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  1. Sad times, he will be greatly missed... Still very young to die in this day and modern age... MJ
  2. Very interested in this, great work by the man Mr Fish here - he needs to be commended. Big, Mr Do Fan, Huge !!! Can't wait for this....
  3. Hi Bryan, just wondered if you received my PM ? thanks MJ
  4. Hi Bryan, This thread is brilliant - Put me down for 1 x 800xl Kit please - I have sent you a PM. cheers Moray
  5. Hi Retro, No worries totally appreciate you doing this for everyone - I'm sure everyone is happy to wait myself included. thanks again Moray
  6. Just seen the Gadgets Review of this - looks awesome and the detailing on the card is very fancy indeed. Please put me down for: 1 x Cased Version - please!!! I'm happy to do PayPal Gift :-) thanks in advance MJ
  7. Hi MickCris, I'm looking for an amp + connector for a Core Grafx 2, shipped to the UK? Do you still have stock?
  8. Bryan, i would be keen on 3 full boards in the future all PAL, 1 x 800xl, 1 x 65xe & 1 x 130xe shipped to the uk- happy to wait though. Thanks in advance... MJ
  9. Put me down for: 1 x XE Rapidus Any idea of costs?? cheers MJ
  10. McWill replacement lcd - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/233632-lynx-lcd-replacementvga-out-by-mcwill/page-5?do=findComment&comment=3179769
  11. Mark me down for 1 of these also, just fitted the lcd screen replacement mod and the Lynx is now my favourite hand held. 😀
  12. Hi McWill, just sent you a PM - looking to put my name on a list for 1 when they come back into stock - Just watched Gadgetuk164s youtube install, it looks amazing. Must Have.....
  13. Hi Mr FJC, Apologies I have been away with work so no time to tinker with the Atari, just been on it. Glad you mentioned the PAL/NTSC master clock jumper's being reversed as I only get an image when its on NTSC which mean's it PAL which is what my Atari is. Okay, things I have tried since I last posted, (1) Tried a different CD4050 chip from an 800XL, made no difference. (2) Desoldered the CD4050 and replaced it with a CD47HC4050 chip (Found after googling and reading about an Atari VCS mod) apparently its a faster version of the CD4050, which gives me a more stable image when taking csync off of pin15, however the board is still providing artifacts on the screen. Fine on blue boot screen when I load VBXE game Nightshade there are artifacts on the bottom left of the screen. If I run the output back through gate Pin 9 and take the output from pin 10 it is still a little cleaner but still not great. (3) Do mod number 2 above, then putting a 100nf cap across the connection to gnd doesn't really improve the situation, the picture deteriorates if anything. Still using Nightshade game as a benchmark for image quality - not sure if this is sensible or not. (4) With the CD47HC4050 installed and i take comp video from the monitor port, then use a 100nf cap to clean the image, Yes the grainyness goes but then you load nightshade and the black parts of the screen look like a "Car Crash", 200% more artifacts. I will tinker a bit further over the weekend. MJ
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