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  1. Nice photos. I should have left a note with my number on it so you could text me. It was a huge show, my wife and I were there someplace. A couple of my museum friends did tell me that someone was looking for me. We tried to hang around the museum in case you returned.
  2. It got pretty hot leaving it on for hours at a time. The fan totally did the trick, it stays cool as a cucumber.
  3. The Midwest Gaming Classic starts Friday April 13 2018. My wife and I will be there with the TutorVision, Stop by and say hello. Chuck
  4. I wanted to post these TutorVision rom files in a more conspicuous place. The original downloads were hard to find. So far I only have the two games I own. Chuck TutorVision_Shapes_in_Space.zip TutorVision_MapMazes.zip
  5. I tried it on my TutorVision and it did nothing but display a solid green screen. Hit reset , same result.
  6. Brilliant idea, I did release the roms of the two games I have.
  7. Alessandro, I dumped two of those using David Harley's dumper. Map Mazes and Shapes in Space were mine, where did the third game come from? Chuck
  8. I was going to release these after we dumped the wbexec and grom, but due to popular demand here are the files from the two games I have. -Chuck TutorVision_Shapes_in_Space.zip TutorVision_MapMazes.zip
  9. The carts have been dumped and will be released along with the exec and grom in a couple of weeks.
  10. I do enjoy bringing it and so does my wife. The MGC is a blast I'd hate to miss it, this year (2017) we will be bringing the TutorVision, a regular Intellivision and a Vectrex. We may bring an Atari 800 XL if space permits. Oh and I promised Alessandro Pace first crack at it when and if I do sell it.
  11. Since I acquired the TutorVision I have amassed a decent number of Intellivision games and they all look fine on the TutorVision. I also have a couple of orginal Intellivision Master Components and the TutorVision games just present a black screen on those.
  12. The carts have been dumped and we are going to try and dump the EXEC and GROM at the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic.
  13. I do have old pictures of screenshots I will round some up. It does play any regular Intellivision game as well. Including coleco and activision games. The only difference is a half height proportional font that the edugames can use.
  14. Atari_Bill, The room we were in had a lot of rare items. The only Intellivision besides mine had the piano keyboard, which was pretty cool. I was lusting after an Atari Video Music and The only Atari Game Brain I have ever seen. -Chuck
  15. I already promised someone the first chance to buy it from me if and when I decide to sell it. I was asked to bring it back to the MGC in 2015, and I intend to do that. What would you all like to see pictures of? -Chuck
  16. I'm sorry I wasn't in the room when you were checking it out. The TutorVision referenced in the BSR paper was Ted Brunner's, he found his in a thrift shop in Skokie, IL a few years before I found mine. I found this one with two TutorVision cartridges in Batavia, IL in 2005 at a garage sale. -Chuck
  17. Update - Fry's also has a $3.99 PS/2 female to male usb adapter that should allow a mouse with a PS/2 connector to work with the Irish adapter. I haven't tested this though. I tested it with an HP optical mouse that had a PS/2 plug on the end of the cord, I plugged it in to the Fry's adapter and it worked fine with the Ebay adapter -Chuck
  18. I now this is an old thread but it may be still of interest. I just received one of the "Irish" adapters from Ebay. I tried every mouse I had stashed away and none of them worked. I saw in a post from crash that the Logitech M110 optical mouse would work. I went to Fry's Electronics and they had the white version in stock for only $9.99. I picked one up and low and behold it works great! Fry's also has a $3.99 PS/2 female to male usb adapter that should allow a mouse with a PS/2 connector to work with the Irish adapter. I haven't tested this though. -Chuck
  19. Documentation for "The Impossible" board. -Chuck Impossible.pdf
  20. It does write the backups in an unprotected format, you can copy them with a sector copier. They still won't run without the Impossible board. The Impossible does plug into the socket that the OS chip was in. Of course all markings on the chips were removed to make it harder to reverse engineer. All the Electronic Arts games stop and say "Remove rom at $C000" if they found anything there. That's what they do on my 130XE with a custom OS. -Chuck
  21. Sloopy, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. -Chuck
  22. I have an 800 with "The Impossible" disk backup system installed in it. The board is a custom OS board that allows you to duplicate a copy protected disk on an unmodified disk drive. The only catch is that the disk will only play on a computer with an impossible board installed. I lost all my Antic and Analog magazines a few years ago and I would appreciate it if someone could scan an image of an advertisement for The Impossible. I remember seeing them frequently in the magazine ads back in the day. -Chuck
  23. Just a bit of an update. There are three of these in existence that I know of. Ted Brunner has one just like mine, google him and you can see some photos. Someone else emailed me photos of one he had found. Unfortunately it had all the TutorVision and World Book emblems scratched off. I can't recall his name offhand. All three of these were found in the greater Chicago area. World Book did have their offices there. I would imagine The Blue Sky Rangers probably have one as well. I'm not sure how many of the game cartridges for it exist. -Chuck
  24. I have one that looks just like that. It is an Impossible board. I do have the docs around here someplace, let me know if you need them I can scan them into a pdf file. It does actually work to copy protected disks, but the copy can only be played on the computer with the Impossible installed and enabled I was thinking about selling the 800 I have with the impossible board in it. I have several other 800's and never use it. -Chuck
  25. Gypsy by Avalon Hill. The worst of the worst. -Chuck
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