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  1. Dear speccery, You wrote as follows: For a hardware project I would like to replace the two MCM6810P static RAMs of the TI (http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/hardware/chips/ram.html) with RAM chips, which have more memory. Unfortunately, each 2114 static RAM has got 18 pins (https://www.amiga-stuff.com/hardware/1kx4-sram.html) in comparison with the 24 pins of the MCM6810P. Now, TI had left the possibility open to use up to 1 kilobyte of RAM as scratchpad RAM according to following link: http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/architec.htm. Do you know, which RAM chip I could use to replace each of the two MCM6810P static RAMs very easily?
  2. Dear Asmusr, Yes, I know that you already did all things you mentioned before . I am just trying to motivate you to undemo your demo "Formula 18A" for 9918A .
  3. Dear Asmusr, Thank you for the clarification. BTW, possibly you can extract some new informations about Pseudo 3D graphics used in 3D race games from following link: http://www.extentofthejam.com/pseudo/ . Whatever you will do, I would be very excited, if you programmed a 3D racing game for the 9918A.
  4. Dear Asmusr, The best 3D racing game for the 9918A is Hang On for MSX 1: There is another non 3D racing game XRacing for MSX1 similar to the game F1 Spirit: What is more important: For the latter game smooth scrolling techniques are discussed here: http://santiontanon.blogspot.com/2019/04/smooth-scroll-in-xracing.html. I don't know, if you already know all these possible techniques for smooth scrolling. The originator of this deep knowledge in smooth scrolling techniques for MSX 1 is artrag, who developed on the basis of this knowledge Uridium: Now, I presented the section with artrag earlier, because I want to make some proposals. I don't know, if they are of any use for you, but maybe you can realize a 3D car racing game on the basis of my proposals, if you want. According to the statements about smooth scrolling, it seems to be possible to split the screen for different graphical objects/actions into different areas. So why not use a lower part of the screen for the driving surface realized by utilizing the Multicolor Mode as in your following demo: Then the usage of sprites for the racing cars, objects at the edge of the driving surface and otherwhere? At last smooth scrolling high resolution graphics in the upper area of the screen for objects at the horizon? Regards
  5. Dear FarmerPotato and dear other members of this forum, FarmerPotato, thank you for your message. The reason for my request for help in this matter of a V9938 and V9958 minimal upgrade is that it only has been realized in the case of MSX1 computers (a minimal upgrade from MSX1 computers to MSX2 with only 16k VRAM): https://www.msx.org/forum/msx-talk/hardware/msx1-rgb-modification?page=0 . The basic idea for this modification is that the Spectravideo SVI 738 was an MSX2 computer model with only 16k VRAM. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an instruction for such a minimalistic modification for the TI-99/4A. Okay, this should be optional or only realized, if the V9938 doesn't work with the VRAM chips implemented in the console of TI-99/4A computers with RGB output for PAL modulators (hopefully this is correct, what I am writing). The latter is the case with the VRAM chips implemented in MSX1 computers as stated by l_oliveira (citation from a message of him in the link above): I want to connect it to a PAL modulator. Really? I didn't know that. So there exist programs, which run on consoles for NTSC, but don't run on consoles for PAL!? Of course there should occur as few as possible software problems utilizing the V9938 and/or V9958 minimal upgrade. I didn't know that V9938s are harder to come by than V9958s. Would a V9958 also work with only 16k VRAM? Now, if there is a way to realize a V9938 and/or V9958 minimal upgrade, can anyone of you give me an instruction and schematic drawings for the realization of such an upgrade? Regards
  6. Hi folks, Can anyone of you help me with an instruction and/or technical respectively circuit drawings for a simple as possible hardware replacement of a TMS9928A with a V9938 in the console of a TI-99/4A? Of course with retention of the 16k VRAM (yes, I know that you can address up to 192k VRAM with the V9938) originally implemented in this console, with as few as possible additions of extra ICs and modifications to already existing ICs. Regards
  7. Dear Lee Stewart and dear RXB, Excuse me for reacting so slow to your messages. I wasn't in the mood to comment on the statements of your messages the last days. Now I am going to comment on these statements: Fortunately, in your profiles images of you are visible. On the basis of them I come to the conclusion that you are about 10 to 15 years older than me. So way back, in the mid 80's to mid 90's, you weren't any more pupils going to school, but already employees earning regular income. Hence you could easily afford every add-on part for the TI then. Additionally, at that time, peripheral parts for the TI could be obtained more easily in the States than in West Germany. Furthermore, I can remember that the price for an TI Extended Basic cart amounted to about DM450 (German Mark) or $158 (the exchange rate during that time period was about $1 for DM2.85) in 1984. A price I could never have afforded without the financial aid of my father. At last, I couldn't afford at all a PEB inclusive 32k RAM card and 1(?, or maybe 2?) internal floppy disk drive(s) (purchasing price DM1000) or a nine needles dot matrix color printer (DM1200) and a TI side port to RS-232 adaptor (DM150) (I hopefully recalled the purchasing prices from my memory correctly). Regards
  8. Dear apersson850, You are not alone. I bet with you that there are some more persons in this forum, who are interested in different possibilities of what would have been possible, if way back the TI-99/4a console was unexpanded or at least a minimalist system already equipped with built-in 32k RAM and the Extended Basic cartridge. Don't forget, for most TI users nearly every add-on part was quite expensive then. Especially, when you have been a pupil at school. This question respectively objective mentioned before was and is the reason for my reawakened interest in the computer TI-99/4a. Additionally, it is also the reason, why I am not so keen on software needing "modern-day" solutions like F18A and SAMS. At last, with regard to this objective in my eyes the utmost allowable add-on part would be FinalGROM 99, which represents the hardware simulation for a cartridge. Regards
  9. Hello Omega-TI, You surely know the fastest way to find all games realized by Asmusr (beside games of other authors) with short descriptions and as downloadable files here: http://tigameshelf.net/ .
  10. Dear Asmusr, Please be so nice to upload from time to time a new video of the newest version of your Raycaster, too. Please upload the latest version of this program as a file for Classic99 as well. Will you possibly allow the final version of your Raycaster to run also using only FinalGROM 99 (of course with less graphical elements than in the case, when AMS is used)? Regards
  11. Now some stupid questions: You write that the resolution is 64x192. Not 192x64 (the images in your videos are broader in comparison to their height)? And will the Raycaster be really much slower, if you worked with a resolution of 128x192?
  12. Dear Asmusr, In your video below a problem can be seen in the sequence from 0:37 min to 0:42 min: Parts of the door seem to vanish and reappear or not in an illogical manner. Maybe you can somehow settle this problem. Regards
  13. Dear Asmusr, What is pictured on the shield, which can be seen from time to time in your game? To me it looks like a bloody chicken shot dead. Addendum: Okay, later on I saw that a dragon is pictured on the shield. How is about a black, white and red symbol resembling rather very faintly a N... German Swastika instead? Regards
  14. Hello PeteE, If this program runs on the console without 32K, do you use Harry Wilhelm's routine for starting Assembly code from Basic or how do you realize the execution of Assembly code on the bare console? Regards
  15. Hi Rasmus, Here a further suggestion from me : Please undemo following demo :
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