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  1. Hi wildstar, I've just tried the v3 eagle .brd file from the github repository and it uploaded and previewed fine with OSH park. Did you download a zip of the whole repository (there is a green clone or download button at the top right of the page)? Robin P.S. I've probably got a few spare PCBs that I never used - PM me if you want me to post you one - it will be cheaper than getting 3 from OSH park if you only wanted one.
  2. Hi Vigo, I wasn't aware of this - thanks for your analysis and suggested fix. Can anyone else confirm instability with 8k ROMs on an 800? I hadn't had any reports of this prior to now which is slightly surprising. Maybe not that many people use the Ultimate Cart on these older machines...? I only have XL and XE machines to test with. Anyway, I'll see if I can find some time soon to test your fix and get the patch committed to the official firmware. Robin
  3. My atari has been away in a box for a bit while I've been playing with other projects, but from memory, it should be sorting A-Z (ignoring case). The only exception to that is that directories will be sorted above files (and again, sorted A-Z). Glad you are enjoying your cart! Robin
  4. Ah, I think I understand... Yes, github doesn't make it that easy to simply download individual files - it kind of expects you to download the whole repository (the green "clone or download" button at the top right when you are on the main page). You could just do that. Or, to download the individual files, you can right-click the "raw" button and then choose "save link as..." (that's in firefox anyway). Robin
  5. That's odd, I've just tested them and they seem to open ok for me in Cura. They also show ok in github's (new?) integrated STL viewer. You are trying to open the STL files? You can ignore the source scad and bmp files in the source subdirectory unless you need to edit the design. Robin
  6. Hi, All the files are there - are you sure you are looking in the right place? https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/tree/master/Cartridge%20Shell%20Files Robin
  7. Hi, The Ultimate cart is my design and I have a mac myself. The Ultimate Cart was partially created on a Mac (well, the PCB was anyway). Basically any computer that can read/write a FAT32 SD card (and that includes macs) will be fine for use with the Utlimate Cart. The firmware in the Ultimate Cart also hides all the extra system files that a mac writes on the SD card, so you won't see these clutter up the menu on the Atari. The project is open source, so you could build one yourself if you have the soldering skills. Have a look at https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/ for details. Otherwise, if you'd like to just buy one it is currently produced by MacRorie in the USA. His website is http://www.thebrewingacademy.com If he is out of stock, I currently have a spare one which I could sell. Hope this helps, Robin
  8. Hi, Apologies, I meant to do this ages ago. I've attached both the STL file and the OpenSCAD file if you want to make any changes. These are designed to be printed with a layer height of 0.2mm, and a filament change (black -> red) after the second layer (before the lettering is printed). Robin P.S. For those wondering what these files are - the STL file allows you to 3d print a "label" to apply to the top of a standard atari cartridge shell (e.g. combat) which hides any raggedness left when you cut a slot for the SD card. It also has a nice embossed UnoCart logo. Uno-2600.zip
  9. Hi Tane, No risk at all - the file is just loaded into SRAM on the FPGA on boot, in place of the built in 8k cartridge boot rom. It doesn't change the FPGA firmware at all - so delete the file from the SD card and you are back to where you started. There is no way to brick the cart without reporgramming the FPGA, which requires an Altera FPGA blaster. Robin
  10. Hi, Scotland not England thank you! . (Scotland and England are two distinct parts of the larger entity that is the U.K. or Great Britain). I make small numbers of UnoCarts for people in the UK that contact me directly. I'm grateful to MacRorie for making and selling them on a larger scale (with my blessing) since I have little desire to turn my kitchen into a production line (and my wife would not be happy). Robin
  11. Sadly, its not a real filename - just the default hardcoded list in the firmware which I put in for testing/debugging purposes. Robin
  12. Hi, Just for the avoidance of any confusion... the small number of carts I'm producing are uncased, but I'm including a 3d printed top label with a slot for the SD card, so buyers can modify an old cart shell to house their UnoCart-2600 (as pictured above) and make it look nice. MacRorie has designed a nice 3d printed shell with professionally produced labels for his production run, and there is no need to carve up an old shell. Robin
  13. Hi, At the moment, I'm making a smallish number for people in the UK and Europe, but currently demand is ahead of what I've got time to make. I've agreed with MacRorie that he can produce them for the USA/Americas, and he is better set up to make a larger number. Probably best you contact MacRorie, and see if he can provide you some to resell? Or send me a PM? Robin
  14. I'm sure I tested this one on the 7800 i borrowed and it was working fine. Is this a different PAL 7800? Robin
  15. Latest manual is always on github https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart-2600/blob/master/UnoCart-2600-Manual.pdf Reason for the limit - mainly laziness on my part when writing the firmware, it wouldn't be that much work to overcome it. Robin
  16. You don't need drivesort.exe or anything like that. The UnoCart sorts the files alphabetically by itself, with directories at the top. However the UnoCart firmware only supports up to 80 files per directory (see the manual) so its probably stopped reading after 80 files, and just sorted what it found thus far. regards, Robin
  17. All the soure code is on github. The first step is to download the Altera Quartus development software, and make sure you can build the code successfully. You'll need to add the logic (in VHDL) for the new cartridge type to: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/blob/master/Source/QuartusProject/Max10_SD/atari_rom.vhd You'll also need to add the new cartridge type to the C source code for the soft-cpu that loads the CAR files from the SD card: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/blob/master/Source/QuartusProject/Max10_SD/software/sdcard/ultimate.c That's the basic idea, but feel free to PM for with any specific questions you have. Anway hope this helps, Robin
  18. As far as I can remember, there have only been 3 versions of the firmware, and it should be fairly easy to tell which is which: (1) The original firmware, with a basic text mode menu and no XEX loading. I sent out a few early carts with this firmware. (2) A beta, with slightly buggy XEX loading and flashjazzcat's new menu (with Ultimate Cart logo at top). The info text at the bottom is green. I *think* Panos sent out a few carts with this firmware. See the picture at the top of this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/248846-ultimate-cart-firmware-now-with-xex-loading/ (3) The final XEX loading firmware, with flashjazzcat's new menu, and the bottom text in blue. Any cart purchased in the last couple of years should have this firmware. Both (1) & (3) are on the project website at https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/tree/master/Programming%20Files Note that the cartridge emulation has been 100% since the first version - the updates simply relate to XEX loading and visual changes. Roibn
  19. Couldn't resist a quick attempt to make a "label" for the cart with the 3d printer. That looks much nicer and hides my slightly ragged cut for the SD card slot.
  20. Yes - I'll be making some more, and I hope MacRorie in the USA will be making some too (he currently produces my Atari 8-bit hardware creations). I've been busy designing a larger PCB with a full size SD slot. The aim of this was to make something that fits inside a standard Atari shell (e.g. combat) with minimal modifications required to the shell. The newly design PCBs arrived a few days ago, so I took the morning off to assemble one and test out the fit. Fortunately, everything worked perfectly, so I now have a working board design that fits inside a (slightly butchered) Combat cartridge shell. It took me about 5 minutes with some clippers to cut a pretty decent slot for the SD card, though I still need to make a smaller hole for the PAL/PAL60/NTSC jumper. Although I feel a bit bad about trashing a Combat cartridge, this is probably a better solution than trying to 3d print a shell for the smaller boards - I spent quite a lot of time trying to get something that worked from both a fit and a design point of view, and kind of gave up when it looked so ugly. Plus it didn't fit in a 7800 slot either. Enough time wasted on that one. I'm much happier with this solution. Robin
  21. The UnoCart-2600 only displays 80 items per directory. It's just the way I wrote the firmware and its documented in the manual. Robin
  22. Hi Mark, That looks really amazing - I thought you'd probably forgotten about this project! Can't wait to give it a try later - maybe we can somehow combine the firmware at some point in the future, and have it as an option on boot? How much of the FPGA does the 65816 use? Robin
  23. I make small batches when people ask me. I've got one "in stock" at the moment. PM me if you want it? Robin
  24. That's the current batch all spoken for - but let me know if you still want one and I'll see about making another batch.
  25. It's been a while so time for an update on this project! There is now a new firmware version available on the github page, which adds Atari 7800 compatibility and Arcadia/Starpath Supercharger support. With these changes, the cartridge will now play all the classic 2600 games. The 7800 fixes are thanks to InactiveX, who lent me a PAL 7800 for the last few days, and MacRorie, who tested it on an NTSC 7800. DirtyHairy has added the Arcadia/Starpath Supercharger support with up to 256 loads (2MB ROM files!). The source code and new manual are both also on the github page. I also built 10 cartridges using ENIG (gold) pcbs a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't announced it yet since I was waiting to be able to program them with the new version of the firmware. Most of them are already spoken for, but there's a couple left if anybody wants one. The price will be £25 + P&P (£4 USA/Europe, £2 UK). If you'd like one of the spare carts, let me know here. First come first served. (Though if enough people are interested, I will probably make another batch). Robin
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