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  1. Ah okay, interesting. Does anybody know, if there is a A7800 software-emulator, that can emulate something like that savekey? Would be cool, then this would also work in the emulator. Okay, users could make a savestate when they had a highscore and later reload this, but that's not as good, as having the highscores directly saved and later automatically loaded in again.
  2. "Revontuli", how exactly you mean the sentence "it also keeps you from saving your high score" (in BupSystem)" Saving the score works in BupSystem, the scores are all shown in the highscore-screen. At least as long, as the user has the game running continuously. Only when player ends the game and then start it again, all highscores are gone. But that happens on the real console too, i thought? Or the game-modul has something like a battery integrated? I am not familiar with the "Concerto". Is it possible with this hardware, to save the highscores of "Dragon's Cache" permanently, so that they are still present, when the user switch off the Atari-7800 console and play the game again later?
  3. I solved it in this way. The normal "Atari Firebutton 1" i mapped to Button 1 of my controller (Joy Button 1) and the "Atari Firebutton 1 with Autofire" i mapped to Button 3 of my controller (Joy Button 3 - Autofire 5). When i play "Last Squadron" and press/hold Button1 on my joystick, then the heli shoots with the normal weapon and when i now press/hold Button3, it shoots with the special weapon. This is solved now, by using the Altirra's autofire-function together with "Atari Fire1" and from the usage in this game here, it's very similar to having a "Atari Fire2" button on this controller (without having one in reality).
  4. Superb game!!! I just discovered "Last Squadron" today and played it for the first time some minutes ago. Really a great shooter and alot of fun to play. Great graphics, nice sound-effects (e.g. the explosions) and a top notch playability. The game has everything a nice shooter needs. Good work! I don't own an Atari-800XL, but luckily it runs also great in emulators like Altirra for example. There should be more shooters like this for the 8bit Ataris.
  5. AW127


    Andrew, could you solve the problem, that i reported in post #1151, when a human player make it to the other side and wants to change this figure then in a queen (or whatever)? I ask, because i wanted to let BitChess play against some other computer-chessprograms and also against my real chesscomputer. But this makes only real sense, when this problem is fixed, otherwise any game would always be falsified or ended, every time when such a "changing-figures problem" would appear again.
  6. Not a bad idea. Not a bad idea.
  7. A buyable digital ROM-download of the game would be even better than buyable shirts.
  8. The fact, that you can move freely in that big labyrinth, is the main-reason, that makes "Pitfall 2" better for my friends and me than the first part back in the days (and still today). This gave motivation, to play the game again and again, because of exploring more of that big cave, in which one is. But i also know, that people often vote for that game, on which they have the nicest memories and not necessarily always for those games, that were technically the best. That's normal, in my personal Top Ten here, are also some of those games.
  9. Cool hack. Now make the "Halloweeners" hack of this game.
  10. I was suprised a little bit, that "Pitfall" is in front of "Pitfall 2". Both games are good, no question, but when i think back in my childhood, no one from all my friends, including me, would have had the first game of the series in front here. We were all big fans of "Pitfall 2" and i still am, while the first part we didn't really give that much attention. But, tastes are different, as you can see.
  11. Also they could be sold over other internet-sides like for example itch.io. Alot of digital-downloads of new C64-games were sold over such sides.
  12. Good work Revontuli, this seems to fix the issue! I tried both of these new versions and the BupSystem-version seems to run perfect in the emulator now, while the other version does not. I have not tried all gaming-modes of "Dragon's Cache" so far, but at least the highscore-problem is fixed in the BupSystem-version of the ROM. The game goes into the score-screen, all colors are visible there (which is a good sign) and then it goes back to the main-menue without a problem. And also when i play one game, then this score can be seen correctly in the score-screen and i can play the next game. Looks good, thanks for finally fixing the game for this emulator. In next days, i will play all gaming-modes of "Dragon's Cache" in the BupSystem emulator and when i find something like a bug, i will report here.
  13. "Amoeba Jump" is really a great game with good compatibility!
  14. "Revontuli", i have tried your last posted version 10_16_2020 in BupSystem and the highscore-screen problem is still there. When the game goes into the scorescreen one time, it hangs there and the user must make a reset, otherwise he can not return to the main-menue of the game. A crash, i don't had today, when i played the newest version in BupSystem for around 10 minutes in Score mode. I only recognized the highscore problem which is still there. Still, the version 6_7_2020 that was posted in entry #151, is the latest one, that works perfect in BupSystem. But thanks, that you still work on it, to solve this highscore-incompatibility to the emulator. Seems to be a tricky thing to solve, either in the game or the emulator or whatever is causing this highscore-screen problem here.
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