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  1. Is there already a working demo version of this port available somewhere? Looks very good.
  2. I saw, i made a little mistake in my list. There is "Bust a Move (Neo-Geo)" inside, which i also like, but it must be the second part of this series, "Bust a Move Again (Puzzle Bobble 2) (Neo-Geo)" which belongs into the list. Reason is, that this game can also be played against CPU-opponents in the "versus mode", which is a big plus over the first part, especially when you often have no other human player on your side. Stupid mistake and now i can not change this anymore in my former entry. Ts ts ts, i would say in german. 🤓
  3. Silkworm (Amiga) Phoenix (Atari-2600) Microprose Soccer (C-64) Bust a Move (Puzzle Bobble) (Neo-Geo) Dr. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) Paradroid Redux (C-64) Speedball 2 (Amiga) Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour (Super-NES) Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo 64) Namco Museum (PS2) (*) (*) Haha, "Namco Museum" is kind of foolin' here, cause it had alot of Namco's best Arcade games included *lol*. This is a little bit, if a wizard would say to you "you have three wishes" and one of the wishes would be a wish-machine. But really very hard to mention only ten. If i could mention at least 25 it would have been much easier to choose. I also played "Amber" on my Amiga-500 alot over all the years. It's a superb clone of the boardgame "Risk". Also the Arcade version of "Mr. Do's Castle" i played and still play alot in all the years. Normally these two must have been also in the list, but then i must put two other games out, which i also can not do. Difficult situation. *lol* If i must have named the "10 only allowed Atari-2600 games" then it would be like this Phoenix Galagon Pitfall 2 Keystone Kapers Space Rocks Space Invaders Arcade (the "Rob Kudla" hack) H.E.R.O. Draconian Mappy Demon Attack But also here it's very hard. 10 is not enough. If my father had give me this instruction back in the days, it would have lead to trouble between us. 😬 😀
  4. Sadly. A PAL60 version would be superb.
  5. One highlight follows the other. First "Galaga (Galagon)" came out, now this great game here. One question to this. The last versions of this game here in the thread, was this one from this entry here, right? But there is still written "demo" in these downloadable files. Are the versions, which were on the modul now, different to this? Cause they are the full-versions and these downloadable files named demo-versions? And by the way - also this label looks superb!
  6. Very nice that the buyers can choose between two label-styles and two TV-norms (PAL60 and NTSC)! Now if only the ROM-download would already be there, it would be perfect.
  7. That box looks really good.
  8. And the controller itself? Are you satisfied with it? Steering good, overall quality good? Good and detailed review. Now the controller is even more interesting for me. I thought about ordering one, but sadly the shipping would cost me as much as the controller itself, at the moment. Therefore i wait a little bit. Maybe any shop in Germany will have some of these controllers in their range someday, then i can order it from there and don't need to pay the shipping. We will see.
  9. And the image-download will be ready at the same time then, right? That users from other countries can also play the full version of the game in their christmas holiday and not only in the middle of january when the package arrives there?
  10. Very hard to say, because both looks superb. If i MUST choose, i would take the left one. But also the right one looks really good. Albert, when you say it will not be "next year", then the game-module and digital-image-download will be ready in next three weeks inevitably. Sounds good. Looking forward to the image-download, that i can use the ROM on my Harmony and also in STELLA emulator on PC and also on my DINGOO handheld with the Atari-2600 emulators there.
  11. Very interesting indeed. I will have a look at this thread and read. If you really want to play against a really strong CPU program from the older time, you should play against "Psion Chess" on the Atari-ST. If you don't have a Atari-ST, you can emulate it with "Steem SSE" or "Hatari". Against "Psion Chess" in a higher level, i never won back in the days. Also it beats all my C64 and Amiga chess programs in the most matches when i let them play against each other and also it had some wins again GNU Chess on the PC. But GNU won most times, but often it was very close. You listed alot of programs you already have beaten. Not bad. In which level you played against them all? A middle-strong level? I sometimes think to myself, that playing against older chess programs, which maybe have some own weaknesses, was more interesting as playing against the modern chess-programs. Cause against the modern ones, a human player nearly have no chance at all, or you select such a weak level in them, that they make mistakes with intention. But when a program makes mistakes with intention it's also kind of stupid then, i think. It's like, letting the human player win. But older programs still have some weaknesses which make them more human and also more interesting as an opponent. At least for me. Addendum some minutes later: Now i have read parts of your linked thread and i saw, you really beat some of these programs on higher levels. Good work! Think then you really should try programs like "Psion-Chess" (Atari-ST), "Colossus Chess 4" (C64) or "The Final Chesscard" on the C64. They should be stronger than the ones you already played against, but not as strong as the current PC chess-engines. Which means, there is a chance to win as a human. And you don't need to have all these systems, you can emulate them. Sadly the C64-version of "The Final Chesscard" with it's own 5MHz processor inside the cartridge, can not be emulated so far. Maybe i really will buy a used one in the future, when the price is okay. It would interest me, how strong it is, compared to other, normal C64 chess-programs. Ouh ouh, now i must take care, that this thread not completely turns into a Chess thread. In first line it should be about file-types on the TI-994A.
  12. I made the game between Colossus 4 (C64) and Sargon 1 (TI-99). Problem was, that on Level 5, 4 and even 3 "Sargon" needed so long to make moves, that it was not possible to realize it at these levels. Even not when speeding up the emulator. So i let "Sargon 1" play on Lv 2 and "Colossus 4" in its standard mode which is set, when the game is loaded and nothing will be changed. Colossus then is on a middle-class level i would say. Here is the match As it can be seen, "Colossus 4" don't needed really long to win. It was a clear victory. Sad, that Sargon needs really ages of time on higher levels to make moves. Sometimes even when the emulator was speeded up i waited 20 minutes, then i break up the game on that level und choose Lv2 finally.
  13. Best description of a game i ever read. 🤩 You really go into the depths of the gameplay here, mentioning tipps and tricks and alot others things, even i don`t know. And i play this game since my childhood. Now i see this game with completely fresh eyes. 🤓 This review should be printed in Retrogamer or Return magazin, that everybody can enjoy this review. It's something like a piece of modern art. 😬 Short and precise, without forgetting even the smallest points of the gameplay and without stupied fruitless babble. 😛
  14. Looks nice and seems to be an interesting gamepad, especially with this paddle on the side and the switchable modes. The user can also hold it upright, when using the paddle. And when it works on a normal Atari-2600 and also on Atari-7800, i guess it should also work on C64, Atari-800, Amiga and Atari-ST? Maybe i buy one, it depends on, how much the shipping to Germany will cost.
  15. Okay then my game against "Colossus Chess 4" on the C64 will take half of the day tomorrow. *lol* But luckily speeding-up the emulator to highest possible helps a little bit.
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