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  1. Hello PeteE, If this program runs on the console without 32K, do you use Harry Wilhelm's routine for starting Assembly code from Basic or how do you realize the execution of Assembly code on the bare console? Regards
  2. Hi Rasmus, Here a further suggestion from me : Please undemo following demo :
  3. Hello senior_falcon and all others, To me your game was self-explaining. Unfortunately, I was just allowed to vote for only one program in the category "Extended Basic Entries". I would also have liked to give a vote for senior_falcon's program. Probably there should have actually been created three categories for the voting poll: The catergory "TI Basic" and the category "Extended Basic" as well as another one "RXB". I suppose that it is a little bit unfair to only have created one category "Extended Basic".
  4. Dear HOME AUTOMATION, senior_falcon and all others, Thank you for your help. I finally got the programs to run on at least one of the two apps (V9T9 and Classic99). Now, when joysticks are needed for the games, does there exist a sort of module for the apps to replace these joysticks by keys of the keyboard? Regards,
  5. Hello all, How do I upload the program "TIP" into V9T9 or Classic99? I am unable to upload this program into either of the two simulation apps. In Classic99 I get following error message: "*WARNING: CHECK PROGRAM IN MEMORY *I/O ERROR 57" Regards
  6. Hello all, Does a link exist from which a file with module ROMs for V9T9 can be downloaded? Addendum: I am searching for a file including module ROMs of TI games. Thanks in advance. Regards
  7. Hi folks, From what many of you have written in your messages, many thoughts are way to complicated. It is much simpler. Following things TI could have done better with the 99/4a: -built-in 32kB RAM -built-in Extended Basic -built-in RS 232 interface for a printer Regards
  8. Dear Greg, Please look up into our communication thread... Regards
  9. Dear arcadeshopper, Please take notice of an important message I sent you in our communication thread... Regards
  10. Dear Greg, Sorry, but before others declare you to be a savior or even Santa Claus, you have to send me the items I have ordered from you many weeks ago. This message is an urgent reminder of following earlier message to you: Again I emphatically ask you to look up in the non-public thread "TI Stuff Questions" of ours, where we wrote messages to each other. See following message from 22 January 2019: In that thread I sent you later on following message on 26 January 2019: Hopefully you will take action in this matter as soon as possible, so I can finally receive my ordered items. Regards
  11. Dear Tursi , Congratulations on your artwork. I received my cart a couple of weeks ago. It is a fantastic, great and jaw-dropping work from you. All has been made with a lot of love. I am very pleased with your work, so the price for the purchase of this cart and especially the price for shipping of all parts (to a place outside the States) are completely justified. Probably I should have bought two of this cart instead of only one . Nice greetings
  12. Dear arcadeshopper, Not only the discontinued board was ordered. Please look up in our thread "TI Stuff Questions" for all items I have ordered. In addition, everything is already paid. Sincerely
  13. Hello arcadeshopper, You have been asked twice the same question in messages I sent to you (see our messenger communcation). Why don't you answer my question? Sincerely
  14. Dear Asmusr, It was not meant that you should also take the same coloring for the TI graphics from the Spectrum graphics. As far as I know, the patched coloring of the Spectrum graphics of Blue Max results of a sort of technical restriction for the Spectrum (no hardware sprites?)!?
  15. Dear Asmusr, Wouldn't it be a good idea to primarily realize the game "Blue Max" for the TI? As you surely know, in this case you can use the graphics from the version of this game for the ZX Spectrum. Regards
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