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    Ha, looks great. I could also imagine a nice PENGO clone with these graphics, only the enemies must be created.
  2. Can you say approximately, when the full version will come out?
  3. "Galactico" i just saw, that your Harmony is white on the upper side where the SD-Card is. Mine is black there, while the rest of it looks exactly like yours. Has the seller changed the colors here, or have you done it? I am asking just for interest.
  4. I had a look now. Indeed a good puzzler and also with a sweet and friendly looking sprite-character. Will go on playing this game in next weeks. The Atari-800 version of this game i also saw on youtube, looks great with it's 3D view. Also this version i will give a try.
  5. I will have a look at that game, cause i have not played it until now. Good tip. Thanks.
  6. "orion1052003" i think, better not lay something like the fire button on a key like "option" when using a MAC. I guess, this could cause some problems in all emulators, not only in STELLA. Better using another key for "fire" button or using a good joystick or gamepad. And maybe some people wonder, why STELLA starts the PAL60 version of "Galaga" with wrong colors out of the box. This is, because the "autodetection" in STELLA thinks, that it is a NTSC-rom (because of 60 fps) and then starts it with NTSC-colors. To change this, the user can mark the rom, then go into "options", "game properties", then "display" and then to the function "format". Here it must be changed from "autodetect" to "PAL60". Sadly, when somebody has alot of PAL60 roms, at the moment this must be done for every single PAL60 rom manually, therefore i made two suggestions back in time here in this thread to change this. So that the emu could start all PAL60 roms with the correct colors directly out of the box, without something must be done by the user. Either by - identification by name and then automated use PAL60 colors in "format" function or (cause some people said this could lead to problems) - by integrating the "format" function into a rom-group-function, which means - the user searches for PAL60 in the STELLA search-field, the emulator then lists all files which have PAL60 in their name (this is already possible now) and then the user can change the format for ALL OF THESE FOUND ROMS in one step to PAL60. STELLA then must save this new format for all of the found roms. Maybe something like these things or something similar, will find the way into one of the future versions of STELLA.
  7. More sprites in a line without flickering would maybe also make a "Dr. Mario" version possible on the Atari VCS-2600? That would be fantastic. Or "Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move)" maybe? I could imagine that Puzzle-games, which often have alot of different tiles to handle, could profit alot from ARM-support. Or a game like "Puyo Puyo"? Wouuuu i am dreaming, cause i really like such kind of puzzlers alot! And the Atari VCS-2600 misses some of the best puzzlers, therefore it would be great when supoprt of the ARM-chip could bring movement in this? Or boardgames, for example a better-looking and especially STRONGER "Chess" game for the Atari-2600? Should be possible with such a strong chip like the ARM, i suppose? There are alot of possibilities. The thing which some people maybe could fear a little bit (and i know that some people do, cause they told me in other forums) is, that "normal" Atari-2600 games, which are in the limits of the normal, unsupported console, could maybe not get that many attention in the future anymore, no matter how good they look and play. Because users getting used to ARM-supported, and because of this, better looking games on the VCS. In this point, i am also a little bit torn, the more i think about it. But in my case, the positive aspects dominates when thinking about ARM-chip using. Such games as "Mappy", "Super Cobra Arcade" or "Galaga" are really superb and i am very happy, that i can play them on my real console with the Harmony and ALSO at no additional charge. You only need something like the Harmony, sometimes you even don't recognize that a game supports the ARM. To be true, when it comes to "Mappy" for example, i also didn't knew first, that this game also supports ARM. I just thought to myself, when i saw those superb animated sprites, how is this possible on a Atari-2600? Now i know. I have no problem with that, cause i like to play good games and hope that both - good new normal games and good new ARM-supported games, will come out in the future. But i can also understand the fear from some people a little bit, that those better looking ARM-games could maybe suppress the "normal" Atari VCS-games in the future. I personally don't think and don't hope that this will happen and one thing let's me think positive in this aspect. About 35 years back in the past, also some games gets support from special-chips, which were inside the game-moduls. "Pitfall 2" on the Atari-2600 for example, but especially in the 90's this was often the case on the SNES. And nevertheless, still new good "normal" games came out for the Super-Nintendo in the years afterwards. Hope, that on the Atari VCS-2600 this will also be the case and i think it will. Therefore i think positive in this point and enjoy these new, superb looking ARM games. And this "Galaga" here, maybe is even better than the VCS-7800 version of the game.
  8. Äääääh, not sure if it's a problem with my computer or if it's a thing depending on the forum update. I saw in some of my older entries, that alot of my posted pictures can not be seen anymore and that file-attachements which i posted, like for example the "202 PAL60 ROM" compilation in the PAL60 thread are gone. I dont see these attachements anymore. Also in "content i posted in" i can only see entries from the last days, all my older entries i can not see there anymore. Strange. Or is the update-process not completed at the moment, i have not read the whole thread here today, therefore i am asking?
  9. Thanks for new version of the emulator!
  10. Thanks for the detailed answers, "johnnywc" and "iesposta".
  11. Maybe this is "Custers Revenge 2" and these are not guns.
  12. Good one. Some of the changed sprites are nice. I like ZAXXON, cause i have this game on a cartridge since i am a children and played it often, all over the years. I will put this hack here in my collection on the Harmony. Can you make a PAL60 version out of it, which means, can you change the colors, rest of the game can stay the same?
  13. "johnnywc", i have a question about the game, maybe you can give a reply? We all know now, that the game take advantage of the ARM-chip which is, for example, inside the Harmony cartridge. This ARM is a strong chip, but i guess, that letting GALAGA look as good as it is now, will not necessarily need such a strong chip? This chip is supported now, cause it is already there in the Harmony, which is widespread in the user-community, i suppose? But what really would interest me - how much of this ARM-chip-power the game really needs and would it also be possible, to bring such a game on a cartridge with a much weaker special-chip too? A chip which can just about manage it? For example, something like the SuperFX chip or SA-1 chip, which was used in the past in some SNES-game-cartridges? I mean, a special chip, customized to the Atari VCS-2600 of course, but which similar power like some of these classic SNES special-chips. Theoretically possible or not?
  14. A friend of me asked, if it's possible to run the game on the "MiST" or the "MiSTer". Maybe not everybody knows these hardware, it's a FPGA hardware which can run different cores of retro computers or consoles and a Atari-2600 core also exist for it. I suppose, that a support for such games like GALAGA could be integrated somehow in the Atari-2600 core, right? When it's possible to integrate it in software-emulators like STELLA, it should be possible to integrate it in a FPGA-core too. Or i am wrong?
  15. I just read now a moment ago, that the final-version will have a CO-OP mode for two players simultan on the screen. How great is this? SUPERB IDEA to integrate such a mode, i can imagine how much fun this will bring!
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