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  1. It turns out it was one that I knew about. It's the one that has the TutorVision and World book logos scratched off.
  2. I just got an email from a guy who has had a TutorVision for 25 years. That makes 4 that I know of, including mine. There must be more game carts for these systems out there in the wild.
  3. Nice photos. I should have left a note with my number on it so you could text me. It was a huge show, my wife and I were there someplace. A couple of my museum friends did tell me that someone was looking for me. We tried to hang around the museum in case you returned.
  4. It got pretty hot leaving it on for hours at a time. The fan totally did the trick, it stays cool as a cucumber.
  5. The Midwest Gaming Classic starts Friday April 13 2018. My wife and I will be there with the TutorVision, Stop by and say hello. Chuck
  6. I wanted to post these TutorVision rom files in a more conspicuous place. The original downloads were hard to find. So far I only have the two games I own. Chuck TutorVision_Shapes_in_Space.zip TutorVision_MapMazes.zip
  7. I tried it on my TutorVision and it did nothing but display a solid green screen. Hit reset , same result.
  8. Brilliant idea, I did release the roms of the two games I have.
  9. Alessandro, I dumped two of those using David Harley's dumper. Map Mazes and Shapes in Space were mine, where did the third game come from? Chuck
  10. I was going to release these after we dumped the wbexec and grom, but due to popular demand here are the files from the two games I have. -Chuck TutorVision_Shapes_in_Space.zip TutorVision_MapMazes.zip
  11. The carts have been dumped and will be released along with the exec and grom in a couple of weeks.
  12. I do enjoy bringing it and so does my wife. The MGC is a blast I'd hate to miss it, this year (2017) we will be bringing the TutorVision, a regular Intellivision and a Vectrex. We may bring an Atari 800 XL if space permits. Oh and I promised Alessandro Pace first crack at it when and if I do sell it.
  13. Since I acquired the TutorVision I have amassed a decent number of Intellivision games and they all look fine on the TutorVision. I also have a couple of orginal Intellivision Master Components and the TutorVision games just present a black screen on those.
  14. The carts have been dumped and we are going to try and dump the EXEC and GROM at the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic.
  15. I do have old pictures of screenshots I will round some up. It does play any regular Intellivision game as well. Including coleco and activision games. The only difference is a half height proportional font that the edugames can use.
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