silver ColecoVision styled slipcover would look awesome
  13. Any updates on the Phoenix? Last update in January said it was shipping end of March and here we are.
  14. It’s 2021 and the website is still offline
  15. They literally copy/pasted the same e-mail they sent out in October. Nothing has changed.
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