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  1. Also for this game it would be cool, if a buyable rom-download would exist, so that users could use it on their Harmony cartridge. But i guess, also here this will not come in nearer future?
  2. Such a cable-adapter, that switches the sides, is a good solution. No changes on the joystick itself, then are necessary. I have some arcade-controllers here for different systems (PSX/SNES/PC/MegaDrive) which i once opened and changed the directions inside by re-soldering. Now these sticks can be turned around and i can steer with the right hand on them. Not 100% ideal, because some of these casings had a shape, which was not built for turning them around, but on the most, it's not really a problem. Sadly in these days, i never thought about, to change this problem with a cable, that i plug between. I always was confronted with this left/right steering thing, by being forced to either this or that. Back in the 80's, when i was in Italy one time a year in the summer for 3-weeks-holiday with my parents, i played alot games in the Arcades-halls there (it was much cheaper than playing in an Arcade-hall in Germany back in the days) and i must steer with left hand on the most Arcade-cabinets, cause they was built this way. After a time i was used to that. Short time later, when i got my first Atari-2600 in the year 1982, i must change, because the controller for this system was made for steering with right hand, while pressing the firebutton with the left hand. So i am getting used to that. When i got my first C64 three years later, i go on steering with right hand, because also the most joysticks for this machine, was built for right-hand-steering. Then i was used to steer with right hand and when i was in holiday then and played on a Arcade-cabinet again then, it always felt a little bit strange to steer with left hand, so i sometimes even crossed my arms infront of the arcade-cabinets and played this way *lol*. Some years later again, when i got my first consoles (MegaDrive and shortly after this a SNES) i was confronted with the fact, that gamepads then was the standard. Then again i changed, at least when playing with the gamepad, but i also bought joysticks for these systems too. All these left/right steering changes, to which i was forced, were kind of annoying for me. Similarly annoying, like for example the PAL/NTSC problem, with which users was confronted, because different countries had different TV-formats and often the games was not ported really good. When it comes to retro-consoles and you was a PAL user, you often had the joke's on you (slower speed and borders) and when you was a NTSC user then you often had the joke's on you, when it comes to retro-computers (on C64 for example, games dont work and so on). I hated these differences in the TV norms and wished it was only one system in the whole world, like i wished that all games should be made for either left or right hand steering *lol*.
  3. Or you post this code directly in the BupSystem thread, as a bug-report, because "Trebor" wrote, that it works normally on the real hardware, which then means, that it must be some kind of incompatibility in the emulator. Strange thing is, that it works perfect in BupSystem when i use the versions from 5/30 to 6/5 of your game. Then there is not such a problem in Highscore-Screen, the problem only came back from version 6/11 on.
  4. And the real hardware? Does it behave like BupSystem or like MAME here in this case? When it workes normaly on the real hardware, then it can be made a bugreport in the BupSystem thread about this thing and then nothing must be changed in the game when it comes to this point. But i guess, the real A7800 will also hang in the highscore screen, right? Sadly this problem is still there in both new versions, 6/13 and also 6/13B, they both hang, when one time the highscore screen appears. Look here: This is a screenshot from the new version 6/13B and the first sign, that something is wrong, is the missing color-cycle in that highscore-screen. When this screen comes and everything there is grey, the user knows, that the game will hang now and something is wrong. Seems like the real reason, why this problem appears, is not found until now. But like i already wrote, the most important thing is - does this problem happens on the real console too in the new 6/13 versions? If yes, i make a bugreport in BupSystem thread about it, then it's not a problem of the game. But i guess, this will happen on real console too, right? We should wait for the results of testing on more than one real A7800, then we know.
  5. Tested in BupSystem again and sadly i must tell you, that in this new version 6/11, the highscore-screen-bug has returned, which last appeared in version 5/24. This means, when the player waits until the highscore-screen appears one time, the game hangs and also the color-cycle in this screen then can not be seen (everything is grey). Player has no other possibility, than making a reset. Don't know how the real console will react with this version, but i guess, also there it will hang in the highscore-screen. We will know, when console-owners have tested it.
  6. I have the wild theory, that normally you don't look like Julian Assange, but this perfect mask you wearing in your videos which lets you look like him, is also one of your projects. But a secret one, that neither the Russians nor the Americans should find out.
  7. AW127


    There maybe could also be made two versions of the game in the end, one version which uses the ARM and one which doesn't? Could also, because we talk about the boardgame Chess here, be interesting in that way, to look at the differences in the playstrength of these versions in the end. Two versions would be superb to have.
  8. Looks cool and also funny, a little bit similar to my old bread-slicer on which i must crank to slice. *lol* I like some of your projects, also the adaptercable for arcade-joysticks you once built, which changes the directions, so that the player can turn the stick around and steer with the other hand. Cool, i really like those things and in former times i also often have changed things on controllers, to make a better handling with them for me! And by the way, you look a little bit like Julian Assange in younger times, before his beard time. 😀
  9. Very strange, because i have played the version 6/5 in BupSystem v0.9.6.3 for hours without this problem and after i read this now, i opened the emu again some minutes ago and played the score-modus and then entered my highscore without a problem. Game don't hangs and i can go on playing or into the menue then. These here are my standard-settings in the emulator, maybe it could have something to do with this (it must normally, what else should be the reason, when it works here?) Console - NTSC Sally - 1,79MHz and "slow cycles" turned off Maria - "coarse rendering" and "triple bandwidth" both turned off BIOS - no BIOS inserted The rest of the settings could have nothing todo with the fact, if the game works or not, i guess.
  10. Luckily, as said before, this problem is only visible in version 5/24. In all later versions, also the newest 6/5, everything works like it should in "BupSystem". Today i played the latest version over one hour. Also Race and Training modes showed no bug so far in the emu. Also loaded the game in "ProSystem" the first time today, but only get a blackscereen, while i hear the music playing. Think, testing with BupSystem makes more sense, cause it's more compatible and also ProSystem has got no update for a long time now. With this emu, i think, it makes no sense with this game to test, i will go on only with BupSystem for testing in this game now.
  11. I can not help by testing on a real A7800 console, because i don't have one, but i will go on testing in different emulators (BupSystem, ProSystem ...) and tell, when i see a strange behaviour in the game again. This highscore-problem, was found with BupSystem, so it can even help, testing around in emulators too here. But like i said, the benchmark in testing must be the real hardware of course. But we can also see here, that BupSystem has a good emulation of the A7800, otherwise this highscore-problem for example, would not have been visible there. And i have one question more about the A7800. Is it known, if there exists different board-versions of this console, like it is for example on the C64 or the Amiga and so on? Or they are all exactly the same, because the life-span of this console (when i am informed correctly) was not that long? I ask, because on the C64 or Amiga i know from my own experience, that there can be software, which reacts different depending on the board-version the user has, especially when it comes to complexe demos. This is seldom, but it can happen. Could something like this also be on the Atari-7800, that a certain game works on this console and on the other console not?
  12. Hm, really strange, but you can try it by yourself with the BupSystem emulator and see it. Game hangs in highscreen-mode and even the color-effects are not there with version 5/24, but works like it should in 5/30 and 5/31 with exactly the same version of the emulator. Something must have caused it and is gone, it seems. I'm curious what comes out from the tests of real console owners here. This problem in turn, exists not in the emulator. *lol* Works normally here after a training-match. Funny, everwhere different behaviour with this game. But like the game reacts on the real console is the benchmark. If it reacts the same on all real Atari-7800, this will be the next thing, i'm curious about. We will see.
  13. "Revontuli", some minutes ago, i found out that from "Dragon's Cache" version "5_30_2020" on, this highscore problem in BupSystem (i use v0.9.6.3 at the moment) is gone. While version "5_24_2020" has it, which can easily been seen, cause the color-cycle in the highscore-font is not there when in this screen and then the game hangs, it works flawlessly in the the two later versions (5_30 and 5_31). The game goes back from the highscore screen now by itself after some seconds and i can also go back to the menue-screen at once, when pressing a controller-button. Seems like this is solved now. What have you changed in "v5_30", because you have nothing written about it? Or is it a coincidence that this is fixed now and in v5_24 simply was a kind of bug, that was then overwritten with new code in the later versions of the game? Only one last question to the highscore. I never had a real Atari-7800 so i don't know this - had the original cartridges for this console a battery for saving highscores or for example, reached levels in a game that the player later could go on from this point again in gameplay when starting the game new? I ask, because the highscore in "Dragon's Cache" is gone, every time i close the game in BupSystem and start it again later. Is this the normal behaviour or should the score really be saved and always visible after turning off and on the console again?
  14. Sounds interesting, somehow similar to the problem, when a Sega Mega-Drive controller is used on a Atari-2600, C-64 or Amiga. I am sure, you both will find out. You know, what your emulator exactly does and "Revontuli" what his game exactly does in the problematic moment, when the player enters the highscore-screen. ✌️
  15. Thanks for explanations. Because of the highscore problem, it could maybe also not be a bad idea, to get in contact with "TailChao", the BupSystem programmer, and tell him, what "Dragon's Cache" technically does in that problematic moment (you, as the programmer, are the best person for that, cause you exactly know it) and that "BupSystem" has a problem with that and then hangs. This could bring improvements in two things, (1) "BupSystem" maybe gets an update, in which this incompatibility is fixed and (2) maybe another solution could be found together, for the way the game saves the score. A solution, which maybe is less problematic for some of the emulators? Not that i want, the games should adjust to the emulator, normally the emulator should adjust to the games by getting updates until he can play them perfect, but in this case many emulators at once have problem with the score-saving, so maybe it is only a small thing here, which causes these problems and then this could be identified? Sounds good, when this will work, i will give "Retroarch" a try. I really have alot of emulators for different systems here on my PC, but "Retroarch", i have not installed so far. Maybe i will then.
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