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  1. Sorry to bump a dead topic, but this is weird; the server, or some bot connected to it, is randomly booting me every so often. I'm not banned, I'm free to rejoin whenever, but I've never seen this happen before with any Discord server, ever. I'm thinking this might have something to do with why there's not many people in its user list...
  2. Since the title of the game is "MANGOES down"... 890575[/snapback] Not to mention that the AtariVox sings "Mangooo~" when you grab one.
  3. The 2600 my dad owned was my first video game system, before we got an NES for Christmas 1990. I can't remember playing it any time before at least the age of 4, though, so that's 1988-1990. I voted for the second option.
  4. 5200 Diagnostic Cartridge Castle Crisis Christmas 2004 Climber 5 Elk Attack Haunted House II 3D Krokodile Cartridge Marble Craze Pac-Man Arcade Qb Seawolf Starfire (and patch!) Thrust+ Platinum X3V0LuX
  5. Kuddy

    hacks for sale?

    I think this thread will explain everything. http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...t=58436&start=0
  6. Marble Madness and Reactor would both be great if it were possible for them to be controlled with a trakball. Rally X would be nice, too.
  7. Heh... my M Network carts pop out of the 7800 whenever I try to put them in. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything, since my copy of Frogs and Flies pops out of my woodgrain all the time. Man I hate M Network carts. Anyway, the console I have supports all the "trouble" games by Activision with no problems, so I'm not interested in replacing it with another one. I'll be attempting to order a catalog from Best Electronics shortly, though I loathe their disorganized website.
  8. Yeah, I just got my Atari 7800 yesterday, and it seems I can't fit any 2600 carts made by Atari (or homebrew games fitted with Atari shells) into the console, because the built-in dust shield on the cartridges won't open. The right plastic tab on the system's connector appears to be broken off, perhaps being the reason why it's not opening the shields. Is there some way to remedy this problem, or am I out of luck until my CC2 arrives?
  9. I have balls like those, but the labels going across the middle are gone, so I can't tell what brand they are.
  10. Yeah, I've received a working Atari 7800 (with an expansion slot) with a working proline joystick and everything needed to set it up from BTHOTU. I wasn't interested in any games at the time, but he was cool enough to send three anyway. Thanks, BTHOTU!
  11. Oh crap, there goes my pay for the next month.
  12. A couple months ago, I purchased a modded Vader from an AA member. Overall, the system worked great... until I played a game that used a paddle. Then, after about five minutes, a large amount of fuzz appeared on the screen. I found that shaking the power switch randomly increases and decreases the amount of fuzz, but it doesn't even take a second for it to go back to its original consistency. Now, the Vader generates a fuzzy image after five minutes of the system being on, regardless of which game I have in the slot and which controller it uses. Since the member who sold the Vader to me hasn't responded to my emails, I'd like to ask if anyone here knows if there's a way to fix this problem.
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