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  1. Yes, same Paypal ([email protected]) and same price (40€ for the large one, 15€ for the small one, both including shipping).
  2. I just found one of my mail-accounts has been deactivated for a very long time, so I didn't get "some" messages. In case you've ordered a retrory-game, let me know your real name, so I can assign it to the payment and send the game. I still have some copies of both the large and small version of the game.
  3. I just checked my storage and found the last few (6) copies of the large version of the Retrory game. If you want a copy in time for Christmas, just paypal 40 Euros to [email protected] and make sure your shipping address is registered in your paypal-account.
  4. I have some of both versions still available. Large versioin is 40 Euros, light version is 15 Euros, both including shipping. To order, just paypal to [email protected] and make sure your shipping address is registered in your paypal-account.
  5. Yes, that's what I mean. No solution yet. Too bad. Altirra is quite annoying, compared to Atari800MacX.
  6. @gilsaluki: That's interesting. I don't know anything about that. Mainly, this edition is a collector's piece, therefore the box, instructions etc. are the most important parts. You can download the game and play it for free, if that's what's missing for you. PM me, I can send you the atr file.
  7. To me it's still Necromancer: - great music - genius sound effects - perfect animation (which other game has glittering and walking trees?) - super high speed game play, but still beatable (sometimes) - and of course a totally new concept of game, not a copy of any other game mechanics
  8. Just wanted to let you know that there are still a few copies left, so you can still grab one. Both versions - small and large. Happy new year everyone.
  9. No problem! Both versions are still available. The small one for 15 Euros, the large one for 40 Euros.
  10. Right, I didn't include a physical coupon, because it wouldn't make sense if you had to send it back to me again later. I just keep track of who bought the game and everyone will get the discount as promised.
  11. Sure, other formats are possible, especially A8. I have to see how many people order this one, so I know if it's doable (production costs a lot of work, time and money, so I need to sell at least 50 copies for a break-even). So guys: Place your orders, it's still available.
  12. So, here's the final fixed verison that runs on both PAL and NTSC, with titlescreen. Peter, PM me your address for your free copy! tecnoninja25-test.atr
  13. Here's an updated version. I noticed that the title seems to not work on NTSC, however the main game does. So use this updated version. On NTSC, the screen gets black, but when you coldstart, it loads the main game - so only the title is missing. On PAL it works fine on 800XL and 130XE. Don't use write-protection, that's important. tecnoninja25-test.atr
  14. Larry: Sounds like you have the disk write-protected. Or you renamed MAIN.CTB to AUTORUN.CTB, but you didn't rename the old AUTORUN.CTB to TITEL.CTB
  15. Yes, XL/XE 64K. PAL and NTSC should be fine. In the emulator, both runs well.
  16. Some instructions: Joystick 0. Left/Right to run. Up/Down to climb ladder. Leftdown and rightdown to fight. Firebutton to jump. While jumping, left/right to change direction and diagonal to fight is possible (and neccassary). Hearts replenish energy. Coins give score. Diamonds upgrade weapon (new weapon after 20 diamonds). Key open doors. Shield makes you invincible for short period of time. Potion gives you an extra life (full energy bar after empty). Find the eye to advance to next level (10 in total). Screens may be connected maze-like. Draw a map (included in the box). Important: Kill all killable monsters. Try to hit walls, there are lots of hidden items and passages.
  17. Problem solved! Here's the new version. Remember to boot without Basic, and without write-protection. TECNONINJA25-test.ATR
  18. It's weird problem. First, here's a version that just loads the game, and this works fine (as long as you boot without BASIC and without write-protection.) TECNONINJA25-test.ATR Make sure to clone this atr before you run it, since after it runs one time, it actives the loader and then it doesn't work again. The loader shows the title-screen and plays the music. So I tried to remove all this and strip it down. Here's the stripped-down code of the loader: 430 RENAME "D:AUTORUN.CTB,TITEL.CTB" 435 PAUSE 20 440 RENAME "D:MAIN.CTB,AUTORUN.CTB" 445 PAUSE 20 450 A=USR(58487) 460 END Now it just renames the two files (in order to let Turbobasic runtime = autorun.sys load the other file at the next boot). And still, although it does a coldstart, something in RAM must be different, because if this loader is run first, it doesn't work. How to safely "reset" the machine so the main prog runs properly?
  19. I have a game that first loads a title-screen, then produces a coldstart and then loads the main game. If you just load the main-game, it works fine. But if you first load the title, then the game crashes, seemingly because the screen-mem is at the same location as the pm-ram. Shouldn't the ram be erased if you do a coldstart?
  20. I've seen the problem. Strangely, it occurs when you load the title-screen and then the game. If you just load the game (by renaming the files on disk), without the title-screen first, it works fine. Looks like although there is a coldstart, the emulator doesn't erase the RAM properly?
  21. Yes, instructions are in English. Where exactly do you get crashes?
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