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  1. I'm trying to find a place that either has the pots or will import them for a modest fee. I can't see spending an extreme amount for a try at making a controller. My plans are to take the left side D pad and make that into a paddle controller with a switch where the N64's start button is. I was also thinking of making the yellow C buttons, at least the L, U, and R C button into the Start, Pause and Reset buttons. It's a bit of an ambitious project and I'm not much of a soldering person but I'm going to give it the old Try. I've got a bunch of ideas, and we'll see how they pan out.
  2. Found a potential replacement pot for the Superpad 64 joystick that might fit fairly well. The problem is they are from a company in China, and I'm not sure on the whole importing thing, and quantity one would have to buy. Well anyway here's a link if it is allowed. I was looking at the F10KV series. http://www.polyshine.cn/ProductDetail-219.html
  3. The box should also have a sticker on it that says Sold With Atari 5200 Not for Resale, at least my Pac-Man box has it.
  4. These pads also have some other parts that could possibly be used in building a controller. See pics below.
  5. I have a much loathed Superpad 64 controller I decided to disassemble to see if it had the same problems as the original N64 controller, and much to my amazement they use 2 potentiometers instead of the same route the original controllers went. I hate the controller so took the joystick out and it looks very much like the 5200's prototype self centering joystick with the exception that the potentiometers are mini and marked 10 KB so wont readily work with the 5200. I'd like to try and find a couple of mini 500 ohm pot's to try and see if it would work, but their isn't much throw to the stick itself. I'll attach a bunch of pics for you to see. Sorry but I do tend to put a lot of pictures up of stuff I'm interested in.
  6. Sorry about the poor images, I don't have much room for a large collection, and what isn't clearly pictured in one of the pictures is a Retron 2 which was bought only to replace my black screen of death SNES, and not pictured is my PS1, N64 and another 4 switch 2600 this one with the Taiwan sticker. I was actually testing out the controllers I have and I have to repair every one of the paddle controllers I have. The rarest 2600 game I have is a Chase the Chuck Wagon cartridge.
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