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  1. They literally copy/pasted the same e-mail they sent out in October. Nothing has changed.
  2. It’s like when Coleco promised the computer expansion module for the Colecovision but didn’t release it until after the video game crash and by then it was already too late. Coleco went bankrupt because of it. I’m still reading about all of the bugs. The second run has been delayed as a result but they are addressing some of those bugs so they can deliver an improved core so I don’t mind the delay to fix the issues. But yeah a LOT was promised in the Phoenix marketing sales pitch they have yet to fulfill that reminds me of the sales and marketing pitch for the Adam. The big question is IF/WHEN? Yet I keep seeing preorders for new homebrew games and wondering why Phoenix support hasn’t been the primary focus. We need more console games directly supported by the FPGA/SGM on the Phoenix. I’d love to see more classic games get SGM enhanced like Time Pilot 84 in all of its arcade glory. New Phoenix controllers instead of using Sega gamepads. There’s an opportunity to take the Phoenix and Colecovision to the next level it could have been had it continued in 85. Time will tell but I’d hate to see tge Phoenix not realize its full potential as promised and turn into just another Adam.
  3. If it was strictly about money then they would still be taking more orders for the Phoenix and doing more runs. Orders for the second run have closed. That’s it or so they say. Still scratching my head that they will sell to Cardildo. That’s like sleeping with the enemy. If I had heard about this before placing my orders I might have reconsidered.
  4. I just don’t understand why you would sell to the already knowing unfriendly competition who is no doubt going to copy it for their own nefarious marketing purposes under the Coleco brand. That Chris whathisfucking name is a sonofabitch. I wouldn’t give him the time of day.
  5. Yeah that website is so 1994. I have a really hard time navigating and trying to find what I’m looking for. But if that’s how he wants to run it good for him.
  6. Simply stunning! Can’t wait for this! Will it have voice synthesis?
  7. Yes I think it would sell simply because it’s another new game being made for the 5200 and the appeal that it was never before released would even attract buyers who are unfamiliar with the film. This needs to happen. If you build it they will come.
  8. This is a dream cart for me. I’m sure if someone made it and put it up on the Atari Age storeit would be a big seller.
  9. A shame. MC is a classic. Guess I’ll just have to stick to the Atari 5200 with Trak-Ball. Armageddon’s graphics look kind of cartoonish for my taste.
  10. Might want to take it off your website, just saying. C&D’s are lawyers’ favorite weapon in their bag of legal intimidation weapons. They don’t want to put up the legal expense and hassel of a lawsuit and are banking that a simple C&D is sufficient to get the other party to simply surrender. Seems Big N and that douchebag Cardillo have got all the homebrewers dug in deep underground yet we all know under-the-table dealings do go on. Because let’s face it, that’s what keeps this whole gig going.
  11. What about Konami Track and Field? Has their name right on it. http://teampixelboy.com/track_and_field.php
  12. Um ok. Guess I got lucky getting them from you then.
  13. And yet TeamPixel still sells ports of Donkey Kong and Junior super game packs...
  14. Would love to see one of the homebrewers do Donkey Kong 3 for the CV. I really enjoyed the 8-bit NES version. Even if it was a port for the SGM I feel like the CV was the home of DK before Nintendo put out their system.
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